Starlink Internet Check Availability – How to Check if Starlink is Available in Your Area

About Starlink Internet Check Availability, As many people embark on online activities, there has been skyrocketing congestion in internet service providers. 

This phenomenon has led to a scarcity of reliable internet. On time, enter Starlink to eliminate the low bandwidth and high latencies. 

Now you have researched the positive reviews online and are sure it is the perfect service for your needs.

 But how do you perform Starlink internet check availability in your region? In this article, I will show you a few methods you can use.

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Having launched over 4000 satellites, Starlink is available in several locations worldwide. 

Currently, the company offers its service in 56 countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, and some parts of Africa. 

However, its availability in your region depends on several factors. These include the number of satellites, ground stations available, and subscribers in your area.

Since Starlink is not available in all locations worldwide, you must check its availability before purchasing. 

Additionally, a satellite in space faces a limited number of users at a given time. However, the company has devised several ways to check its availability in your locality.

As you would expect, the official Starlink website is the most accurate resource for all information related to the service. 

On the website, you get the latest news, costs, availability map, and area covered, among other information. 

In this method, you order the equipment, and the company lets you know if it’s available in your area. 

If you decide to use the website to check availability, follow the below procedure: 

  1. Using an internet-enabled device, open your favorite browser
  2. Visit the Starlink website by inserting its URL into the search bar
  3. While on the website, enter your address or plus code in the ‘Service Address’ bar
  4. When you enter your address, a drop menu appears where you can select your location
  5. Click order now to go to the next page

On the next page, you will get two types of information: 

  • Order now to reserve your Starlink
  • Starlink is currently available in your area

The information you receive tells you if the service is available in your area. If your location does not appear on the drop menu, Starlink likely has no immediate plan to venture there.

 However, the company aims to deploy 42000 thousand satellites for worldwide coverage, and it’s a matter of wait and see.

A satellite orbiting the globe

A satellite orbiting the globe

The Starlink website also uses an innovative map that shows the availability of the internet. 

Usually, this map uses color codes that tell you if the service is available, coming soon, or waitlist.

 It is an amazing resource that aids in visualizing the covered areas easily. 

To use it, enter your address directly on the map, and it will indicate a color showing Starlink’s internet status.

 If the color is black, the service has no plans to venture into your region. Placing the cursor on a certain area on the map indicates if the service is available or when it will be available.

 It also indicates when the service is expanding and whether the availability date is unknown.

Starlink Internet availability map

So what do you do if your street does not have an address or your address is not showing on the Starlink website? 

When this happens, you can utilize the Google Plus Code. This code utilizes the latitude and the longitude coordinates to identify your location precisely.

 If you are in this situation, follow the below steps:

  1. Use your computer or phone app to access Google Maps
  2. Look for your area’s name on the map and click it
  3. Tapping your location pops up latitude and longitude coordinates at the bottom of the map
  4. Click the coordinates to reveal your Plus Code
  5. Copy this code and paste it on the ‘Service Address’ bar on the Starlink website
  6. Proceed to search, and your location will appear together with Starlink availability status

You can get Starlink Internet now if the service is available at your address. 

As I mentioned earlier, this availability will depend on several factors, including subscribers, ground stations, and satellites available. 

While Starlink indicates the estimated availability date when you order, it can be frustrating to be on the waitlist.

 If you would like to get the service sooner, there are two ways you can follow:

If you pre-order and are lucky enough, you might get on the Best Effort list service plan. 

 It is a plan that Starlink offers to some selected customers on the waitlist. 

The Best Effort plan offers the standard residential equipment immediately but with reduced reliability. 

However, this is not a service you order but depends on sheer luck. If lucky, the company emails you about Best Effort offer eligibility.

 You can also visit their website to see if you are selected for this offer. If you accept and place an order, you get a standard dish with less performance.

 But when the service comes to your location, you get upgraded to the main and improved residential plan.

As you may already know, Starlink has several plans, including the Roam or Starlink RV. 

Unlike its business and residential plan, the roaming plan does not require an open spot in a fixed address. 

It is mostly for nomads and RV users, meaning you can use it anywhere if a Starlink signal is present.

 The good thing about this plan is that you do not have to wait, and it ships immediately. 

However, it is more expensive than the residential plan and may experience slow internet due to deprioritization. 

Additionally, Starlink has a map where it offers its roaming services, meaning it’s not available anywhere.

Satellite dish on RV

Satellite dish on RV


Now you have all the information about Starlink Internet availability to help you know if it’s viable in your location. 

You just need to visit their website and use the above-discussed methods to get its availability in your area.

 Note that even if it’s available in your area, its shipment takes time to reach you.