Can I Log Into My Blink Account on My Laptop?

Can I log into my Blink account on my laptop or PC? It is a question most Blink camera users ask. 

While accessing your Blink account using a smartphone is convenient, you may fancy seeing the camera feed on a bigger screen. 

However, there is no official way to do this since the included app is meant explicitly for Android and iOS use.

 Fortunately, I have researched and found a few techniques you can use to access your Blink account using your laptop.

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The answer is yes. Blink cameras come with the Blink Home Monitor app for easy camera management. This app facilitates two-way audio, motion detection, live feed recording, and steaming.

Additionally, it conveniently ensures easy arming and disarming and using voice commands even when you are far.

But the app works only with tablet and smartphone interfaces (Android and iOS). Luckily, in the section below, I discuss three ways you can use to access your Blink camera on your PC.

Camera footage on a laptop

Camera footage on a laptop

Although I will show you three methods here, I will count on you to choose the easiest and most convenient.


BlueStacks is an Android emulator program installed on your MacOS or Windows PC. The BlueStacks app installed on your PC lets you access and use the apps on the smartphone operating system.

There are other Android emulators, but I recommend BlueStacks since it is free, easy to use, and light.

Below I will show you how to install and use BlueStack on Windows and MacOS to help you use Blink on your PC.

How to Install and Use BlueStack on Windows PC.

Before installation, ensure your PC has at least 5GB free ROM, 4GB RAM, Windows 7 and above, and the latest drivers. Also, have a good internet connection for download and ensure you have a working Google account. If you have these minimum requirements, then follow the steps below to use your Bilnk camera with a Windows PC:

  1. Using your laptop browser, visit the BlueStacks website
  2. Scroll to the latest version of the BlueStacks app and click download
  3. Wait for the download to complete, which might take a few minutes, depending on your internet speed
  4. Now locate the .exe file that you just downloaded and click it to initiate the installation
  5. Follow the resulting prompts and accept everything since the app is safe on your device.
  6. After the app has been installed fully, it will prompt you to enter your Google account credentials. Ensure you enter your correct email and password to access the Google play store.
  7. Once you have logged in successfully, an Android home screen appears, which you can use to access the Play Store.
  8. Open the Play Store, and on the search bar, enter Blink Home Monitor App
  9. Select the relevant result and click install to initiate the installation
  10. Once the installation is complete, launch the app and input your Blink account credentials.
  11. Now you can enjoy managing your cameras using your PC instead of your smartphone
Accessing home cameras using a PC

Accessing home cameras using a PC

How to Install and Use BlueSack on MacOS

You need at least 4GB RAM, good internet, and Google account credentials like Windows. However, note that some Mac PC does not support BlueStack, and you may need to try other emulators, such as NOX. But if yours supports BlueStacks, follow the below method to use your Blink camera with it:

  • Using your MacOS interface browser, search Bluestack and visit the website
  • Find the latest version for your device, click download, and wait for the download to initiate and complete.
  • Once the download is complete, install the program on your device to access the Android interface.
  • Now follow the steps from 6 on the Windows BlueStacks above to log into your accounts and control your Blink cameras. These steps are the same for both Windows and MacOS.

2. Cast Your Smartphone or Tablet on a PC

While the casting technique doesn’t allow a direct Blink account login, it is the easiest method for a larger screen view. However, your phone has to be present and with enough charge.

Follow the procedure below to cast your iOS device on your PC:

  • From the iOS device home screen, access the control center
  • Scroll and locate AirPlay or Mirroring functionality
  • Once you tap on any of these functionalities, you will access your computer and click it to connect
  • When connected, you will get your iOS screen on your computer
  • Now launch the Blink app on your iOS to access it on your PC

To cast your Android device on your PC, follow the steps below:

  • Ensure your PC and Android device are using the same WiFi
  • Now go to setting on your Android and search Cast
  • Click it and tap on the three dots above the resulting screen
  • Now enable a wireless connection, and your Laptop should appear on your Android device
  • Then click it to connect and display your Android screen on your laptop
  • You can now launch the Blink app and see your Blink cameras on your Laptop
Smartphone casting concept

Smartphone casting concept

Upload the Footage Stored on micro SD to Your PC

Did you know your Blink cameras can record the events they capture when connected to the Blink Sync Module

This feature allows you to review the footage, which you can do with your phone or laptop. 

However, this connection method only allows you to review a prerecording instead of a live event. 

All you need to do is remove the micro SD card from the cameras. Then plug it into your computer’s micro SD slot using a card reader. 

You should be able to play the recordings using any media player.

The technique works only if you use a laptop that can support apps from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. 

One of these laptops is the Chromebook which uses the ChoromeOS operating system and supports Play Store apps. 

The other is any laptop running on MacOS since it can support Apple App Store apps. 

If you have any of these devices, just visit your respective app platform and download the Blink Home Monitor app. 

Then you can launch it and log in using your Blink account credentials to control your cameras. 


Now you can log into your Blink account using a laptop or a PC. 

You just need to use any of the above methods and get a better view using a bigger screen.