Is SmartCast the same as Chromecast: Differences Between Chromecast and SmartCast

Is Smartcast the same as Chromecast? Often, many people don’t know which is the best streaming platform between the two.

By the end of this discussion, you’ll easily demystify the two and understand which is the best. 

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SmartCast vs. Chromecast: Definition

SmartCast is a Vizio streaming platform renowned for its main features:

  • An  exemplary live-streaming experience 
  • Having a universal watch list. 

The above properties ensure you have a versatile list of stream services. 

Conversely, Chromecast is a streaming system by Google. Its principal property is that it is compatible with any TV device with an HDMI port.

 It is also straightforward to use. You simply require to your TV and can outright start streaming content. 

SmartCast vs. Chromecast: A Comparison

Illustrating the Casting concept. 

Illustrating the Casting concept. 

Key FeatureSmartCastChromecast
Functionality Thanks to its extensive range of streaming apps, it makes your device a Smart TV. Examples of preinstalled apps include Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It is similar to webOS or Android TV in terms of functionality. Chromecast technology ensures you can cast content from one device to the TV. 
But noteworthy, casting works only for the compatible devices. 
External Device vs. Built-in SystemIt is an inbuilt platform only available on Vizio Smart TVs. Chromecast is an external device that you attach your TV via the HDMI port. 
Its cardinal role is to convert your typical TV to a smart TV. 
Hence, you can install apps and stream content on a conventional TV with Chromecast. 
Ecosystem and App SupportIt comes with preinstalled and ready-to-use apps. 
Also, while there are several similar apps, there are variations from one location to another. 
Any application featuring a built-in casting functionality will be Chromecast-compatible. 
Examples of compatible applications include Spotify and YouTube. 
Content Availability and RangeIt guarantees a range of stream services. 
Some of its accessible streaming platforms include Hulu and Netflix
The fundamental upside of Chromecast is the provision to stream from various sources. 
Hence, there are no specific apps that you must have to get content via Chromecast. 
Moreover, it enables you to stream content from a Google browser. 
Additional Features and Properties With the Vizio smartphone app, you have one extra remote controller. 
Hence, if your TV remote doesn’t function, don’t fret because the app also enables the controls. 
You will enjoy features such as screen mirroring. It’s a remarkable property that means you can stream and watch content from your smartphone on TV. 

Is Your Mobile Device More Compatible with SmartCast or Chromecast?

A happy couple is streaming content on TV. 

A happy couple is streaming content on TV. 

Chromecast is more compatible with a range of devices than SmartCast. You can access Chromecast from any device with a Google Home app. 

But SmartCast is excellent, too. The application has Google Chromecast support, and it is also Apple AirPlay-enabled. 

Therefore, anyone who wants a cross-platform streaming service can never go wrong with SmartCast. 

In addition, the ability to control your TV from the Smartcast app means that this streaming service is also exemplary. 

Gence between the two, we don’t have an outright favorite regarding mobile device compatibility. Both are compatible, albeit differently. 

SmartCast vs. Chromecast device compatibility

A young woman watches a movie on TV. 

A young woman watches a movie on TV. 

Linking up your smartphone to a compatible Vizio TV device is a breeze with SmartCast. 

The upside is that Vizio features built-in WiFi, eliminating the need for connecting hardware. 

Hence, casting content is as simple as ensuring you connect the TV to the app (no hardware required).

However, the above feature is impossible with Chromecast. Why?

 You must have an intermediary external device to connect your TV to Chromecast.

 You’ll connect this external component to the TV via the HDMI port. 

Next, you can use your smartphone or laptop to control what displays on your TV. 

Therefore converting your TV to be Chromecast compatible requires you to buy the dongle device. 

SmartCast vs. Chromecast Visual Quality and Design Comparison

Family members are watching TV. 

Family members are watching TV. 

Both streaming services have near-excellent visual quality, although Chromecast is arguably the better. 

It is because it guarantees 4K streaming for TVs with the capacity. The basic stream quality with Chromecast is 1080p, which is also impressive. 

But with Smartcast, 4K streaming is only available if the smart TV has a built-in Chromecast feature. 

But SmartCast beats Chromecast because the former enables controls from the comfort of your mobile app. 

SmartCast user interface is also easy to use, and its controls mean everything is a breeze. 

So,  between the two platforms, choose the one that provides the most quality or fulfills your preferences. 

If you want 4K HD streams, choose Chromecast Ultra. 

But if you’re more attracted to an excellent user interface, SmartCast will be the more attractive option. 

Can I use both SmartCast and Chromecast together?

Yes. Most of the latest Vizio TVs feature a built-in Chromecast. It means you can either stream via Chromecast or the default StreamCast service. 


If you cannot decide yet which is the best model, choose Chromecast. The streaming service is compatible with more devices.

Its visual quality is also exemplary, as it allows 4K streaming. But SmartCast is still good because it grants you simple controls from your mobile device.

 Hence, gauge which one best suits your needs.