Kindle Will Not Connect to WiFi – Here Is How to Fix It!

About Kindle Will Not Connect to WiFi, The Kindle, a popular handheld E-reader device, allows users to easily access thousands of books from the Amazon store. 

This innovative gadget offers a seamless experience for accessing books online and only requires a reliable WiFi connection.

This guide explores different methods to connect your Kindle to a WiFi network. But first, let us understand why your Kindle cannot connect to WiFi. 

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Why Is My Kindle Not Connecting to Wi-Fi?

Although this does not happen often, your Kindle may not connect to Wi-Fi for different reasons. 

These reasons vary and could be connectivity-related, network configuration-related, software-related, or hardware related.

 Here are some of the common reasons why Kindle won’t connect to Wi-Fi:

  • Kindle is using an outdated software version
  • Possible problem with Wi-Fi router
  • The Wi-Fi modem in Kindle’s hardware has an issue
  • You entered an incorrect password for your Wi-Fi network
  • Kindle reader has a bug that is preventing Wi-Fi connection
  • There is a misconfiguration in your network
  • Leaving airplane mode enabled on your Kindle

Whatever the reason is, the issue is usually short-lived and easily fixable. 

The next section’s fixes will help you get your Kindle back online.

How to Connect Kindle to WiFi?

Kindle e-book reader

Kindle e-book reader

Connecting an Amazon Kindle e-reader to your WiFi network is pretty straightforward. Here is how to do it the right way:

  • Turn on your Kindle e-reader, then go to the home page
  • Swipe downwards on the home screen till you find the Settings options
  • Press on the settings icon, and go to all settings from here
  • Now select “WiFi & Bluetooth,” ensuring you turn off the airplane mode
  • Go to the WiFi networks—A WiFi panel will pop up, and you will see the list of all available WiFi networks
  • You can rescan them until you see your home WiFi network
  • Then, select the WiFi network you want to connect to and enter the password if the network is protected by one
  • After doing all that, tap “Connect” to connect your Kindle e-reader to WiFi

Ensure you enter the correct ID and password for the WiFi network on your Kindle. 

Also, you should have an active internet connection plan and ensure no issues with your WiFi router.

Solutions to Kindle Not Connecting to WiFi

Kindle e-reader placed on a table

Kindle e-reader placed on a table

Try these troubleshooting steps to connect your Kindle device to a Wi-Fi network. The steps are simple and very easy to follow.

Check for Interference and Move the Kindle Closer to the Router/Modem

Distance and proximity are vital in getting a good signal strength on your Kindle. 

Ideally, it would help if you placed your two devices closer to each other. 

Avoiding electronic devices between the router and the Kindle would be best. 

It is because the devices or sources induce interference. 

These devices include bulbs, Smart Fridges, gaming consoles, TVs, and anything that works in a wireless connection mode.

Check and Disable Airplane Mode on Kindle

Always ensure you have it turned off before connecting your device.

To reconnect your device, follow these steps:

  • Swipe down on your home screen to access the Quick Actions Menu
  • Find the Airplane mode icon and switch it off if it is on
  • If it is already off, move on to the next fix

Use Your Smartphone’s Hotspot for the Connection

Smartphone with a WiFi icon

Smartphone with a WiFi icon

If your Kindle continues to have trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi router, consider using your smartphone’s Wi-Fi hotspot as an alternative. 

Follow these steps to connect your Kindle to the hotspot:

  • Go to the Settings menu on your mobile phone
  • Scroll downward and select the Hotspot menu
  • Now turn on the hotspot on your device

Afterward, establish a hotspot connection for your Kindle. To do this:

  • Go to the Settings menu on your Kindle, select the: All Settings” option, and then click on Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Tap on WiFi Networks and wait for your specific network to appear. If your phone isn’t on the list, scan for available networks.
  • Locate and select your personal hotspot network
  • Enter your password for the hotspot network and tap on Connect

Switch to Another Network

If the issue lies with the network connection, you’ll see symptoms such as a Kindle application error or Kindle Book stuck on opening.

 In that case, you may want to switch to another network.

Follow these steps to switch the network connection on your Kindle:

  • Open the “Quick Actions” tab on your device
  • Click Settings or All Settings option and tap on WiFi & Bluetooth/Wireless
  • Select a network that you have not previously connected your Kindle
  • Enter the WiFi ID and password for the chosen network
  • Tap Connect to finalize the setup

Power Cycle the Router/Modem

Switching the power button on a router

Switching the power button on a router

The problem could be your router instead of the Kindle. A power cycle test or a system refresh has the advantage of getting rid of any piled-up static charges.

Here’s how to restart your router or modem:

  • The first step is to power off your router or modem
  • Disconnect the power cord from the power outlet
  • Leave the device idle for some time
  • Press and hold the power button on the router for a couple of seconds. Repeat this step to get rid of any static charges.
  • Plug back the power supply and turn on the device.
  • Wait until its LED indicators stop blinking, and then try reconnecting your Kindle to see if the error is gone.

Switch the Network channels on Your Router/Modem.

The router communicates with the ISP through the networking channels.

 It enables data transfer to and from your devices, giving each bandwidth a fair bit of networking channel.

However, not all of them are suitable for your network. 

Some channels have many interferences resulting from the adjacent channels. 

The interferences increase with the traffic and may minimize the performance.

Therefore, it is best to check and switch the channels on your network if you face connectivity-based issues with your Kindle.

This process may be a little complicated, but these steps will take you through:

  • Connect the router using an Ethernet or USB cable to a computer
  • Open a browser and enter the IP address of the router
  • Enter the login credentials to open the router portal
  • Search for the wireless settings and open it
  • Choose the wireless network, either 2.4 GHz or 5GHz
  • After that, select channels and pick either of these:
    •  2.4GHz – 1st, 6th, 11th channel
    •  5GHz -36th, 40th, 44th, 48th
  • Save the changes and exit the router portal
  • Now reboot the router and power it on

You should note that Kindle devices do not support 6GHz WiFi bands, while pre-2021 models do not support even 5GHz bands. 

Therefore, the Kindle can’t connect to WiFi in these instances.

Manually Update Your Kindle

Updates are essential for the maximum performance of your Kindle device. 

They help prevent errors and bugs and enhance the system’s newer features. 

However, you cannot update the device through the UI now. 

You can only manually sideload newer or older firmware through a computer.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Download the latest or previous stable firmware version from the Kindle update selection page
  • Turn on your Kindle and plug it into a computer using the USB cable
  • Open your file explorer and access the downloaded file
  • Drag and drop the file into the Kindle’s drive tab
  • Safely remove the Kindle from the computer
  • Open the Menu icon and tap on ‘Update Your Kindle
  • Finally, tap Ok to begin the update. Once the update is complete, check if the issue is gone.

Once the update is complete, check if the issue is gone.

Factory Reset the Kindle

Kindle with a white screen

Kindle with a white screen

If no fix has worked, resetting your Kindle may be the next try. 

Resetting the device restores all the configurations and clears your device from bugs and errors.

Also, resetting the Kindle clears all the data, such as downloaded books and documents. Once the reset is complete, you must re-login to your account.

Here’s how to factory reset your Kindle:

  • Access the Quick Actions tab
  • Click on the settings from the home screen
  • After that, select the menu and click on Reset Device
  • Select “Yes” when the warning message appears

The device will reset in a few minutes. Once completed, check if the fix worked.

Contact Amazon Customer Support

If you have tried all the above fixes and the issue is still there, you can contact Amazon customer care to give you further assistance. 

Your Kindle device might need replacement parts or repair due to wearing out.


You can follow these troubleshooting steps whenever your Amazon Kindle device isn’t connecting to the internet.

 The solutions are very effective and simple, even for non-tech-savvy users.