Starlink Connected but no Internet- Diagnostic Measures for Starlink No Connection

Is your Starlink connected but no internet? Draw near and let us reason together to see what could be the issue. A slow or no internet connection is one of the most annoying things.  

Starlink has undoubtedly been a game changer, given that it is arguably the best satellite provider. 

But is it foolproof from poor connection problems? Definitely, no. You will still sometimes experience no connection even when everything seems okay. 

But before you start banging your router on the wall out of frustration, let’s analyze the possible scenarios that can affect the connection. 

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What are some of the probable causes of not having internet access on Starlink despite it showing that there’s nothing wrong with the connection? Here are the main possibilities. 

Service Outage

While most internet service providers assure constant internet access at all times, this is a mirage, and Starlink is no exception.

 Sometimes, they experience outages probably resulting from poor weather. 

Also, it could be possible that Starlink cannot connect to the previously available overhead satellites, and it’s searching for another.

 Hence, at such times, exercise patience and, if possible, opt for alternative ISPs

Outages don’t last forever, and Starlink will possibly solve the issue quickly. 

Broken Connections

A Damaged Internet Wire. 

A Damaged Internet Wire. 

Starlink to satellites in space by sending signals through the air, but this doesn’t rule out a wiring connection issue at your house. 

It is because a cable relays power and the internet signal to the router for redistribution. 

Therefore, if you suspect a loose connection, check the POE cable and the power plug. 

Also, the issue may be at the point where Starlink connects to the router, so you need to check that too. 

IP Address Challenge

Starlink features a shared IP, which means that a problem with the address will likely affect many users, especially when using an ethernet port.

 Hence, if there’s a challenge in the IP configuration, the ethernet connection will not work. 

Consider restarting the Starlink router to reset the IP address. 

Software Issues

A young man frustrated by poor internet. 

A young man frustrated by poor internet. 

Do you have the latest Starlink software? If not, you’re not well-poised to receive the latest updates, which may create significant connectivity problems. 

One of the reasons companies improve their software is to add a firewall protection layer to prevent bug attacks. 

Therefore, your old software could have a malware attack leading to challenges in connecting to the internet. 

Also, the Starlink parts, such as the routers, dish, and cable, may reach a breakpoint and fail to function normally. It will also affect connectivity, so you should contact their support for assistance. 

Here are the solutions to the problems highlighted in the previous section. 

Check The Condition of Cables and Connectors

A torn cable. 

A torn cable. 

One of the general rules when installing Starlink is to avoid bending your cables and connectors at acute angles. It is because doing so can lead to a tear in the power or signal wires. 

It leads to a scenario whereby your Starlink Dish is on but unable to transmit the signal to the router for redistribution to your devices. 

Therefore, whenever you have a poor signal problem, start by diagnosing the condition of the connectors. 

If you detect a tear or breakpoint, that could be the problem, and you should fix it first and then check if it solves the connection issue. 

In case you check the cables and still cannot get a connection, this should be the next option. 

It helps reestablish a new connection by prompting the dish to search for other available satellites in space

Power cycling primarily disconnects your Starlink power system briefly and then plugs it back. It’s akin to rebooting our mobile devices when they cannot connect to the internet. 

This option should work perfectly if everything in the hardware setup is fine. 

Starlink antenna.

Starlink antenna.

Say that the above method still doesn’t yield the results you wanted. Next, you should try finding a connection to a new satellite, as it could be probable that your dish is not well aligned. 

For this option, the Starlink App comes in handy. 

Identifying a location with an excellent connection pathway to the nearest satellite is cardinal. 

Once you locate where you want to erect it, set it up, then power the system on for auto realignment of the dish. 

Check out the signal strength; if this is the primary challenge, you can get a connection after fixing the dish positioning. 

Connect to VPN

A man is activating VPN. 

A man is activating VPN. 

After exhausting the above diagnostic measures, our next guess is that your Starlink system is having issues linking to the company’s services from your location. Hence, you can bypass the problem by using a VPN

Try accessing the internet while on the VPN, and if there is a challenge with the local area network, then this should do the trick. 

Activate the Stow Mode

Stow Starlink whenever you’re traveling. 

Stow Starlink whenever you’re traveling. 

Don’t transport your Starlink dish if you haven’t set it on the stow mode, as this will affect its reconnection. 

Stowing is also a good option when you want to reboot your Starlink router to establish a connection. 

Therefore, stow it from the app. Next, power cycle it when restarting to activate the rebooting mode. 

Update Router Firmware

As mentioned earlier, Starlink has a mechanism for ensuring its software is safe from malware attacks thanks to its automatic updates feature.

 So has your router been regularly receiving updates, or is it lagging? 

It can be a significant cause of poor connectivity, so you should fix it by prompting at least three system power cycles.

 But check out if you have the latest version of the Starlink firmware, as it’ll be futile to power cycle if it is up to date. 

Factory Reset the System

The factory reset button on a router. 

The factory reset button on a router. 

Most Starlink systems that are constantly powered on will likely limit some of the functionalities as it barely gets the chance to reconnect afresh. 

Therefore, factory resetting is imperative in changing the configurations by allowing it to connect to the latest software. 

Factory resetting is easy, and you don’t necessarily have to switch off the router. 

You simply require to press the concealed resetting button that is usually on the router’s underside. After about five seconds, it will factory reset. 

Next, power cycle the entire system as we explained above for it to pick up a signal afresh. 

Give Customer Support A Call

The end game is communicating with Starlink if none of the mitigation measures we have revealed bears fruit.

 They will advise on additional diagnostic measures or try to fix the issue from their end. 

Alternatively, they can send an agent to sort you out. 


Operating any internet service solution without encountering connection problems is always impossible. 

However, this should not give you sleepless nights as there are tried and tested solutions to every Starlink connection issue. 

Also noteworthy, the challenges are not frequent, so don’t fret about buying a Starlink system if you are not a subscriber. 

Finally, you can communicate with the ISP if nothing seems like working.