How to set up Vizio remote – Customizing your Remote Controller

How to set up Vizio remote? You don’t require multiple remotes for every device in your living room. 

As long as you have a Vizio remote, it’s enough to control all of them. 

In this guide, we’ll look at the three main ways you can customize your Vizio Remote in detail.

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Prerequisites to Programming VIZIO Remote Controller

With Universal Remote Control Codes, you can control any compatible device with your Vizio Remote. Here are the prerequisite conditions before you initiate the setup process. 

Confirm that you have a Universal Remote Controller

Using a remote controller. 

Using a remote controller. 

Most of the available Vizio remote controllers allow customization via universal codes. Nonetheless, there are exceptions. Thus, you must confirm that yours is ready for the tinkering. 

Some of those that are not ready could be having a problem. For others, they feature a hardware lock that prevents input of the universal codes.

Check out our preselected list of Vizio remoter controller models that are customization-ready: 

  • Vizio M Series
  • Vizio P Series
  • Vizio E Series

If your remote controller is not among these, it can still be ready for reprogramming. So ideally, you should test it before ruling it out for customization. 

Power Cycle the Remote Controller and the Device

A Young Woman Clicking a Remote Controller. 

A Young Woman Clicking a Remote Controller. 

Power cycling aims to prep the hardware device for smooth functioning without glitches. So it’s a typical reboot that helps release the accumulated charges in the device. 

Below is the procedure to power cycle the device you want to control with the remote. 

  • Remove its power cord from its socket, and don’t connect it back for about a minute. 
  • Meanwhile, long press the buttons as you allow the device to stay disconnected. It helps release the charges. 
  • Now that your device is fully power cycled, you can connect it back to the power supply. Let it remain idle while connected for about another minute. 

Vizio remote power cycling is also similar. Here are the steps: 

  • Unplug the batteries from the remote controller. Don’t connect them for about a minute. 
  • At this time, you should be long pressing the buttons like in the above case. Pay more attention to the power button. 
  • Now plug back the batteries into the remote controller. Then, don’t press any of the buttons for about another minute. 
  • Once this period lapses, your remote controller is now fully power cycled. 

How to Setup Vizio Remote?

A TV Controller. 

A TV Controller. 

There are three main ways to set up your Vizio Remote as a universal device controller. Let’s illustrate each of the procedures in detail. 

Program a Vizio Universal Remote Without Codes

  • Click the power button on your Roku TV or any other device to switch it on. Next, press the LED button for an extended time until you see the indicator light blink. 
  • Click on the TV key on your remote controller. You’ll see it blink and then turn on.
  • Now press the remote controller power key while directing it to the TV. The aim is to see if the remote controller can switch off the TV. 
  • If the TV goes off, then you have successfully customized your remote for use with it. Press the remote enter button to complete the process. 

Program a Vizio Universal Remote Via Manual Method

A TV remote control. 

A TV remote control. 

Like any other electronic device, your Vizio remote will come with a user manual. Also, part of its package is a list of codes you can use to customize it to your liking. 

Should you choose the manual method, here are the steps for this process. 

  • First, turn on the device you want to control. It could be your TV, DVD player, or any other device. 
  • Next, click the TV button on the Vizio Remote Controller. Keep holding the button for some time until its indicator light blinks two times. You’ll note that the controller’s LED will stay lit. 
  • Now you must choose the code for the specific TV model you want to control from the manual. Say that you have a Hisense TV. You’ll search for the Hisense code from the manual. 
  • Input this code via your remote controller’s numbers. You can check if you’re on the right during this stage. Simply confirm if the indicator blinks every time you key in a number from the code. 
  • If the code input is successful, the remote will blink twice. Hence make sure to confirm this to ascertain you’ve done everything right. 
  • Now test the remote by pointing it at the device you want to control. Press the power button. If the TV shuts down, then you have successfully programmed the remote. 
  • You may encounter a scenario where the button doesn’t power off the TV. Probably the code you used is not okay. But don’t fret yet, as most TVs have more than one code. So simply enter another one and once again test. 
A Man Using a Remote Control. 

A Man Using a Remote Control. 

Finally, you can try this programming technique involving an automatic code search. 

  • Power on the device you would like to control. Next, click the TV button on your Vizio Remote controller. 
  • Next, click the TV button again, now together with the power button. 
  • Now press PLAY on your remote controller. Confirm if the TV shuts down after releasing the button. 
  • If it shuts down, the TV has identified the correct code for your TV. Sometimes, it may fail to shut down, which means the process was unsuccessful. You’ll have to repeat the process if this happens. 
  • Assuming it went off, you can proceed to the next step. Click the Reverse Arrow button to switch on the TV. 
  • Next, click the Stop button to reveal the code. Save it for future use if you want to customize the device manually. 


If you have a Vizio remote controller, you don’t have to spend on another one to control your devices. 

You can program it quickly and save the amount it’d have cost to buy another one. Our guide helps you achieve this via either of the three highlighted processes.