Google Wifi Point not connecting to mesh: Why your Google Mesh is not Working.

Is your Google wifi point not connecting to mesh? Then you’ve come to the right place.

 Our article covers why your mesh system is not working with a Google Wifi router. Also, we’ll provide probable solutions to solve this problem. 

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What Is Google Mesh & WiFi Point?

The main feature of this setup is a Mesh Networking system. Hence, one Google Wifi Point is connected to a router. 

Then, the numerous mesh points connect wirelessly to this main WiFi point. 

The Google Home app facilitates this connection as its the control point. 

A Google Mesh system’s fundamental role is ensuring WiFi reaches all parts, including WiFi dead zones. 

Hence, you can browse at top speeds from anywhere in your house. 

How to Fix Google WiFi Point not Connecting to Mesh?

Check Cables and Connections

Ethernet Cables in a Router. 

Ethernet Cables in a Router. 

A Google WiFi point connection to mesh requires all the cables to be correctly placed. 

Pay special attention to the condition of power cords, as their malfunction can be quite detrimental. 

Also, confirm the cables connecting from one device to the other are okay. Finally, check the condition of your ethernet cables. Are they in good shape to transmit the signal?

Fix any faulty part of the connection. 

Restart the WiFi Point

Restart Button. 

Bugs in the WiFi point software will prevent it from connecting to the mesh system. 

Hence, restarting it will help fix the issue. It’s also imperative to restart the WiFi point to fix power issues. 

Here is the procedure to follow: 

  • First, identify the WiFi access point with an issue and remove its power adapter from the socket. 
  • Allow it to stay unconnected for at least five minutes, then reconnect again. 
  • Restart the WiFi point and check it has resolved the issue. 
  • Try connecting the mesh to the WiFi Point. It should connect thanks to power cycling. 

Pair After Hardwiring

A typical scenario after a factory rest of the Nest system is that it doesn’t outright connect to mesh.

 You’re also likely to experience the issue with a new mesh system or if you’re setting it up the first time. 

So the solution is to hardwire mesh devices to the primary point. It initiates the connection. Then you can disconnect the wiring when placing the mesh devices strategically in the house. 

Hence, always hardwire the devices first for an initial connection. 

Relocate the WiFi Point

A router in the living room. 

A router in the living room. 

It’s tempting to place WiFi points at their extreme ranges. But this could be why the mesh devices are not connecting to the main WiFi point. 

Also, it can lead to a relatively weak WiFi signal

Hence, a WiFi point should be within 20 meters of another. It will ease the signal interference issues and enable the connection. 

Update the Google Home App

Google Home Icon. 

Google Home Icon. 

Check out your phone’s app store for updates on the Google Home Application. If it is outdated, then this can cause a connection issue. 

Also important after the update is to enable automatic updates to ensure you’re always on the latest software version. 

Moreover, it would help to uninstall the Google Home App and install it again.

 It clears the settings that could have been hindering a connection. 

Hard Reset your Router/Modem

A Typical Router. 

A Typical Router. 

Your primary WiFi point receives its signal from the router. Hence, if your router or modem doesn’t have a signal, then the WiFi point will have none to transmit. 

  • Check out if the issue is with the router by confirming if it’s receiving WiFi. Next, hard reset your router to give it a new lease at connection. 
  • Disconnect the primary WiFi point from the router. 
  • Next, unplug the modem or router from the power supply. Leave it unconnected for about five minutes. 
  • Plug it back and switch the device on. Connect the Mesh system and check if it has WiFi.

Reset the Problematic Mesh Point

Identify the Mesh point that is not connecting and restart it to clear its cache. All these devices feature a reset button which can help you return it to default settings. 

  • First, unplug the mesh from the power supply, then press the reset button. 
  • While holding the reset button, reconnect the WiFi point to the power until its light indicator flashes. 
  • Now your mesh is in factory settings mode. Connect it back to the nearest mesh device and see if it works. 

Google Wifi Point not connecting to mesh: Contact the ISP

Talk to your Internet Service Provider. 

Talk to your Internet Service Provider. 

Reach out to your internet service provider if none of the above measures works. 

Maybe the mesh systems are not connecting because you’re receiving a poor signal.

 The ISP will update you on any current outages causing the issue. 

Also, your ISP will inform you of other mitigation measures you can take to improve signal strength. 

Google Wifi Point not connecting to mesh: Talk to Google or Nest Support

Finally, communicate with Nest by visiting their website contact section. Describe your issue, and they’ll suggest a workable remedy. 

Also, check out community forums for users with similar connection problems and how they solved them. 

How Many Points Can I Add to My Google Nest Wi-Fi?

Browsing from bed. 

Browsing from bed. 

With Nest WiFi, you can add up to five devices. Hence, stick to the maximum number of devices for optimal efficiency and signal strength. Otherwise, adding more will significantly curtail your WiFi signal. 

How Far Apart Can Nest Wi-Fi Points Be?

The maximum reach of a Nest Wi-Fi router is 2200 square feet. Therefore, the points should be within this range. 

Also important is that the Nest Wi-Fi point will provide WiFi to a maximum of 1600 square feet. 

Therefore, one of the points should be within this signal reach range. 

Can you use Nest Wi-Fi Point with any router?

An Aftermarket Router. 

An Aftermarket Router. 

No. Google Nest WiFi only works with other Nest and Google WiFi points. Hence, a Google Nest Point is a prerequisite for creating a mesh network. 


Sometimes WiFi points develop connection issues. Luckily, with our prescribed measures, you have a reference point for mitigations. Start by confirming that your internet signal is strong. 

Next, apply the above solutions trying each one at a time till you arrive at your remedy. If nothing seems to work, talk to Google or Nest.