Amazon System Recovery 3e Stuck: How to Troubleshoot

Amazon System Recovery 3e Stuck, Amazon devices such as Fire TV Stick and Fire Tablet are game changers for streaming and gaming. 

However, they get stuck when loading, showing an Amazon system recovery 3e error on the screen. 

Despite the notification that your device will start in a few minutes, the error screen stays for hours without resolution. 

Luckily, having encountered the Amazon system recovery 3e stuck error, I have researched and compiled troubleshooting solutions to help you

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Power Cycle Amazon Fire Devices

A power cycle is an effective method of errors in Amazon Fire devices and many other electronics. 

The technique clears bugs, accumulated static charges, and any other errors that might cause a restarting issue. 

It’s like a deep restart or reboot; you can perform it on your Fire TV or Tablet.

Fire TV

If it’s your Fire TV stuck on the Amazon system recovery 3e error, follow the below procedure to fix it.

  • Without turning your TV off, locate its power cable and unplug it from the socket.
  • Let the device stay idle for about 30 seconds 
  • Now plug the cable back and power your Fire TV to see if it’s working

Alternatively, you can perform a  restart by pressing the home button on the remote and then scrolling right to settings.

 While on the settings, click the ‘My Fire TV’ menu, then select restart from the resulting list.

 However, this method might not be viable when you can’t access the screen due to the displayed error.

Fire Tablet

While if the error is on your Fire tablet, the following steps can help you to power cycle it:

  • Press and hold its power button until the shutdown pop-up appears
  • If you cannot see this shutdown request on your screen, continue holding the power until the tablet goes off.
  • However, if you can interact with the screen, Press OK to shut the device down
  • After the shutting down has been completed, now power it back on by pressing and holding the same button
  • This procedure will power cycle your device and solve the system error you encountered.
Amazon Kindle 

Amazon Kindle 

Check Your Network Connection

Amazon devices must use a strong network connection to function properly. 

After all, they must communicate with the Amazon servers when updating or accessing the app store. 

Therefore, if you encounter the Amazon system recovery 3e error, it could be your network that has a problem. 

To rule out a network issue, try connecting the same WiFi with another device, such as your phone, to see if it works. 

You may also use free online tools to check the speed of your network.

If your WiFi network speed has issues consider rebooting or power cycling your router. 

You can do this by unplugging the power cable from the router and waiting for 10 seconds before plugging it back. 

Then power your router and connect with your Amazon device to see if the problem still exists. 

Alternatively, you can press the power button on your router or modem to turn it off.

 Then wait a few seconds before powering it on again and reconnecting with your Amazon Fire devices.

Checking a WiFi router

Checking a WiFi router

Use ADB to Restore the Stock Firmware

Android debugging bridge, abbreviated as ADB, is an Android open-source system that you can use to manipulate Fire tablet firmware. 

While the ADB is not from Amazon, you can set it up on your laptop and connect your Fire 8 tablet or Kindle.

 Then you can download the Fire 8 stock update and use the ADB to install it on your Fire 8 tablet.


Before commencing the firmware restoration process, you must first adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Download the Google Android SDK package
  2. Get the ADB and Fastboot installer
  3. Have the latest USB drivers to detect your Fire 8 device
  4. Enable the Developer option on your Fire 8 

You can use the following steps to enable the developer option on your device:

  • From your Fire 8 tablet home page, visit your device ‘Settings.’
  • Select ‘Device Options’ then ‘Developer Options’ from the resulting menu
  • If you can’t access the developer options from your device, click ‘About Fire Tablet’ from the device options menu.
  • Then tap on the resulting ‘Serial Number’ pop-up seven times
  • Now go back to the device options, where you can now see the developer option menu
  • Click on this menu and scroll to USB debugging and enable it

Installation Process

Now that you have all the requirements installing the firmware version on your Fire 8 tablet is time. 

However, you must put your device into stock recovery mode before plugging it into your PC. 

First, switch your tablet off normally by pressing and holding the power button.

 Now press and hold the power and the volume down buttons simultaneously until a certain menu appears. 

From this resulting menu, use the volume key to scroll and click the stock recovery option to reboot your tablet into recovery mode. 

On the next menu, select Apply updates from ADB and put your device aside. Now use the following procedure to install the firmware into your tablet:

  • After installing the ADB and Fastboot on your laptop, place the firmware you downloaded in the same directory as ADB.
  • Use a USB cable to connect your tablet to your PC. While connecting, ensure its ‘stock recovery option’ is still on the ‘apply updates from ADB’ selection.
  • On your PC, open the file where ADB and Fastboot are installed
  • Now right-click anywhere on the resulting window to reveal an options list
  • On this list, click ‘Open command window here’ to open a command window.
  • To verify if your tablet is connected, type ‘adb devices’ (no quotes). On clicking enter, you should get your device information on the results.
  • Once you get the device information on the command window, you are sure it’s connected. Now you can execute the firmware installation seamlessly.
  • To install, copy or type, ‘adb sideload update-kindle-’ into the command window.
  • For those using Mac or Linus, the command to copy is ‘./adb sideload update-kindle-xxxx.bin.’ Ensure not to copy the quotation marks.
  • Then hit the enter key and wait for the installation to finish
  • After installation, you can reboot your device and enjoy using the stock firmware.
Updating firmware

Updating firmware

Refresh Cache/Data Memory on Your Amazon Device

Sometimes the cache or the memory runs into bugs, and failing to clear it can result in the system recovery 3e error. 

Fortunately, you can easily clear the cache for Fire TV and Fire tablet using the procedures below.

Fire Tablet

  • While on the home window, locate and select your device ‘Settings’, 
  • Then select ‘Apps and Notifications’ on the resulting menu
  • Next, tap ‘All apps’ or ‘Manage applications’ depending on the device
  • Now choose the app you want to clear its cache memory
  • Then click storage, select ‘Clear Data’, and then ‘Clear Cache’.

Fire TV

  • To clear the cache from the TV, access the settings menu
  • Then scroll and locate applications
  • Select Manage Installed applications on the resulting menu
  • Now choose the application you want to clear its cache memory
  • While here, click Clear Cache, then Clear Data to erase cache memory.

Factory Reset

Factory reset is a popular and effective method for clearing errors and bugs from technological devices. 

However, use this method as a last resort since it clears all your settings, apps, and any data saved on your device. 

But if all the other methods have proved futile, it can be a worthwhile troubleshooting solution.

Fire TV

If you are sure to factory reset your Fire TV, use the following methods:

  • Switch your TV on and use the remote control to access the home screen
  • While here, scroll to ‘Settings’ then select ‘My Fire TV’ or ‘Device Settings’ depending on the Fire Stick version you are using.
  • Now click ‘Factory Reset’, which results in a pop-up prompt requiring you to confirm the factory resetting.
  • Confirm the prompt and wait for about 5 to 10 minutes for the reset to complete
  • Once done, set up your TV again by entering your WiFi details and then the Amazon registration.

Alternatively, you can use the Fire TV remote to factory reset your TV.

  • While the TV is on, press and hold the Back and the Right side navigation buttons simultaneously.
  • Wait for about 10 seconds, and you will get a prompt asking you to confirm the factory reset.
  • You can confirm and proceed with the reset, but note that failure to confirm will initiate a reset anyway.
Fire TV remote

Fire TV remote

Fire Tablet

Before factory resting, I would recommend you back up your data since this device gives the option to do so. 

However, some data, such as third-party apps and account passwords, will be lost. Then follow the steps below to factory reset your Fire tablet:

  • While on the home screen of your device, locate the settings menu. You can also swipe down to get to it.
  • While in the settings, click the ‘Device options.
  • In the resulting menu, locate ‘Reset to Factory Defaults’ and tap on it
  • You will get a prompt requiring you to confirm the Reset command
  • Proceed to confirm and wait for a few minutes for your device to factory reset


Now you have all the necessary troubleshooting tips to eliminate the Amazon system recovery 3e error. 

Choose the most appropriate tip or a combination of two methods and continue enjoying your Fire device features.