Google home mini disconnects from wifi- How to Fix the Problem

Suppose your Google Home mini disconnects from wifi frequently, usually. 

In that case, Google will tell you that they acknowledge the problem, but in most cases, they are reluctant to help you solve it. 

Hence, before you report the case to Google, certain ways exist to fix the disconnection issue. 

Let’s find out how you can solve the frequent disconnection problem of your Google Home Mini and ensure it rarely happens. 

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Check The Hardware and Cables

One of the main reasons we advise you to start checking the hardware condition is to ensure you rule out a problem from your end. 

So, primarily confirm if you have securely plugged in the cables to the devices. 

Any loose connection could be the reason you’re experiencing frequent disconnection. 

Also, verify if the power cable connects effectively to the socket. 

If you notice sparking when connecting the power cord, then there’s a chance the electrical system has a short circuit at the socket point. 

Therefore, connect to another socket until you solve the shortcircuit problem. 

Secondly, check out any torn parts on the connectors. Any cable featuring a tear could be a big issue and cause signal loss or connection failure. 

If you notice any problem with the condition of the cable, contact Google to provide you with a compatible replacement. 

Check The Connections

An Aggrieved Woman is communicating with Google Home Mini. 

An Aggrieved Woman is communicating with Google Home Mini. 

Network configuration issues could prove a massive challenge in connection, so you need to ensure every part of the system is connected correctly. 

First, confirm that you have connected all the devices and cables appropriately per the user manual instructions. 

Next, start by diagnosing the problem from the individual parts to isolate the specific one with a problem. 

For instance, it would help to connect a device such as your PC to the router via an ethernet cable. It will help detect if the router is working.  

Test other parts individually, such as the modem. A noteworthy point in the diagnostic exercise is to test if there’s a WiFi issue. 

Without a network, your router and modem could be the issue. 

Restart Google Home (Nest) and router.

Restart Concept. 

Restart Concept. 

The age-old solution to most electronic devices’ failure is to restart the devices, and this also applies to Google Home (Nest) and its routers.

With the following simple steps, you can easily reboot the Google Home Nest from the Google Home app. 

  • First, open the Google Home App, then select the device you want to reboot.
  • Click ‘Settings,’ then select ‘More’ from the( 🙂 dropdown. Finally, choose reboot, and your Google Home device will restart. 

A restart also goes a long way in clearing the device’s cache, which can help create a stable connection. 

Next, you must reboot the router, which is a straightforward process. 

Simply long press the power button to switch it off for some time- for at least 2 minutes. Next, switch it back on via the same process. 

Power Cycling the Google Next Mini and Router

In addition to a restart, you can power cycle the system primarily to reboot the hardware. 

The process is similar to rebooting, but the exception is that you will have to unplug the devices from the power supply. 

Allow the devices to stay disconnected for some time, approximately two minutes. 

Next, connect it back and let the system lie idle for about five minutes before inputting any settings.

 You have now power cycled the system, which is now ready for reconnection. 

Test WiFi strength and interference using “WiFiman”

Illustrating WiFi strengths. 

Illustrating WiFi strengths. 

If you place your WiFi router close to another stronger WiFi in its vicinity, the more robust signal will cause interference. 

So you must avoid this when choosing the ideal router placement point. 

But it can be hard to know outright whether you’re dealing with interference or your WiFi is weak.  

The WiFiman can help you pick out the problem you’re dealing with, so we advise you to use it. 

Check out the “Ubiquiti WiFiman” application from your app store, and install it. 

Next, set it up, and you can begin checking the signal strengths of the surrounding networks and your WiFi. 

If your neighbor’s WiFi is more robust than yours, it could be the reason for the interference, so you need to change your router positioning. 

Again, when choosing the new location, use the WiFiman app to pick a site without interference.

The alternative is to use a mesh network to extend the WiFi reach or an extender. 

Forget the network and set up the device again.

Your frequent WiFi disconnection issue could be because of a glitch in connection which you can outright solve by forgetting the network and connecting again. 

Again, you can do this from the Google Home application. 

Simply launch Google Home, then select your Device Information icon. Forget the device, then add it once more. 

You can now connect again to the WiFi network and see if there’s an improvement. 

Split WiFi devices between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands

A WiFi Icon. 

A WiFi Icon. 

The two primary WiFi bands are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, and anytime you connect a device to the network, it will link into either of the frequencies.

 Therefore, your Google Home is usually in competition for the bands with other devices you connect to the network. 

Dedicating one of the bands to Google Home to resolve the frequent disconnection issue is the solution. 

So simply set up your Google Home Mini and other Google devices to connect to the 5 GHz and the rest to the other band. 

Place Your Google Home closer to Your Wi-Fi Router.

A Router. 

Another solution is to improve the signal strength of the network reaching the Google Home device by placing it closer to the router.

 If the primary problem was a signal weakness, this trick should fully solve it. 

Also, this fix ensures you steer clear of the interferences, such as other networks that could have been hampering a strong connection. 

Check For Firmware Updates

Google home mini disconnects from wifi-  Updates Icon. 

Updates Icon. 

Whenever you use a Google Smart device with outdated software, you’ll surely experience connection challenges. 

It is because Google frequently updates its system to ensure optimal user experience. 

Another significant role of firmware updates is to fix bugs that could affect the device’s functionality. 

Therefore, ensure you have the latest updates on your system, and you’re sure never to experience a connection issue resulting from software bugs. 

Also, always ensure your Google Home application is up-to-date; you can do this from the app store. 

When you open the app store and choose the Google Home app, you will see an Update button if there are available updates. 

Select it to get the latest version. 

Factory Reset

Google home mini disconnects from wifi-  A factory reset button. 

A factory reset button. 

If, so far, none of the options are yielding success, consider factory resetting the entire Google Home system. 

It will be handy in solving any software problem you’re yet to fix. But beware of the problems that come with a factory reset. 

It erases all the settings you saved on the Google Home app and disconnects them from your Google Account. 

The factory reset procedure varies depending on the apparent version of the Google Nest Mini that you’re using. 

For the 1st generation, factory resetting is as simple as pressing the reset button on the lower side of the device. 

It will take it to the default setting, and your Google Nest Mini is as good as new. 

If you have a second-generation device, remove the mix switch to expose the touchpad. Press this area, and you’ll factory reset the device briefly. 

Contact Support

The ultimate last resort is to talk to support if none of our solutions are fruitful.

 Google often asks you to fill out a form explaining your challenge so that they know the best way to help you. 

So when writing to them, ensure you say all the measures you have so far undertaken. 

They will guide you further with other troubleshooting tips to get your Google Nest Mini connection problem fixed. 


Google Home Nest is one of the best smart home devices in the market today, but sometimes it may not work perfectly. 

There are many causes of frequent disconnection, as we have highlighted in this guide. 

You can fix most of the issues yourself without engaging the company. But again, we advise you to contact them if you’ve run out of tricks to solve the issue.