Ground Pole Mount Starlink – Everything You Need To Know

About Ground Pole Mount Starlink, Starlink’s internet connection is taking the world by storm – it’s becoming the most sought-after satellite internet.

However, it can be somewhat challenging to mount the Starlink ground pole alone, especially if it’s your first time doing it.

Thankfully, this article will discuss everything you need to know to mount the thing successfully. 

Box Contents

  • Water
  • Concrete Mix
  • Mortar Hoe
  • Top Tube
  • Level
  • Mixing Trough
  • Bottom Tube
  • Gloves
  • Augur (Shovel)

Installation Conditions

A satellite dish.

A satellite dish.

  • Disconnect power before moving, accessing, or installing the Starlink dish. It’s just that the thing has parts that can move when the power is on.
  • Always plug the power cord into an outlet that you can easily access. Note: If you’re working with a 3-pin-attachment power cord, plug it into an earthed (grounded) 3-pin outlet.
  • Only use the power cord and AC adapter purchased from SpaceX or provided with the system.
  • Replace any damaged power cord before using this product – don’t use a damaged power cord with this product.
  • Don’t let the AC adapter touch your skin or soft surfaces, such as carpets and clothing.
  • Don’t operate this product during an electrical storm. Otherwise, you risk getting an electric shock from lightning.
  • Avoid using this product if you notice strange sounds (cracking, popping, hissing, etc.), smoke, or strong odors from the system. If you see any of these things, turn off the system and disconnect it from the power source. In addition, contact the technical support at Sralink for assistance.


A man is holding a warning sign.

A man is holding a warning sign.

1. To avoid damage to property and injury to people, follow the basic safety procedures, such as the following:

  • When drilling, avoid water lines, electrical wiring, and studs. It’s just that drilling into these could result in injury, shock, fire, or even death. 
  • Wear appropriate protective gear for your face, hands, and eyes.
  • Apply sealant thoroughly, and drill at the right angle – slightly downwards from the home interior to the home exterior. Improper sealing and drilling could cause damage and intrusion of water or bugs.

2. The Starlink router is suitable for outdoor and indoor use – read your Starlink internet kit for more information.

3. In high-windy areas (or areas that are prone to hurricanes and tornados), use tethering to secure the mounts in place.

That way,  the pole mounts are unlikely to fall in strong-wind situations.

How To Install It

A worker is working from a utility pole ladder.

A worker is working from a utility pole ladder.

Before installation, unplug your Starlink dish from the wall. Then, follow the step-by-step steps below.

  1. Take the bottom tube and insert it into the top tube.
  2. Tap the joined tubes against a hard surface. Do this up to three times – firmly. That will help to solidify the tube bond. Note: Tap the bottom tube, not the top tube.
  3. Find a location with solid ground – refrain from marsh-like grounds or areas with gravel and loose soils.
  4. Dig a hole that should measure no more than 1 meter deep and 1 meter wide.
  5. Take your pole and put it in the center of the hole. Then, use the level to measure the thing; the Starlink pole should lie vertically within 5 degrees.
  6. Next, mix the concrete and pour it into the ground hole – make sure the mount’s drain sits above the concrete’s surface.
  7. Let the pole stand upright until the concrete is dry enough to support it. Note: The concrete can dry overnight.
  8. Install cables into the Starlink dish, then mount the dish on top of the pole.
  9. Route the Starlink cable – do this via the cable routing hole. The Starlink cable should get out via the top of the pole.

Are Lightning Protection Measures Used?



If you want to install Starlink in an area prone to lightning storms, use an external lightning protection system – surge protectors, ground rods, lightning rods, etc.

A lightning protection system makes your product less susceptible to lightning.

Also, to ensure added protection for products that stay unused for extended periods, unplug them from their AC outlets.

Similarly, disconnect the antenna cable.

That way, you can protect your Starlink kit from power surges.

However, note that the warranty doesn’t cover damage due to the following:

  • Improper Maintenance
  • Abuse
  • Misuse
  • Accidents
  • Alterations
  • Earthquakes
  • Solar Storms
  • Floods
  • Fires
  • Electrical Surges
  • Windstorms
  • Meteors
  • Lightning
  • Hail
  • Other Forces Of Nature

Read the main internet kit for more information on safety, disposal, labeling, and regulations.

Note that the information in this article is subject to change without notice.

Moreover, SpaceX isn’t liable for any omissions or errors you may encounter.

How To Set It Up

Smartphone apps.

Smartphone apps.

  • Take your smartphone and download the Starlink app.
  • Before you install the application, identify a suitable area for uninterrupted service. The app has a tool (“Check For Obstructions”) to help you do that.
  • Then, set up your Starlink.
  • Next, review the Starlink data to confit that your setup area is free from obstructions.
  • If you’d like to exploit additional app features, including receiving updates, customizing settings, contacting support, or troubleshooting issues, feel free to do that without exiting the app.


This article has provided the information you need to mount the Starlink ground pole.

If you follow all the instructions in this article, you should go about the installation process successfully.

Still, if you encounter any problem during installation, don’t hesitate to contact the support team at Starlink.

And for more information on this topic, reach out to us today.