Could Cell Phones Use Starlink Satellites? Let’s Find Out

About could cell phones use Starlink satellites?

You may already know that Starlink has partnered with the T-Mobile company to help provide a reliable cellular network to folks in remote areas.

But the question is, could cell phones use Starlink satellites?

And when is the whole thing likely to function fully?

This article will discuss Starlink smartphones, whether you can use a Starlink RV as a satellite smartphone, and more.

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A satellite signal travels through the sky to a smartphone.

A satellite signal travels through the sky to a smartphone.

When you make a phone call, Starlink satellites transmit it to the ground stations, sending it to cellular networks.

Finally, the closest cell phone network routes the call to its final destination.

While this process is somewhat complex, you only need a Starlink connection and a compatible phone.

Then, you can make calls with a regular cell phone service.

Note: Starlink phones generally are expected to have a reliable connection, even though the signal strength might vary, irrespective of your location.

A man is holding a smartphone.

A man is holding a smartphone.

You can use these smartphones as soon as their testing phase is over.

For your information, the smartphones are currently in beta testing thanks to the T-Mobile network.

In other words, these mobile phones are scarcely available at the moment.

However, SpaceX is planning to increase the phones’ availability.

It could be soon before you start making calls and sending text messages with this technology.

Do I Need A New Phone To Connect To The Service?

A system of telecommunication satellites.

A system of telecommunication satellites.

No, you don’t need a new smartphone to connect to this service – you only need a satellite dish and a modem.

Thankfully, Starlink provides the satellite dish, which you can easily install.

Of course, you can buy the modem from an electronic store.

Still, to access the internet, make sure to have a smartphone that’s compatible with this technology.

For instance, it should be linked to the T-Mobile network and use its plans.

Note: This service is still in the testing phase.

This means the exact requirements for a compatible device might change.

A satellite dish.

A satellite dish.

No, a Starlink RV can’t be a satellite phone — it just helps RV owners access the internet wherever they are, including in places where cellular coverage doesn’t reach.

For your information, a Starlink RV works like a Starlink satellite would. It combines satellite and cellular networks to provide internet access to smartphone users.

What If I Don’t Have T-Mobile?

A T-Mobile store.

A T-Mobile store.

Starlink currently works with T-Mobile customers.

In other words, if your phone isn’t compatible with T-Mobile, you may be unable to use Starlink satellite services.

Note: T-Mobile is the only cellular network operator currently working with Starlink, even though this is still in beta testing.

Moreover, you must have a T-Mobile plan to access this service.

So, if you don’t have T-Mobile, you may have to wait until Starlink partners with your ideal service provider – Verizon or AT&T Mobility.

Starlink is actively expanding its service integrations and may have other options for you, plus other people that don’t have T-Mobile.


As you’ve already seen, integrating phones with the Starlink network has many benefits, as people could experience improved connections in isolated places with or without access to traditional cell phone service.

Soon, we may witness a new era of improved connectivity globally. For more information, contact us today.