Blink Sync Module Offline – The Complete Guide

Is your blink sync module offline? It is rather common for blink camera users to encounter this issue.

Blink security cameras provide motion-activated alerts and HD video streams to your smartphone. 

The cameras rely on the Sync Module to transmit commands and network information, but sometimes it might go offline.

In this guide, I will delve into all the important information regarding the blink sync module. 

Furthermore, I’ll explain the reasons behind its offline status and offer instructions on reconnecting it. 

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Understanding the​ meaning­ of Blink camera status lights is crucial to help users identify potential issues.

Blinking Blue Light

A reassuring blue light on the Blink sync­ module indicates active recording when using Blink cameras. 

However, if this blue light starts flashing, it may indicate a weak internet is a low signal, or the sync­ module fails to connect to the router

This problem can be attributed to too much distance between the sync module and the router.

Red Light

A solid red light on the sync­ module indicates two potential issues; network problems or a low battery.

 If the issue is due to the network, the device­ is not connected to the internet. 

It could be caused by poor​-connectivity with other devices in the local network or router­ configuration problems.

Flashing Green

The green blinking light on the blink sync󠀠 ­module indicates a problem with the camera’s internet connection. 

Possible causes include a 󠀻weak wifi signal, internet­ outages, or issues with Blink servers. 

There may also be a network conflict where the sync ­module assigns two devices using the same IP address.

 In such cases, you should⁡ re-set the sync­ module—as discussed later.

Security camera

Security camera

Poor Wifi Connection

If you notice the blink-sync 󠁍module blinking green, it could be due to a poor wifi signal. The poor signal could be due to the following:

  • Internet outage in your area
  • The distance between the sync module and the wifi router
  • There is not enough bandwidth to support the system
  • The wifi is not fun­ctioning correctly
  • You didn’t follow the correct procedure when connecting the module

Without a stable internet conn­ection, the Blink camera experiences delayed notifications and updates. 

It may also not connect to the server properly, leading to interrupted live streaming and recording.

Outdated Firmware

An outdated firmware might impact the performance of your Blink Sync ­Module. You should, therefore, download the latest firmware to keep it functional.

Also, the server may be undergoing an upgrade or ­maintenance, causing the flashing green light on the Blink sync module.

 If this ­is the case, check the status of the Blink servers using a third-party website such as DownDetector.

IP Conflicts

The blink sync module green light blinking indicates󠁓 an IP conflict with a nearby device on your network.

 It means the blink sync­ module and another󠁒 device share the󠁎 same IP address. 

Common sources of such conflicts include Bluetooth devices, microwaves󠁓, or wifi routers­. 

However, it is most frequently encountered with wifi routers.

Power Issues

The blink sync module may go offline if the­ device isn’t plugged in. 

Or it’s plugged in but not receiving power due to a faulty power cord, power outlet, circuit breaker, or switchboard.

Hardware Issues

If everything is working properly, but the sync­ module won’t go online, there could be an issue with the device’s internal components.

 It can cause it not to establish a connection with the Blink cameras. In this case, you will need a technician­ to repair the system.

Monitoring on a connected camera

Monitoring on a connected camera

Reset the Wifi Router.

Plugging router

Plugging router

The blink sync module ­not reconnecting to wifi could result from a poor internet connection. 

Manufacturers suggest you connect the device­ to a 2.4GHz wifi connection with upload speeds of at least 2 Mbps and ensure the connection­­ is stable. 

If your Blue sync module has gone offline, you should ­power cycle your router.

Here is how to reset the wifi router:

  • Pull out th­e power cable from the socket
  • Remove all the power cords and Ethernet cables from the router
  • Wait at least 1–2 minutes­ before you plug it back into the power

Observe the illuminating green light, which indicates a successful internet connection. 

However, the blink sync module­ green light ­blinking implies that the attempted solution was ineffective. 

There is no need for concern; alternative fix ­options are still available for you to try.

Sometimes, the Blink sync module­ might encounter an internal operational issue or glitch. This occurrence is frequently observed in older devices. 

To reset the Blink sync module, follow the steps below:

  • Press and hold the re­set button­ of the blink sync module until its flashing red light starts blinking
  • Once the LED starts blinking green and blue, release the button
  • The sync module switches to set­up mode, and all the cameras turn off

After some time, the blink sync­ module will effortlessly establish a connection again. You can observe a steady illumination of green and blue lights on the sync module.

Move the Sync Module

The blinking camera, if positioned more than 100­ ft away from the sync module, may encounter connectivity issues.

 Additionally, obstacles like steel, walls, and other electronic devices might hinder wi­fi signal. 

To achieve the strongest connection, position the module in a direct line of sight between the sync module and the cameras. 

Consider situating it centrally with­in­ your home, away from walls, furniture, and other electronic devices. 

Delete and Re-Add the Sync Module

If the blink sync module is not ­functioning, there may be a configuration issue.

 This problem may stem from either an error within the ­module itself or a glitch in the device. 

To resolve this, remove the problematic sync module from the Blink app.

Here’s how to delete the sync­ module from the app:

  • Open the Blink app on your mobile­ phone. Scroll down to the bottom and click­ on “sync module.”
  • To delete the Sync Module, navigate to the bottom­ of the page and tap “Delete Sync Module.” A prompt will appear, instructing­ you to scan the QR code on your Blink module. Alternatively, you can manually­ enter the model number located behind the device.
  • Confirm the delete process by selecting Delete.

Once the sync module is deleted, all its configuration settings revert to the default. To add the sync module again­, follow these steps, which explain­ how to connect the blink sync module to wifi.

  • Open the Blink app and tap the “+” icon to add a device
  • Select the sync­ module
  • Scan the QR code on the back of the Sync module
  • Select or create a new­ system to add the sync module
  • Ensure the module’s LEDs blink­ green and blue, then tap on the Discover Device
  • Link the sync module to a network
  • Tap on Done to finish­ the setup

Change Wifi Networks

Wifi network

Wifi network

In case the device network is 5GHz, the blink module may malfunction󠀠.

Follow these steps to change the network:

  • Open the Blink app and click on“Setting” at the bottom.
  • Select “Devices and System Settings.”
  • Choose the system to which the sync module belongs.
  • Tap on the Sync module and select­ the Change wifi Network.
  • Select the network you want to connect to and enter the login credentials.

Troubleshoot From the Mobile App

  • Open the Blink app.
  • Tap on “sync module offline.”
  • On the “troubleshooting­ page”, click and start the troubleshooting.

If you’ve followed all the steps to fix the issue and the pro­blem persists, you could have a hardware issue. 

Old devices may develop technical issues, and only professionals may fix complications.

If your warranty period is still on, you can re­place the device or contact the Blink support team to address any issues or the repair.


Blink camera is a great home security system, but it can be frustrating if it starts flashing green light and stops working. 

If you see your blink sync­ module offline, you should sort out the issue for perfect camera performance.

Hopefully, you can easily reconnect your sync module­ and get it online using our simple troubleshooting guide.