How To Get Back Cable On Vizio Smart TV – In Simple Steps

How To Get Back Cable On Vizio Smart TV? Even as Vizio increasingly revamps its features on Smart TVs, the backlash from the community always lingers after every announcement. 

Their recently overhauled home menu interface has iOS and Android users drooling. However, for the laid-back Cable users, it is not as merry. 

In a nutshell, you can get Cable services for Vizio Smart Tv through HDMI and coaxial input. 

Let’s take a magnified approach and see the procedure to change inputs to allow Cable services. 

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How To Select Input Sources on Vizio Smart TV?

Illustration of TV input sources 

Illustration of TV input sources 

As Vizio entered the market, the older TV models had fewer inputs than the latest models.

 It was clear that more people wanted to use additional devices which would enhance the audio, video, or overall user experience. 

The Smart TVs inputs have remained the same, with several inputs like coaxial ports being silently phased out.

 Inputs are easy to see and connect, but it’s not the same when you want to switch between input sources. 

So, how do we go about it? Here is how. 


If you have the latest Cable TV plan that uses high-definition videos through the HDMI port, then plug it into one of the many ports on your Vizio TV.

 Once the cable is firmly connected, follow these steps to switch the source. 

  1. Press the input button on the top left corner of the remote. 
  2. Wait for the input menu and select the HDMI source connected to your Cable TV. 
  3. Switch on the Cable TV using its remote, and you should have the menu displayed. 
  4. Enjoy your favorite shows 

Component/Composite Port

If you have used TVs for long enough, you know about coaxial inputs in the DVD era. 

If your Cable TV service uses this connection, use your preferred RCA outputs from the Cable TV output to Vizio’s component ports. 

Once you have the cables connected, follow these steps. 

  1. Press the input button on your Vizio TV remote. 
  2. Wait for the drop-down menu and select COMP/COMPONENT source from the list
  3. Switch your Cable TV on and wait until it finishes setting up. 
  4. You can enjoy your best shows once you see the Cable TV menu. 

Coaxial Input

Black coaxial cable connector 

Black coaxial cable connector 

Coaxial inputs have existed since the start of Antenna and Cable TVs. While the technology is relatively not in tune with today, it is still an essential cable for several services. 

To enjoy cable TV on your coaxial input, simply connect the cable from the set-top box to your Smart TV and follow these steps. 

  1. Press the input menu on your remote. 
  2. Select TV from the list of input sources highlighted. 
  3. Scan for channels on the Tuner option on the TV 
  4. Once the scan is complete, you can enjoy your favorite series and movies

How to Make Cable the Default Input on Vizio TV

It should not surprise that Vizio has been advocating for a cord-cutting TV experience over the past few years. 

The company is pursuing its customers to switch from old input methods and preferably use the SmartCast options. 

In fact., in 2021, Vizio changed the default input source to SmartCast. 

While the decision to move to smartCast seems forward, it does not cater to the die-hards who would rather watch Cable TV how they used to some years ago. 

You can override those settings and put your default input of choice. To change the default on your Vizio TV, follow these steps. 

  1. Click on the menu tab on your TV. 
  2. Select the system option.
  3. Browse for the input at the Power ON option.
  4. Select Cable as the source of input and press OK 
  5. Restart the TV, and that’s it! 

How to Fix Vizio TV Getting Stuck on an App/Channel Issue?

Like most electronics, Vizio Tv became notorious for a particular bug that caused the TV to get stuck on an app even after you’ve closed it.

 Apart from the usual pressing V option, you can make a few changes to ensure your Vizio TV does not encounter the casting app issue. 

How To Get Back Cable On Vizio Smart TV: Update Firmware

Screen showing system update 

Screen showing system update 

Vizio rolls out firmware updates every couple of months. It introduces new features but, most importantly, fixes bugs and errors encountered in the previous versions. 

You can check for Vizio TV updates at the settings menu and click on software update.

 If there is an update, the software will tell you to update to the newest features. 

Make sure to restart the TV after every update for the changes to take effect. 

How To Get Back Cable On Vizio Smart TV: Factory reset TV

If the software update does not work, try resetting your TV settings back to default. 

One simple way is to press the volume-down buttons and the input button simultaneously.

 It prompts you to a factory reset menu which asks you to start a factory reset. To accept, press the input button and wait for a few minutes. 

Another way of starting a factory reset on Vizio Smart Tv is through the system settings, as explained below. 

  1. Browse on the menu tab and press the System option 
  2. Open Reset and Admin 
  3. Select the Reset TV to Factory Defaults menu 
  4. Enter the Parental Control Code, which should be 0000 by default. 
  5. Press OK and wait for the TV to configure. 

Why is my VIZIO TV not Finding Cable Channels?

Hand-holding TV remote 

Your Vizio Tv may not show Cable channels due to many reasons. First, it could be due to a loose cable connection.

 Always ensure the cables are snug and connected to the right input. If the cables are worn out, replace them with newer ones. 

The TV might be set to SmartCast as the default, which means you won’t get Cable TV channels straight away. 

If this is the issue, simply follow the above steps to make your cable the default input source when you power it on. 

Finally, check the antenna positioning and ensure it is at an appropriate position to grab signals.

 There are many antennas in the market, from unidirectional to omnidirectional antennas.

 As a rule of thumb, the higher the antenna, the better the chances of finding cable channels. 


Vizio has been a solid Tv option for most folks. And although some advancements have been marred by controversy, the company is well on its way to making great Smart TVs. 

But whenever you want to revert to Cable connections, remember this article has everything you need. 

If you’re still facing issues with the cable connections, you may contact your Cable provider or Vizio’s support team.