Starlink Antenna For RV- Everything You Need To Know

About Starlink Antenna For RV, Starlink set the pace for internet connection for RVers as it is gradually being considered the creme de la creme of data connection.

Since it uses satellite constellations, the antenna is a vital part of the connection.

This guide will dwell on the ins and outs of the Starlink antenna for RV and how it works. 

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Starlink has recently unveiled a high-performance dish to be used in moving vehicles.

The dish is carefully designed to fit on cars and still provides the same internet speeds as it has a wider field of view than the normal dish. 

The flat high-performance Starlink costs $2,500 and has a $50 shipping fee. The new dish is almost four times the price of the standard Starlink for RV, which runs up to $599.

Starlink RV subscribers will get the $135 monthly subscription fee, and this time you can cancel or pause it at any time. 

Features of Flat High-Performance Dish

Starlink suggests that the Flat High-Performance dish is a better alternative due to its improved GPS and field of view. Let’s discuss some of these features: 

What’s Included in the Kit

Starlink satellite dish

Starlink satellite dish

The Flat High-Performance dish has several accessories, including a wedge mount kit, dish, power supply, mounts, and router.

The dish resembles Starlink’s Maritime dishes but has a few adjustments to fit in a moving vehicle.

Its WiFi router has a mounting bracket and a 25-meter-long Starlink cable to connect to the dish.

Other components in the kit include AC cables, an ethernet cable, and a router cable. 


Basic Starlink kit, antenna, wi-fi router, base, and cables.

You may need at least 2x the power of the normal Starlink dish to run the flat high-performance dish.

It takes up to 100 Watts and sometimes can spike to 200 Watts.

That’s a lot of power; you should consider a 100-Watt consumption budget. 

Protection of the satellite dish is paramount in RV installations due to bad weather.

This dish has an excellent IP rating of IP56, enough to sail through harsh conditions.

It is also well-heated and can melt up o 3 inches of snow an hour. 

The Flat High-Performance dish can withstand strong winds up to 170 mph.

The standard Residential and RV Starlink dish can only take as much as 50 mph of wind.

That’s a bit comforting for RV users in remote areas. 

Advantages Of Flat High-Performance Dish

Permanent Installation

Starlink saw the need to give RVers a permanent solution for their internet needs.

Previously, the Starlink Rv was portable, meaning you had to set up the dish whenever you needed internet.

The Flat High-Performance dish is designed to install permanently on an in-motion vehicle as it has special mounts for the dish. 

Boosted Performance

Detail of Starlink app homepage on Apple iPhone screen

Detail of Starlink app homepage on Apple iPhone screen

The Flat High-Performance dish offers incredible internet speeds maxing out at 350 Mbps.

That’s way better than the Residential and RV plans which offer 60-200 Mbps.

While the dish has one of the lowest latencies (less than 20ms), connection gaps might occur when the dish is in motion. 

In-Motion Capability

The highlight of this new dish is its ability to stay connected when the vehicle is in motion.

Starlink subs waited for this feature for long enough, and we’re glad the tech company brought it to life. 

High IP Rating

Ingress Protection (IP) measures a material’s endurance in certain stress conditions.

Higher IP means the material prevents most dust and particles from entering the interior parts that can cause issues.

Starlink’s High-Performance dish has an IP56 rating which means it can withstand most dust, solid, and liquid particles from entering the device. Previous hardware had an IP54 rating. 

Better Heating

Starlink dishes were designed to self-heat in snow conditions to melt away the slow and prevent obstructions.

The previous models could heat up to 1.5 inches per hour.

The Flat High-Performance dish has a heating capacity of 3 inches of snow in 60 minutes or less. 

Great Operating Temperatures

RVers visit many places, and some have burning temperatures.

This dish can withstand temperatures from 30 to 50 degrees without affecting performance. 

Wind Protection

The Flat High-Performance dish is resilient in windy conditions and works fine at speeds as high as 174 Mph.

It is way better than the standard hardware versions, which could only take 50 MPh of wind. 

Due to its unraveled features, the Starlink Flat High-Performance dish is pricier than the regular versions.

Expect to spend $2,500 on the hardware and an extra $135 monthly plan.

Plus, you may have to compensate the pricing a little bit on power consumption. 

Should You Buy It?

We wish there were a simple answer to this question.

Starlink has various internet plans, and the Flat High-Performance dish is an excellent choice for travelers.

Our biggest drawback is the pricing, as the hardware costs more than the earlier versions.

Nevertheless, if you’d like fast internet on your vehicle and don’t mind spending a couple of thousand bucks, this dish is for you! 

Ordering a Starlink product using a smartphone.

Ordering a Starlink product using a smartphone.


Starlink has gained popularity in the past years and continues to bring out more efficient services with devices like the Flat High-Performance dish.

We hope this guide gives you all the insight you need.

You can visit Starlink’s official website and order this new Starlink antenna for RV.