How can I sign up for Starlink?

How can I Sign Up for Starlink?

Let’s take you on a short journey to becoming a Starlink subscriber, a simple process, as we’ll see from our guide. 

We also intend to cover getting your account back if you forget the sign-in details and the Starlink app onboarding procedure. 

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Make an Order. 

Make an Order. 

Note that only Starlink subscribers can open an account. Hence, in this section, we’ll explore the Starlink onboarding process and how to register on a Starlink plan. 

  1. Primarily, you need to access Starlink from
  2. Starlink Residential is the best bet if you’re looking for an ideal satellite internet service in your home. But there’s also Starlink RV if you need to access the service from a boondocking destination.
  3. Next, check out Starlink’s availability in your locality. This process is simple; input your area on Starlink’s search bar. 
  4. If you are on the waitlist, pay the preorder fee, and you can continue the account opening process. Nonetheless, you must shoulder the full equipment registration fee if you can access Starlink immediately. 
  5. On Starlink’s registration page, enter all the relevant data. Once you’re done, click ‘Place Order.’ Now, Starlink will confirm your registration, and you’ll receive your confirmation email.
  6. Now using the email you have received, create a password for your account. You’ll use the email as your username and the password you set up when logging in to your account. 
A Startup Page. 

A Startup Page. 

Once you finish the registration process above, you can log in to your Starlink account.

Hence, enter the Starlink Web address to sign in, then click log in. 

Now you can access your account and perform tasks such as the following: 

  • Communicate with Starlink support. 
  • Order Starlink equipment and accessories. 
  • Check out your billing information. 
  • Obtain info on data use and internet speed.  
A User Login Page. 

A User Login Page. 

You cannot log onto your account if you don’t recall your Starlink email address or password. Nonetheless, you can still recover these details, as illustrated below. 

  1. Open the Starlink website and select the ‘Sign in’ option. 
  2. Check out the ‘Locked Out’ button and select it to prompt the account username and password recovery process. 
  3. Starlink gives users two main account recovery options. Select the Email recovery option if you still can access your registered email. Starlink will send you login credentials to your email. Alternatively, you can recover it via your phone. 
  4. Also noteworthy, if you cannot access your registered email, recover your Starlink account by inputting your ‘Alternate Email.’ Starlink will now send the account login credentials to this new email. 
  5. Now create a new password, and subsequently, you can access your account. 
A Login Page. 

A Login Page. 

Primarily, you must be a registered Starlink user (have a Starlink account) to log in to the app.

The login process is simple: launch the app, enter your Starlink account email and password, and click the sign-in button. 

The main advantage of accessing Starlink from the app is that you can check out analytics anywhere as long as you have your mobile device. 


A Starlink account is a crucial prerequisite for contacting the company’s support. It is primarily because the company has no publicly available contact you can access without an account. 

This requirement poses quite a considerable challenge to pre-order deposit holders as they cannot access a support ticket. 

You cannot contact Starlink if you do not have an account. However, we are your go-to guy whenever you need to ask any query on Starlink.

Simply visit our site anytime and access our extensive articles covering all you need to learn about Starlink. 

If you’re in the US, you’ll need $110 to access Starlink’s residential internet. But you also need first to pay the $599 equipment fee. 

However, as earlier cautioned, Starlink is unavailable in all areas; hence you must check out if they cover your residence before subscribing.

Also, Starlink provides internet access for those traveling on RVs via the Starlink RV plan. It is available at a monthly access fee of $135. 

Although these costs make Starlink a pretty expensive service than others, it’s worth the investment, especially for rural dwellers without access to reliable internet.

Hence, the convenience it avails makes it a worthwhile internet option. 

Can I Skip the Waitlist?

Being on the waitlist is inconvenient for many users, especially those who need to use the internet immediately.

One of the most common worries is whether it is possible to bypass the waitlist. 

The good news is that it’s possible if you go for the Starlink RV option.

Nonetheless, as explained earlier, Starlink RV has a higher monthly access fee than Starlink Residential. 

In addition, your Starlink RV internet will significantly dip if you’re in an area with others subscribed to Starlink Residential.

It is because Starlink prioritizes Starlink Residential customers. 


You need a Starlink account to access the company’s services, such as communicating with support and ordering accessories from the store.

The account setup process is as easy as we’ve explained above. Simply follow the steps to access all Starlink features and stats on your data use.