Starlink how to get to Remote link- 3 Steps to Remotely Access Starlink

Starlink how to get to the remote link.

Think of a scenario where you’d want to access Starlink remotely, especially far from the house. What option do you use?

In today’s article, we’ll discuss why you need remote Starklink app access and how to do it.  

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Why do you need a remote connection?

Here’s the million-dollar question- Why do you need Starlink remote connection when you can connect when you’re back home? 

Think of a case where you’d want to troubleshoot Starlink or obtain use stats while away from home. In such a scenario, a remote connection is imperative. It will allow you to fix and monitor Starlink use without moving a foot. 

You can access the Starlink app remotely from your tablet. 

You can access the Starlink app remotely from your tablet. 

Here’s a detailed demonstration of how you can remotely access Starlink

  1. Launch the App

The first step is opening the app on your mobile device. Since you’re away from home, you cannot log in using Starlink’s WiFi. So you must have cellular data to facilitate this process. 

  1. Connect Starlink

The app displays’ Disconnected’ whenever you haven’t connected to your Starlink WiFi. But you can fix this by clicking ‘Select Starlink’ on your mobile app. Next, you will see an option for the various Starlinks available. Choose yours and connect to it. 

  1. Control Remotely

Now you are in control of your Starlink, albeit remotely. 

You can monitor your Starlink from a cafe or anywhere. 

You can monitor your Starlink from a cafe or anywhere. 

You’re probably wondering what services you can access while on a remote connection. Rather, what can you do when you’ve connected remotely? Let’s see below. 

A Speed Test Icon. 

A Speed Test Icon. 

An internet speed test helps you know if the ISP supplies the promised network strength. Hence, it is one of the most important tests when using Starlink. But can you access the feature remotely? 

When you prompt a Starlink speed test, you’ll not be, in essence, testing its strength as you are not connected to it. Instead, it will reveal data about the cellular data or WiFi network you’re using to check out your Starlink app. 

Therefore, we have ruled out a Starlink speed test on a remote network. 

Internet Stats.

Internet Stats.

You can tell the Starlink network stats, such as the average data/internet use from a remote connection. Hence, a remote connection can help you identify if your Starlink has an outage and facilitate internet use monitoring. 

Many devices are connected to one computer. 

Many devices are connected to one computer. 

Do you want to access the number of devices on your Starlink network remotely? Then the app will be a great way to obtain this data. Such information is important as it helps you know when connection overload can lead to slow internet. 

App Settings Icon. 

App Settings Icon. 

One of the most significant uses of a remote Starlink connection is access to all the settings features.

For instance, if you anticipate a heavy snowfall from the weather forecasts, you can prompt functions like preheating your Starlink dish

Other available functions include the ability to stow your Starlink remotely and the option to switch the connection on and off. 


Starlink has an extensive outreach; thus, we can confidently ascertain that you can access it anywhere as long as the ISP has coverage. 

Thus, the first step is to check if your area can access Starlink from their site. Next, contact Starlink for equipment delivery and setup, and you’ll commence using the service. 

While you may not access Starlink remotely, especially if you’re in a place away from the network’s coverage, the same is not true for Starlink control. You can access your Starlink app from any device and anywhere. 

All you need is to connect to a cellular network and launch the app to access the various Starlink functions, as highlighted above. 

Starlink Subaru allows you to conduct a raft of functions on your vehicle even while away from it. For instance, you can switch it on and off remotely as long as you’re on the app. Moreover, use the app to horn the car or even access the lights. 

Lastly, the Subaru Starlink option will be useful if you cannot access your car. This app enables you to locate it from a map. 

It is not possible to port forward on Starlink. Primarily this is because the ISP has the Carrier-Grade NAT (CGNAT), which locks the IP address from sharing.  


We have exclusively covered the process of accessing Starlink remotely and the various features available while on such a connection. For more, you can always reach out to us.