Starlink Ethernet Adapter Slow – How to Fix Slow Speeds

About Starlink Ethernet Adapter Slow, Starlink promises that its current Ethernet adapter can support up to 1Gbps. The adapter is specially designed to offer lower latency, better consistency, and faster speeds. It connects directly to the Starlink satellite network and bypasses the need for an internet service provider. 

The Starlink Ethernet adapter is often heralded as more stable and faster than wireless connections. But what if it gets sluggish or stops working?

Starlink Ethernet adapter slow issues may arise when it encounters glitches or interferences. In this article, we’ll provide solutions and outline actionable steps on how you can fix such problems. 

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Solutions to Fix Ethernet Adapter Not Working

If you are experiencing this, there are simple steps you can take to keep it up and running. These solutions ensure secure physical connectivity within seconds without hampering one’s progress.

  • If your Starlink Ethernet adapter stopped working, the first thing would be to check for loose connections. See that you plug each cable into its correct physical port and ensure everything fits snugly according to size and shape. When replugging the cable from the dish to the Ethernet adapter, you should hear it click into place.
  • If that doesn’t work and the Ethernet adapter still shows signs of malfunctioning, try to manually power cycle the router. Ensure you secure all cables tightly at their respective power ends. To power cycle the router, press the power button for a few seconds till the router turns off.

    Leave the router for a few minutes, then use the power switch to restart it – cross-check. It will reboot the Starlink router and give it time to reconnect; the quick restart should keep the adapter running smoothly.
  • If the system is disconnected yet connected, you can reboot your phone. The Ethernet slowdown could be due to a software issue requiring you to reboot your device. If the phone reboot doesn’t fix the issue, uninstall and reinstall the Starlink app. That should potentially restore proper functionality.

Starlink Ethernet adapter users may know the connection concerns the adapter encounters. Remember that network device connection problems are unavoidable.

But if you continue experiencing slow speeds almost all the time, regardless of the time of day, it would help to try to solve this issue.

You can use these troubleshooting steps if you’re struggling with the Starlink Ethernet adapter’s slow speed.

  1. Check your connection
  2. Bad or incompatible cable
  3. Check your RJ45 connector pin
  4. Try putting away the antenna and turning off the router

1. Check Your Connection

Technicians connecting cables

Technicians connecting cables

The Ethernet adapter plugs into the Starlink router or dish for wired connections. If you use an Ethernet adapter for your Starlink, ensure the cable is securely plugged into the RJ45 port.

Your connection may fail if the adapter’s connection to the RJ45 port is weak or disrupted.

Also, ensure the connecting ports are fixed. If the ports are faulty, both brand-new or intact cables will not function optimally. Disconnect and reconnect the Ethernet cable to a different LAN port.

If you notice a speed improvement, the previous port is faulty, and you should not use it again. However, if the switch makes no difference, the port is intact, and the issue might be your cable.

You should also avoid any unnecessary splitters or extenders on your Ethernet adapter. These may reduce signal strength and potentially impact the network’s stability.

2. Bad or Incompatible Cable

RJ45 connectors

Damaged Ethernet cable

Faulty Ethernet cables could lead to slow Starlink internet speeds. Many users prefer to start with complex solutions instead of basic connection points. Therefore, before undertaking anything else, examine the cable from start to end.

Confirm if it has been flattened by furniture, stretched to a damaging point, or bitten by your pet. If it has signs of damage, it could be faulty, and you need to replace it to restore your internet speeds.

Also, check if your cable is compatible with your router, dish, or adapter and if the cable category suits you. Lower cable categories, such as category four, can only transfer a maximum of data at 16Mbps.

You can change your cable if you have a Wi-Fi connection that surpasses your cable capacity.

3. Check Your RJ45 Connector Pin

RJ45 connectors

RJ45 connectors

The RJ45 joins all the other wired connections with the dish to the Ethernet adapter. Bends on the connector pins are always ignored or overlooked but are often a common problem.

If the connector pin seems broken or damaged, you must replace it. A damaged connector pin restricts communication between the Ethernet cable and the port.

However, if you replace the connector pin and still face Internet slowdowns, you might have other issues apart from the pin.

4. Try Putting Away the Antenna and Turning Off the Router

Starlink antenna and router

Starlink antenna and router

If you’ve tried all possible solutions, but none works, temporarily remove the Starlink antenna and turn off your router. A simple power cycle can help fix temporary glitches with ease.

To do this, switch off the router completely and unplug the Ethernet adapter. It will refresh your connection and eliminate any network issues present momentarily. 

After that, power everything and wait several minutes before checking the internet connectivity.

Reconnect the Ethernet cable once the router is operational. Confirm the cable is securely clipped to its perspective port and see if the speed improves.

NOTE: Besides these troubleshooting steps, update the Starlink Ethernet Adapter firmware and software. 

An outdated network may cause connection problems, like disconnections and slowdowns.

Therefore, regularly visit the official Starlink website for updated releases awaiting installation.

 These updates include bug fixes and enhancements that improve performance and stamp out issues. 

Do not forget to confirm proper configuration settings on respective networks since they’re integral.


A Starlink Ethernet adapter slowdown issue could be one of the most frustrating experiences. 

Hopefully, the solutions outlined in this guide can help you speed it up and get an uninterrupted internet connection.

If you are still getting the error and need additional guidance, you’ll need to contact Starlink. 

Log into your account on the app or website, and go to the support section on the menu. 

Then create an online support ticket requesting help applicable to your issue.