Starlink Internet Account: How to Transfer Starlink to a New User

If you have a Starlink internet account, you could be considering doing away with it for one reason or the other. 

But you’re wondering if you can recoup something from your significant investment when subscribing to the company’s services. 

Or take a case whereby you’re moving to a new location and feel that a Starlink alternative would serve you better. 

So what do you do with your Starlink internet account and the gear from the company? We’re here to assist you in getting the best out of the deal. Let’s see how. 

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If you want to sell your Starlink equipment to other subscribers, just know it is possible and legal. Starlink grants you exclusive rights to its equipment the moment you purchase it. 

As the absolute owner, transferring it to another user is legal. But, you must engage the company to approve the process. It applies to all Starlink subscription packages, including the following: 

  • Starlink Business
  • Starlink Residential
  • Starlink Best Effort
  • Starlink Roam

Starlink registers the equipment under your name when they transfer it to you. 

Family moving into a new home. 

Family moving into a new home. 

Here are some of the reasons that may compel you to transfer your Starlink account and equipment to another p[erson: 

  • Probably, you’d like to shift to a different internet service provider. So, it makes sense to transfer the Starlink kit. It is especially important if you register under a new ISP that requires you to sign a long-term contract. Knowing you won’t be using your Starlink for a long time; it is better to transfer it and recoup what you spent on it. 
  • Also, relocation is enough reason to want an account transfer. For instance, you no longer need Starlink if you’re moving from rural to urban locations with faster internet, such as Google Fiber. 
  • Some consider selling it if they are in a financial hole and need funding to finance their bills. 
  • Furthermore, some would like to upgrade to new Starlink equipment. So they find it more convenient to discard the old kit and fetch something to fund the new purchase. 
  • Finally, some can transfer the kit to an acquaintance or a family member living in another location who wants to use Starlink. 
Starlink has the final mandate of approving Account transfers. 

Starlink has the final mandate of approving Account transfers. 

Transferring your Starlink account and equipment to a new owner is seamless, although you must fulfill three conditions. 

  • First, note that it is impossible to transfer an account that is in arrears. Starlink requires you to complete all the outstanding payments and clear all the issues with the account. Otherwise, the company will not approve the move. 
  • Also, you must transfer the account to an owner in a location with Starlink availability. Therefore, selling your equipment to an individual in a country where Starlink is unavailable is pointless, as they can’t use it.
  • Finally, the buck stops with Starlink. So they must assent to the transfer after checking that you’ve fulfilled all the conditions. Also, notably, the company can disapprove of the move if they feel it is unhealthy. 

Before Starlink clears you to make the transfer, they’ll ask for some details, including the new owner’s particulars. Also, you must prove that you’ve made the sale via a sales agreement, although this doesn’t apply to cases of transfer as a gift. 

A Starlink Antenna. 

A Starlink Antenna. 

Let’s now see the process of selling a Starlink kit and how to ensure you can quickly get the company to approve your transfer. 

What are the details of the kit you intend to transfer to your buyer? They will probably ask for this information; even if they don’t, this data is critical in registration. 

So you need to record before making any sales. Also, this is primarily because the hardware info is the identifier of the specific kit you’re selling. The info you should have on record includes the following: 

  • Starlink Device ID
  • Starlink Terminal ID

You can outright obtain your Starlink Device ID from the Starlink shipping box. 

Open the Starlink app to access your device’s Terminal ID. After launching the app, check out the ‘Advanced’ tab, then locate the numbers that start with a ‘ut’ prefix. 

The numbers after these letters are the device’s Terminal ID. 

You must terminate the contract before transfer. 

You must terminate the contract before transfer. 

After recording the critical Starlink hardware info, the next step is to disconnect from Starlink. 

But the overarching condition to Starlink service cancellation is that you must ordinarily clear all the outstanding bills. 

Next, once you are ready to cancel the service, visit the Starlink portal and select ‘Manage’ to initiate the cancellation process.

 Starlink will prompt you to enter the reason for your cancellation, so check the right box from the availed options. 

Also, Starlink has the option for you to return your kit to the company for compensation. 

You don’t want this option because, primarily, you’re preparing for a transfer. So don’t select this option. Once everything is well set, confirm the service cancellation. 

Start the Transfer Process

You are yet to transfer the Starlink kit, although you’ve already canceled the service. Therefore, once again, visit the portal and choose the ‘Manage’ button. 

Next, initiate the transfer process on your preselected Starlink dish to detach the Starlink kit from your account. 

Notably, the transfer process is final and irreversible. You should initiate it once you’re confident you no longer want the service. 

Now you have terminated the service completely. 

The ideal time to do a Starlink equipment transfer is at the end of your billing cycle. You cannot recoup any days left after terminating the services. 

Prepare Hardware for Shipping

Packaging Starlink Equipment. 

Packaging Starlink Equipment. 

Now we’re done with the software bit of your Starklink kit. You have freed up the system for the new buyer to connect once they receive the hardware. 

Next, you need to set up the hardware ready for the transfer. 

Before wrapping up everything for shipping, there are critical steps you must follow to ready the equipment for future use. 

  • First, you must restore the router to factory settings. It is simply by powering it on and off several times, preferably six times. Also, for perfect resetting, you should allow some time before the next cycle, preferably about five seconds. 
  • Repeat the above process for your Starlink mesh nodes. 

Now your router, mesh nodes, and the other Starlink equipment are ready for packaging. The best way to wrap up the kit is in its original packs. 

But if unavailable, you can still pack them in carton boxes and wrap them with sellotape. 

Starlink would not be liable for any damage resulting from damage during the transport to the new owner. 

Therefore, you must ensure that everything is well-packaged and safe from damage. 

Pay close attention to the Starlink Dish and the connectors, as they are delicate. 

Contact the Buyer

Keep close contact with the buyer. 

Keep close contact with the buyer. 

Before dispatching the package to the buyer, you must talk to them. Why? If they are new to Stalink, there are many things you have to explain to them before they’re fully fledged for the service. 

  • Guide them on the Starlink signup process 
  • Also, tell them how to make payments to start using the service

Both tasks require the two critical codes we asked you to note down. These are the Terminal ID and the Device ID. So, you’ll have to provide the details to the customers. 

Receiving a Starlink Kit Parcel. 

Receiving a Starlink Kit Parcel. 

Now this part applies to the buyer of the Starlink account plus the equipment. What are some things they need to do before successfully gaining ownership of the new account and starting to use it? 

Ask your Starlink equipment seller to furnish you with the Starlink hardware codes from their account. 

These include the Starlink Terminal ID and the Device ID. You will require either of them in the activation process of your dish. 

Initiate an Order

Make an order from Satrlink’s website. 

Make an order from Satrlink’s website. 

Visit Starlink’s website and input the service address to initiate the order process. You need to choose the type of Starlink service you want. 

For instance, type in Starlink Residential for your home use and select ‘Order Now.’

Notably, this process’s success depends on the service’s availability in your area residence.

 If available, everything will go through seamlessly. Starlink requires you to pay $99 as a preorder charge if unavailable. 

In addition, Starlink allows you to add new equipment to existing account holders. Thus, choose this option if you already have a Starlink account. 

Input Hardware ID

Remember the codes we asked you to get from the seller. They’ll come in handy in this step. 

Hence, after making the order, the portal will open up a page that prompts you to input either of the IDs. 

Note: The primary condition for the above pop-up is that Starlink must first bring you a message that says, ‘ I already have my Starlink.’ 

You will need to select it so that it opens the window for inputting the Hardware ID. 

If this message is not there, you cannot register for Starlink Residential in your area. But the Starlink Roam is still available for you. 

Complete the Registration

Now fill in the remaining particulars on the registration window, such as your billing address and other personal information. 

Finally, click ‘Place Order.’ Now your Starlink is ready for use, and you can start accessing internet service from the company. 

How Long Does It Take Until An Account Is Transferred?

Successful transfer can take some time. 

Successful transfer can take some time. 

A transfer can take a long or a short time as long as the buyer and seller cooperate. On the account details transfer, the exchange will happen promptly, immediately after the seller sends the information to the buyer and the buyer fills in their details. 

Nonetheless, there’s also the physical transfer of the hardware from the buyer to the seller. It can happen quickly if the two parties thresh out a deal to facilitate a prompt process. 

Notably, the seller should ensure they are diligent on their part to deliver the hardware immediately after the agreement. 

It lets the buyer use the internet directly since Starlink prompts account billing after activation.

Also noteworthy, the billing happens irrespective of whether the hardware is connected. 

Can I cancel/reverse a transfer?

Ripping apart a sales agreement. 

Ripping apart a sales agreement. 

Cancellation of the transfer is impossible once you’ve gone through all the processes we have highlighted above. 

Therefore, transfer your Starlink account when you’re certain it’s the right decision. 

Nonetheless, if the buyer chickens out before completing the transfer, you can simply sell it to another party. 

How To Fix The Invalid Device ID Error?

An error icon. 

An error icon. 

One of the reasons you can experience an invalid device ID error is when you have mistyped the code. So, this is the first thing to check out. 

But sometimes, you may find that everything is entered correctly, yet eliminating the error is still impossible. 

At such a point, reach out to Starlink customer care. They’ll provide you with a form to fill in the details of the Hardware ID. 

Also, they ask you to attach pictures of the hardware for counterchecking to ensure you’ve entered the correct info. 

Next, the support team fixes the issues and contacts you to determine their resolution results. It may take quite some time. 


Are you considering moving to a new state with more viable internet service alternatives to Starlink? 

Then we’ve got you covered, as we have explained how you can successfully transfer your equipment to another person. 

Today, this is pretty easy; you simply need to load the equipment information on platforms like eBay. 

Next, once you find a seller, negotiate the price and follow the steps we have laid out for a successful transfer.