Hack Starlink Router- Is Your Starlink Safe?

About Hack Starlink Router, Starlink has a great trajectory providing satellite internet connection with over 3,000 satellites orbiting the Earth.

However, as with most tech innovations, the risk of infiltration from hackers is always lurking.

Here, we’ll look at the first instance Starlink has been hit with major security flaws and how you can discover similar attacks on your router.

You’ll also learn how Starlink ensures its systems are safe and free from malware attacks. 

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In a recent event at Black Hat, a Belgian researcher showed how he could access Starlink’s servers using a $25 DIY tool he made at home.

Lennet Wouters “Glitched on Earth by Humans” presentation explains a voltage attack injection to Starlink routers allowing access to the systems.

He created a modchip using off-the-shelf tools such as switches, flash storage, voltage regulator, and wires.  

Wouters took his research to Starlink, informed the company of these underlying bugs, and was paid through a bug bounty scheme on the tech company.

That said, Starlink has since updated its modchip to a different one. 

How Does The Attack Work?

A faceless hacker with a laptop.

A faceless hacker with a laptop.

First, we have to note that Starlink is a secure service, and the terminals only run with Starlink’s official firmware and nothing else.

So, the hack had to be thought out differently without using the usual plugins or codes. 

The Belgian researcher used a glitch attack that briefly froze the system, allowing him to run the codes and override Starlink’s firmware.

To do this, Wouters interrupted the power supply, forming a small window period to perform his secure boot attack.

He inserted his modified firmware and used a low-budget device (Raspberry PI Pico) to make a circuit board. 

The circuit board allowed him to penetrate Starlink further, and the modchip was attached to Starlink’s dish. 

How To Tell If A Hacker Has Access To Your Router?

Though the Belgian researcher’s work was for educational purposes, it sheds light on how sometimes it can be easy to get your router hacked.

So, here are a few ways to know if your router is compromised. 

The Admin Login Credentials Don’t Work

Login button.

Login button.

An “invalid logins” error message on your administrator page is usually the first sign your internet has been hacked.

That’s because you can only change your password alone, and your router is probably hacked whenever it changes.

Use complex passwords to make it difficult for hackers to access your account. 

Slow Internet

Whenever the internet speeds are slower than usual, many instances may be the cause.

It may be weather conditions, incorrect wiring, outdated firmware, etc.

But sometimes slow internet speeds suggest hacking, and someone may have access to your WiFi.

A unique SSID can help your network become invisible to attackers. 

Unknown IP Addresses Appear in your Network

Attackers access your internet through foreign addresses to avoid being caught.

You can log into the administrator website and check for new and unrecognized IP addresses.

The username and password are usually on the bottom of the router.

Kick out unrecognized addresses that don’t match the first three numbers of your router’s IP address (e.g., 

All Browsers Lead to the Same Website

Hackers like to hijack traffic whenever they get access to your Starlink router.

They’ll do this by redirecting all internet traffic to a malicious DNS and sending you the information they want to a locked browser.

It is the same tactic used by people who want to ask for ransomware when they attack your computer.

To avoid this attack, reset your router and change DNS logins and passwords. 

Suspicious Software in Your Devices

If you notice a new software in one of your devices and you did not download it, someone might have hacked your WiFi router and installed this malicious software.

As long as your devices are connected to the same WiFi, the software can replicate to all devices just like a virus spreads.

Always ensure your router has the latest firmware to avoid such attacks, and regularly inspect your router passwords or change after every few weeks.

Uninstall any unrecognized software from your device and do a virus check. 

Ransomware Messages

Peptya message display on the computer.

Peptya message display on the computer.

Ransomware messages are the easiest way to know your router has been compromised.

The attackers access your internet and demand money to keep your confidential information safe.

They may attack your messages, email, gallery, and hard drive and lock everything, including work or confidential files.

In such scenarios, you should reset your router immediately and ensure you have a complex and unique username and password. 

Suspicious Activity on your Device

If you open your browser and see suspicious clicks and movements, your computer may be hacked.

More often, this means an attacker has remotely accessed your computer and is using it for malicious activities.

When such a situation occurs, immediately switch off your computer and unplug your router. 

SpaceX has admitted the Starlink kit is the last line of defense against malicious attacks, so they have some guidelines on ensuring it is safe for everyone.

Along with the usual software updates and 24/7 system monitoring, Space X has a Starlink Bug Bounty program that rewards anyone who finds loopholes in the Starlink system.

Rewards are based on several issues in the system, including target scale, persistence, access gained, and access required. 

Router with a shield. 

Router with a shield. 

The tech company also uses a least privilege system where each hardware part has the least autonomy to execute commands.

That means even if one part is compromised, there won’t be any issue with the entire network interactions.

This system is seen in action in the recent hack incident.

Though the system was infiltrated, the hacker could not access any user’s confidential information.

Also, the incident did not affect Starlink satellites, as they could only be accessed physically for repairs or reprogramming. 

Wrapping Up

Knowing the nature of internet safety is critical, and it is no different with Starlink kits.

We hope this article sheds light on how the Starlink router works and how unsuspecting attackers may gain access to your network.

Finally, Starlink is dedicated to keeping you safe and is always on your toes with updates.

Keep tabs on STarlink news and updates to ensure your router is safe and secure.