Starlink Flashing Mount Install- All Steps and Procedures

About Starlink Flashing Mount Install, If you’re one of those joining the Starlink internet bandwagon, you probably need some accessories.

 These kits are available on the Starlink website, but you can also find alternatives online.

 However, we’ll look at the official Starlink kits, which are guaranteed to fit perfectly on your hardware. 

Here’s a look at the Starlink Flashing Mount and how to install it in your house. 

Table of Contents

  1. Mount Base 
  2. Mount Lid 
  3. Tracking Tool 
  4. Foam gasket 
  5. “¼” Screw (x5) 
  6. Lock Nut (x5)
  7. Tek Screws (x5)
  8. Sealing Washer 
  9. Phillips Truss Head Screw (x8)

Installation Precautions

Starlink strongly advised following their installation prompts as it believes any damages incurred during installation will be on the customer’s end. 

That said, following these precautions and ensuring your Starlink mount is properly installed is crucial. 

  1. The Starlink router and power supply can only be used indoors to prevent electrical faults. 
  2. Flashing mounts do not replace the tethering posts as they cannot withstand high winds and hurricanes. 
  3. All safety precautions apply during the flashing Mount installation. Some precautions to take when installing this kit include: 
  • Ensure the kit is turned off during installation. It is crucial because some Starlink parts are movable and may get faulted during this process. 
  • Plug the cord into a grounded power circuit and avoid unreachable places as outlets for the kit’s power. 
  • Only use the cords provided by Starlink, as they have specific current and wattage figures. Using n aftermarket power cord may cause a power surge. 
  • Always contact the Starlink technical team for assistance or when you suspect a hissing sound, pungent odors, or smoke from the kit. 
  • Wear proper gear and protection during the installation. 
  • Avoid water pipes or any electrical wiring s you drill walls. Damaging any of these structures may cause serious problems in the future. 
Cables in a home Internet installation

Cables in a home Internet installation

As mentioned earlier, Starlink recommends total precaution during installation, so they have provided clear instructions on installing the mounting kit. 

Let’s look at how you can quickly get your Flashing Mount Kit up and running. 

Extra Items Needed

  1. 5⁄16” & 7/16” Socket Wrench 
  2. Screwdriver 
  3. 7/16 Wrench 
  4. Spade Bit 
  5. Roof Cement 
  6. Drill 
  7. Phillips Head Bit 
  8. Pry Bar 
  9. Pencil 
  10. Utility Knife 
  11. Measuring Tape 
  12. Googles 

Find An Ideal Location

Your Starlink internet will be as good as the location of the mounting dish. 

Since this system uses satellite internet, it needs a clear sky view to communicate seamlessly and transmit the internet. 

The Starlink dish adjusts itself with a good view to find the best angle. 

You may find some instances where it says “mount stuck,” meaning you may need to change your Starlink dish location. 

Plan A Cable Route

Starlink installation, like any other, needs proper cable route planning. 

The drill holes and cable clips need a proper installation design to avoid clutter and ruining the aesthetics of your house. 

So, you need a plan to ensure the path of the wires does not run through obstacles and have cable clips. You can trace the paths to see how it will look. 

Cluttered connections can easily cause power faults and other accidents, especially if you already have other appliances. 

Installing internet on the house 

Installing internet on the house 

Install Instructions

Section 1: Attach Volcano Mount To Lip

  1. Put the Volcano Mount on top of the mount lid and insert one of the ¼” screws. Tighten the screw with 7/16” wrenches and leave the other holes of the Volcano Mount open. 
  2. Unpack the gasket backing and stick it below the mount. It should be at least 1” from the edge of the mount. Set it aside, as we’ll use it in a later stage.  

Section 2: Attach Assembled Flashing Mount To Roof

  1. Locate the closest roof beam.
  2. Trace the mount’s outline over the beam, ensuring the bottom edge aligns with the shingle edge. 
  3. Cut out the mount’s outline but avoid cutting the bottom shingle layer. 
  4. Drill holes if you’re routing your cable through the attic, but watch out not to cut through the roof beam. 
  5. Place the lower half of the mount and ensure the bottom half is directly under the shingles. Install 7 truss head screws to hold the other half of the mount to the roof. 
  6. Use roof cement to bond the edge of the mount and the bottom of the shingles. Gently press the shingles to ensure they stick. 
  7. Bring the Starlink and set it on top of the mount. Never place Starlink directly on the roof. 
  8. Place the top half of the previously assembled kit in step 1 to the lower half of the mount and screw four tek screws to it. We recommend using a power drill to ensure the screw is tight. 
  9. Place this Starlink on the hole at the center half of the mount and adjust it at a 40-degree inclination. 
  10. Use wall clips to neatly route cables and avoid sharp bends. 

What Should I Do When I Can’t Get Online?

Women on mobile apps on the phone 

Women on mobile apps on the phone 

If you seem to have problems getting online on Starlink, try out these steps and see if it fixes the problem. 

  • Unplug the power supply for 30 seconds and plug again. Do this twice to ensure you do the power cycle step effectively. 
  • Confirm all connections and cables if they’re correctly placed. Also, check if your dish has a clear view of the sky. 
  • If these steps are futile, contact Starlink Technical Support from your account. 

How to Change Network ID/Password?

If you suspect malicious attacks or need your customized network ID and password, follow these steps. 

  • Press the reset button at the bottom of your router. 
  • If you don’t have a network ID set up, open your browser and follow the instructions on the Starlink website.
  • Once approved, use the details to log in and set up your Network ID. 
Internet connection support staff 

Internet connection support staff 


Starlink is a proactive tech company that is way ahead in satellite internet.

 The Flashing Mount Kit is one of the many accessories they have in store, and it is essential to understand how to install it for a low-latency connection.

 Our guide provides the proper steps and precautions to ensure a smooth experience with Starlink. 

You can drop comments below if you feel there is anything we’ve left out in installing the Flashing Mount kit.