Does Eero Work With Spectrum – Let’s Find Out!

Does Eero Work With Spectrum? Eero is a tech-savvy internet company that offers unmatched WiFi coverage using the latest bands (6GHz) and mesh network technology. 

The small device can provide internet in areas you wouldn’t get with a traditional router. 

On the other hand, Spectrum has amazing internet plans and fast speeds of 300 Mbps to 1 Gbps. 

The no-contract plan is leveled into 3 tiers- Spectrum Internet, Spectrum Internet Ultra, and Spectrum Gig. Spectrum plans come with its modem. 

Can you use your Eero device with Spectrum modems? Read on to find out if you can enjoy fast internet on one of the most advanced WiFi routers. 

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Does Eero Work With Spectrum?

Eero works perfectly with Spectrum. Since Eero is a mesh network, it uses the latest technology to connect with the modem using an ethernet cable. 

To connect, plug in an ethernet cable on both devices, sign in to the Eero portal, and change network configurations to Bridge Mode

In bridge mode, the Spectrum modem transmits the internet straight to the Eero devices and other parts of your home. 

So, you need to turn off the WiFi mode of the Spectrum modem for this connection to work. 

That said, eero devices boost the functionality of Spectrum as it enhances network connectivity. 

You’ll notice Spectrum recommending to use its own router devices to give the best connection. 

However, the Spectrum router has data trails; the company can track all your network activity whenever you use it.

 Also, the company may not provide after-sale services once you use a different router, but you should be fine with some technical troubleshooting knowledge. 

How To Connect Eero Mesh Routers to Spectrum Modems

Connecting a smartphone to a wireless modem 

Connecting a smartphone to a wireless modem 

Here are a few steps to configure your Spectrum router with Eero. 

Connect the Spectrum router to Eero Router.

Since each router has ethernet ports, connect using a WAN cable. 

One end of the cable should go to the WAN port of the Eero router and the other end to the ethernet port of the Spectrum. 

Ensure you have a compatible ethernet cable, preferably CAT 6 or higher. 

Register Into The Router

illustration on phone

Turn on both devices and connect your Spectrum router to a computer using another cable. Don’t worry if there is no internet.

 You’re going to fix that in a moment. Open the computer browser and enter the IP address labeled on your router.

 It will take you to the router’s login page. Enter your username and password. The standard value for new modems should be “admin” for both entries.  

Switch Configuration to Bridge Mode

Once signed in, go to your Spectrum settings and click “LAN settings.” Then change the NAT value to “Bridge.”

 If you don’t see any LAN settings page, contact Spectrum for further directions.

Disable Wireless Functionality

Next, turn off the WiFi mode from the same Spectrum page you logged in. It includes the option to select WiFi bands as well. 

Since the gateway router is now a modem, we don’t need its wireless functions.  

Reboot Both Devices

Now, reset both routers using a simple reboot method. Press the Eero router and wait for it to blink until it turns off. 

As for the Spectrum, unplug the power button and wait for a few minutes before turning it back on. 

Rebooting ensures both devices wipe out any old settings and refresh the new inputs in the system. 

Cannot Connect Eero mesh Routers to Spectrum: How to Fix 

Error connection icon on the router 

Error connection icon on the router 

Connectivity issues arise when the cables are loose or during maintenance by your ISP. 

These are some of the issues that cause Eero not to respond, and we have a few solutions. 

Power Cycle the Router

Power cycling is similar to restarting or rebooting. It’s a well-known technique to sort out temporary issues in electronic devices. 

We can use it to see if the Eero router will respond and connect to the Spectrum modem. We can do this on both devices if it doesn’t work on the Eero.  

Check for ISP Connectivity Issues

If power cycling fails, there’s a chance Spectrum will have an outage or maintenance. ISPs have breakdowns every time. More than you think. 

The technicians may be sorting out a small issue, so you must confirm with the company. Contact the support team and see if there are any concerns on their end. 

Eero Router Placement

Eero routers are so delicate that they should be placed in specific ways for better performance. 

For instance, the three routers should be within 50ft of radius and not blocked by thick walls or heavy metal barriers. 

Also, they should not be enclosed in a cabinet or placed near hot surfaces.   

Contact Eero Support

Photo of customer support staff 

Photo of customer support staff 

When experiencing network issues, you should contact Eero customer support once you have confirmed Spectrum is working fine. 

The team at Eero may have a couple of fixes depending on your router, but it’s usually related to the mobile app.

 They might suggest a free replacement if they cannot solve it remotely. 


The advantage of using Eero to connect Spectrum is enhanced connectivity and Eero’s obvious wide coverage. 

Eero can connect up to 128 devices, so you don’t have to kick out your neighbor’s device whenever you have friends. 

This guide should have all the information on how to make this happen and solve any shortcomings.