Starlink Internet Alternative: 16 Best Starlink Substitutes

Which is the best Starlink Internet Alternative in the market today? If you’re confused about finding the most viable substitute for Starlink, we understand. 

The internet services market is awash with numerous companies, and picking the best is challenging. 

Because of that, we have prepared this comprehensive guide for you to help you decide. 

We will cover the 16 best STralink alternatives in the US. Let us get started!

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Check out these features: All-time reliability, fast internet, and availability in remote locations where other services like fiber internet are unavailable. 

There are some of the standout properties of HughesNet internet and why you should opt for it over Starlink. 

It is the perfect like-for-like Starlink internet substitute primarily because, like Starlink, it is also a satellite internet service. Also, it assures you of extensive internet use primarily because it has no data cap

The company also has numerous data packages, enabling you to connect multiple devices simultaneously. 

But it is relatively pricier than Starlink, although it’s the primary go-to substitute considering its benefits. 


A young woman using the internet. 

A young woman using the internet. 

Amazon is serious about venturing into the Satellite internet business through the service dubbed Project Kuiper

While the expected internet speeds are available at a maximum of 400mbps, this will be quite a tough match for Starlink. 

It is because Amazon is dedicated to launching approximately 3,236 satellites into the low earth orbit, meaning the internet will be highly reliable. 

The internet service will also be handy in boosting the performance of Amazon Web Services- the company’s cloud computing platform. 


OneWeb is a UK-based satellite Internet service, and while it’s operating in the same field as Starlink, it’s a partner rather than a rival. 

For instance, Starlink came through to assist the company in launching its satellites after Russian Roscosmos opted out of the deal. 

OneWeb is, therefore, complementary to the services of Starlink in places the latter lacks a presence. 

It is also a dependable satellite internet ISP with about 428 satellites. These guarantee top speeds of 165 Mbps and 30 Mbps for downloads and uploads, respectively. 

Also, it has an excellent latency rate of about 45ms, so it is a viable alternative. 


Internet Concept. 

Internet Concept. 

Are you looking for a satellite internet company that guarantees privacy and flexibility?

 Then CastleNet is the most viable substitute. 

It is an ideal internet service for US residents as its reach to other parts of the world is not great. 

Also, it delivers excellent speeds, so it is viable for internet-intensive activities such as video conferencing and gaming. 

Cox Internet

Are you operating on a lean budget and thus looking for an excellent substitute for Starlink that is cheap and reliable? We propose Cox Internet. Why?

The service speeds are near excellent, and you can do a lot with 100Mbps downloads and uploads reaching up to 25Mbps. 

The costs are also within your budget because they have cheap packages, with the lowest being $25. 

Any data limitations? Nop. The company also doesn’t curtail your bandwidth, meaning you’re always guaranteed near-constant speeds. 

So this is a package that ensures flexibility, low costs, and internet reliability. 

Xfinity Internet

A woman accesses the internet from her mobile phone. 

A woman accesses the internet from her mobile phone. 

This comprehensive service allows you to use the internet while accessing TV and phone service under the same package. Does this mean that its internet speeds are compromised? 

Definitely no. Xfinity has heavily invested in ensuring everything runs out perfectly with no hitch. 

Thus if you’re looking for reliability and a comprehensive package, opt for Xfinity.

It is a quality rival for Starlink, and rightly so, considering the components above its package. 

Furthermore, the costs are within budget, so it is a worthwhile alternative to consider going for if Starlink is proving disappointing. 


Telesat is available in US and Canada. 

Telesat is available in US and Canada. 

It’s one of the best satellite internet options in Canada and the US. 

While the company has formerly relied on the not-so-reliable geostationary satellites, there are plans to invest in better low-earth orbit options. 

So expect an improvement in its internet service reliability and reach. 

Big things are yet to come of this service which also promises to rival fiber internet on inherent speeds.

 Also, there are plans for global outreach, so soon, Telesat will be available even in its currently uncharted markets. 


A happy young man is browsing the Internet. 

Are you trying to access Starlink from China? It is currently impossible, as the company has yet to prioritize access from the world’s most populous nation. 

But that is bound to change as state-backed Geespaces ups its efforts on rolling satellites in space to boost internet in the country. 

The company will soon launch high-performance satellites into low earth orbit, enough to sustain China’s population’s internet needs. 

It is a significant reprieve for residents living in rural China as they can access fast and reliable internet. 

Nonetheless, as things stand, the existing 9 Geespace satellites in space are reserved for enabling its autonomous driving project. 

So we can only hope the company’s priorities will soon change and they’ll delve into more internet access solutions delivery. 

DSL Internet logo. 

DSL Internet logo. 

Despite its roots as a telephone services provider, CenturyLink is now one of the best internet service providers in the US. 

So true to its origin, the company is among the few trusted DSL internet services firms. 

But that’s not all; CenturyLink has recently invested in super-fast fiber internet as a reprieve from the slow DSL internet it provided in the past. So users now have a range of options. 

The company’s internet is also cheap, with its unlimited internet package retailing for only $50.

While the internet is available at decent speeds, those looking for a superfast connection can opt for the fiber internet plan. 

It goes for a measly $70 and is incredibly fast, with top download speeds of 940 Mbps.


A Starlink satellite orbits the Earth. 

A Starlink satellite orbits the Earth. 

Viasat is an excellent alternative to Starlink, although it has some apparent limitations you’re unlikely to experience with the latter company. 

For instance, unlike Starlink, whose satellites are in the near low earth orbit, Viasat’s satellites are high above in the far geostationary orbit. 

Both options guarantee internet access. However, working with Viasat Internet in online gaming or video conferencing is challenging.

 It is because Viasat Internet has a remarkably high latency. 

Still, Viasat is a worthwhile ISP with download speeds of about 35Mbps. 

It is slower than Starlink but still good enough to allow low internet-use applications like internet browsing.

 The installation process of the internet is also fast, and you can use up to 300GB of the internet monthly. 

AT&T Internet

It is another low-budget internet substitute for Starlink, which is set in a way that allows you to pick a package that is in line with your needs.

 For instance, if you want approximately 1GB of data daily, you must pay a measly $30 monthly. 

For those with more internet needs, this is relatively little. But there’s a better package that is also relatively cheap compared to other options in the market. 

For just $70, AT&T gives you 10GB of superfast internet per day. 

Google Fiber

An ethernet cable. 

An ethernet cable. 

Talk of super fast internet speeds in the US metros, and you’re speaking about Google Fiber. 

Google has invested heavily in delivering top-speed internet that is unmatched by virtually no other company in the Globe. 

The services also rank high in all aspects, registering very low latency and all-time reliability. 

Installation is also a breeze as all you need is to make channels to lay the fiber cables, and that’s all. 

But you cannot access this internet service anywhere in the US, a significant limitation of Google Fiber, given that it is only available in urban areas. 

Verizon Internet

An illustration of Network Connection 

An illustration of Network Connection 

Would you like to share your IP address with other online games, and your Starlink internet doesn’t allow that? 

Go for the Verizon Internet 5G package, and you’ll overcome this significant hurdle. 

Verizon also has a DSL service, although this is relatively slow, with just 15Mbps in download speeds, which is insufficient for applications such as video conferencing.

 Nonetheless, Verizon 5G Home or Verizon Fios Internet perfectly matches Starlink. 

The only limitation for the above top-speed Verizon internet types is that they are unavailable in rural zones. So in such areas, Starlink remains the only reliable option. 

Spectrum Internet

Spectrum’s large customer base of approximately 150 million subscribers demonstrates the company’s excellent services. 

The provider is very lenient on the conditions of engagement, and their internet is relatively fast, with top speeds of up to 300Mbps. 

In addition, should you need to engage Spectrum for any issue with the internet, Spectrum got you covered. 

The company has a team of professional agents who always respond to your queries. 

Moreover, the component offers more than simply an internet connection. Other services include: 

  • Home security systems
  • Automation services. 

Mediacom Internet

Young guys are browsing. 

Young guys are browsing. 

You don’t have to get into a binding contract with Mediacom Internet to enjoy the company’s lucrative unlimited internet offer.

 This package is cheaply available at $39 per month, and the internet is superfast with very minimal downtimes. 

Also, Mediacom Internet has perks for their clients who subscribe to tiered internet packages. 

As a reward for this association, the company gives the clients free 50GB of data to help them access the content of tier partners such as DIRECTV. 

It is a company that understands the value of good customer service. They have invested in a team of staff who are ready to serve you any time you reach out. 

Astound Broadband

Think of a better offer than the Astound Broadband deal of superfast internet speeds in the range of 1,000 Mbps, and you’ll probably find no match. 

The company’s pers don’t end there. They also have home security and VoIP telephony support, meaning you’re covered in all areas. 

Their prices are also pocket friendly, and you can’t find better deals than what Astound Broadband has in their packages. 


Starlink is excellent in almost every aspect. But there are other terrific options for offering superfast and reliable internet at all times. 

Above, we’ve captured some of the most feasible alternatives for anyone considering quitting Starlink. Here’s the deal: Choose the company best suited to your internet needs. 

And most importantly, ensure the company you settle for is available in your location.