How Do I Order Starlink Accessories- Insights On Starlink Accessories and Mounts

Ever wondered how much is a Starlink router? Or how do you order Starlink? Well, you’re in the right place! 

Starlink has started a satellite revolution with its super fast internet router and dish available to everyone (yes, everyone in the world).

But when you buy Starlink, you’ll soon realize that a few accessories could make things smoother. 

Here, we look closer at Starlink accessories and how they help solve installation and connectivity issues. 

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Computer and Antenna  

Since Starlink does not offer mounting services, it is easy to run into issues, especially if you’re a first-timer. Some accessories may seem not to fit, or you may be having issues installing them in a complex space. 

This list has the top mounting accessories for Starlink and a walkthrough of how to use every accessory on your premise. 

The Starlink Pivot Mount is designed to help dish installations on angled surfaces. The pivot supports the dish, although we don’t recommend it on slate roofs and tile surfaces. 

The Starlink Pivot Mount packaging includes sealing tape squares, lag screws, carry bags, and others.

The installation process is fairly easy though you may need to drill a few holes to mount the base. 

The Starlink Flashing Mount offers a permanent mounting solution for your dish with its sturdy base and waterproof design.

The kit comes with extra accessories for mounting, such as truss screws, tek screws, lock nuts, a tracing tool, and more. 

The flashing mount can also be used with accessories such as the Volcano Mount or the Pivot Mount. Though the mount is slightly expensive, it conceals cables in the attic and provides excellent waterproofing. 

The Long Wall Mount is a great alternative if you don’t want to mess up the roof when installing Starlink.

It is designed to fit on walls and extend vertically at a right angle. Mounting the dish facing the sky and above the overhang is vital. 

So make sure the distance from the wall to the tip of the roof is not more than 16 inches.

While the mount is sturdy, we recommend putting the dish down during bad weather conditions such as hurricanes. 

The Short Wall Mounts are used to assist in non-roof installations. Though they have the same purpose, it has a shorter “neck” than the Long Wall Mount.

The amount is meant to be attached to the roof, not the wall underneath. While it seems relatively easy to install, we recommend hiring a professional. 

The Starlink Ground Pole Mount is excellent for people who can’t mount on their roof or any high spot. You’ll need to dig at least 2 feet into the ground and fill it with concrete before installing the 7.5-foot pole.

You’ll need extra equipment to install the mount, such as concrete mix, gloves, a shovel, and a level. 

The Chimney Mount is a mounting system used to fit your Starlink dish onto the top of the Chimney. It works using straps, and you wouldn’t need to drill any holes during installation.

The steel straps are sturdy, and Starlink guarantees endurance even in extreme weather conditions. 

Non-Penetrating Roof Mount

Instead of drilling holes in your roof, Starlink’s Non-Penetrating Roof Mount only uses four stands to hold your dish.

This setup is ideal for temporary attachments when moving to another place.

You can use the mount on the ridge of your roof and attach the dish in easy steps. 

Tripod Mount Accessory

The tripod mount is an excellent solution for temporary installments or height adjustments. You can mount it with spikes and bolts, which keep it steady on the base.

The tripod mount can also be a permanent installation if you have a flat surface. 

Black plugged router on white office table in the sunshine  

Black plugged router on white office table in the sunshine  

Did you know Starlink comes with a mount, a Wifi router, and a Starlink cable?

While this is the standard hardware you need to fire things up, there is a whole range of accessories to help you get better internet and mounting solutions. 

Here is our narrowed list of networking accessories for your Starlink adapter. 

Hand in foreground connected to an internet router

Hand in foreground connected to an internet router

The Starlink Ethernet Adapter is a device that helps you access wired internet from newer Starlinks with no ports.

So, the Starlink Ethernet Adapter might be your go-to option if you need somewhere to plug in your gaming device or laptop.  

Starlink designed the device, and you’re guaranteed to get seamless connections. Ethernet connections are useful in latency-sensitive activities like video conferencing and gaming. 

Starlink Mesh Nodes help you get better internet coverage by increasing the WiFi range.

It is ideal for large spaces like commercial workspaces, big homes, etc. Starlink’s Mesh Node beats the aftermarket versions as it has parental controls, and extra WiFi controls, among others. 

The Starlink replacement cable increases the connection distance between your router and the Starlink dish.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between the 150 ft cable or the 75 ft cable.

Starlink’s replacement cables are only available on their official website, as no aftermarket alternatives exist. 

Sometimes you may have trouble mounting your dish in complex buildings or buildings with little roof space.

The Starlink Pipe Adapter helps in such connections by attaching the Starlink dish to any mast that does not exceed 2.5 inches.

The Starlink Pipe Adapter is commonly used with a chimney mount to extend the dish to an elevated spot without any permanent attachments. 

Starlink routers are built for standard houses with soft wooden walls. If you want to install the router in a stucco or concrete wall, you’ll need a Masonry Routing Kit.

It comes with 0.25-inch and 0.75-inch drill bits, spade bits, cable anchors, and more. 

Starlink puts all the burden of mounting on the buyer, and the Cable Routing Kit is handy. It includes all the necessary accessories to install the router indoors.

The kit is typically designed for wall mounting, and you might want to ask for help from one of your friends during installation. 

You can grab a few useful accessories from Starlink to help you maneuver, especially if you’re on the move. 

Resistant case

Resistant case

Since portability issues increased, Starlink recently developed a solution- The Starlink Travel Case. It comes in a tough outer cover and molded foam inside to cushion the accessories.

Since it is the standard for Starlink, everything fits in perfectly, from the dish, mount, cables, etc. 

While Starlink offers an official travel case, plenty of aftermarket options have better maneuverability.

For instance, the Pelican 1610 Case offers a top-notch alternative. It has a Polypropylene case and cushion foams that keep everything in place.

The Nanuk 945 is also an ideal travel case for Starlink, although it could be stronger. 

Frustrated young man due to weak internet reception 

Frustrated young man due to weak internet reception 

Starlink tries to produce all extra accessories as much as possible, but are they worth it?

You can find top-quality aftermarket Starlink accessories, which will work just fine. 

One of the perks of aftermarket purchases is availability.

These accessories are readily available on third-party vendors like Amazon and shipped faster than Starlink.

Just make sure the product you buy is the right one. You can check the customer reviews to verify if it works well with Starlink. 

A common question Starlink enthusiasts ask is how do I purchase Starlink accessories? Well, Starlink has all its products on the official online store.

Since Starlink has lots of traffic, you have to make a preorder which the company will convert into an order.

That means you might have to wait for days or weeks, depending on how many people make an order in your area.

Some places with few on the waiting list get their orders pretty fast. 


Starlink offers an amazing solution to internet connectivity, and the above guide gives you insight into some of its accessories.

The mounts and cables make installation easier and more flexible in your area.

So, ensure you get the right ones and install them on your home for a better Starlink experience.