How do I reboot my Starlink router? – 4 Main Starlink Router Restart Options

How do I reboot my Starlink router? Consider a case when your Starlink router is not working efficiently.

Restarting it is a viable way to improve its efficiency.

Also, there are many other reasons you may want to reboot it, as we’ll cover in this article. 

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A factory reset button. 

A factory reset button. 

There are two main reasons you may consider rebooting your Starlink router: 

  • First, you can restart it as you try to troubleshoot a poor network. Often, this is the last resort when you have done all the other troubleshooting measures. 
  • Also, you may require to reboot the router if you intend to transfer it to another user. 

Whichever the cause, the restart process is often simple. Check out how to do a router restart below. 

Factory reset of mobile phone settings. 

Factory reset of mobile phone settings. 

A quick restart means rebooting the Starlink router without interfering with its factory settings. There are two main techniques to realize a quick restart. 

Restarting via the App

The first technique involves rebooting it from the Settings icon on your Starlink App.

Next, choose the Advanced Settings button, and from the resulting window, choose ‘Restart Starlink.’

This process is one of the quickest ways to reboot your Starlink router. 

Restarting via Disconnection

How do you reboot your Starlink router if you cannot access the app?

The solution is disconnecting its power cord from the main supply for some time. Like the above technique, this method aids router and dish rebooting. 

Noteworthy, you must leave the cord unplugged for about two minutes for rebooting. 

A Reset Button. 

A Reset Button. 

Factory resetting your router is more intensive, although anyone can conveniently do it if they understand the process. Primarily, you factory reset the router via the power cycle sequence, as highlighted in the steps below. 

  1. First, access the socket where the router’s power cord connects to the supply power
  2. Now perform the power cycle sequence. It involves removing the power cord from the socket, leaving it disconnected for some time, then connecting it back. Perform this action about five times, and your router will factory reset. 
  3. Next, restart the router and set it up with new settings, as the rebooting process will erase the former ones. 
  4. Also, notably, the WiFi name you had set will erase, and you will need to set it up. In most cases, after a reset, the WiFi name will be STICKY or STARLINK, the default name for Starlink internet. 

How do you know that the router factory reset process was successful? Check if the WiFi’s name has changed. If the old name you set up remains, the reboot was unsuccessful. 

To fix the problem, repeat the power cycle sequence five more times, then check again. 

  1. Finally, you must set up a new WiFi name and password to continue accessing the internet. Notably, you’ll need to reconnect your devices to the WiFi, as a reboot will disconnect them. 

How to Factory Reset Original Standard Circular Dishy?

Illustrating the reset concept. 

Illustrating the reset concept. 

Let’s now see the factory reset process for those with the standard circular dish. 

  1. Check out for the button on the lower side of the router and press it using a needle, as it’s inaccessible using bare hands. 
  2. You’ll see a blue light that will, in turn, change to white then your router will restart. 
  3. Now check out the available WiFi networks and choose STINKY or STARLINK, your new WiFi name. 
  4. Starlink will prompt you to enter the Network ID, which you can access from the back of the router. Set up a new password, and you can continue using the WiFi. 
  5. Again, like in the above case, you’ll have to reconnect your devices to the WiFi using your new login details. 
Reset concept. 

Reset concept. 

Lastly, let’s check out the factory reset process for those with the Starllink Mesh router

  1. As we’ve done above, you’ll need to power cycle the Starlink router mesh node. Remove the power supply cord and reconnect it three times to prompt the reset process. 
  2. Now restore the node on your mobile device. In this step, you must be cautious about connecting to Starlink’s main WiFi network, not the mesh node you’re resetting. 
  3. Next, launch the Starlink app from your mobile device and proceed to pair it with the mesh node you’ve reset. 


Now you’re in the light on how to reboot different Starlink routers.

Choose the process that suits the router you’re using in your home.

In most cases, a simple, quick router reboot will do. But if that doesn’t work, go for the factory reset option.