Starlink Internet El Salvador – Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

About Starlink Internet El Salvador, Starlink Internet has taken the world by storm in its aim to provide high-speed internet to underserved remote areas. 

Currently, the vendor has services in over 56 countries and continues to add more as they launch more satellites. 

One of the newest beneficiaries is the Latin-speaking Central American country El Salvador. 

Now stick with me as I bring my thorough research on Starlink Internet El Salvador. In the article, I will discuss its price, benefits, and how to buy it. 

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Before calculating the total cost of the internet, iI always recommend summing up all expenses first. In a sneak peek, Starlink Internet El Salvador has a monthly fee of $49. 

However, you must also factor in other costs to get an accurate amount you can expect to pay. I will break down these expenses to give you a better idea.


Hardware is an umbrella covering everything in the Starlink Internet El Salvador package you receive in your home.

 Some items include an antenna for satellite communication, a Wi-Fi internet router, and a cable for a router-antenna connection. 

From my experience, you can find other small hardware pieces in the box, such as nuts and mounting bolts. 

The total cost for Starlink Internet El Salvador package hardware is $499. Nonetheless, you must factor in a $25 shipping fee, bringing the amount to $524.

Starlink equipment

Starlink equipment


As mentioned earlier, the monthly payment for Starlink internet connection services is $49 for residential use. 

The unit’s installation is manageable and straightforward, meaning you do not need a professional to handle the project.

 Unfortunately, using this internet in your home restricts you from moving it from one place to another.

Nevertheless, there comes a time when moving around is inevitable.

 For instance,  when going on a vacation, you must bring your home internet. 

Sometimes, you might also need to relocate to a new residential area. In such situations, you must prepare yourself to pay a $64 monthly fee instead of the usual $49 for the roaming service

The package is the same as the residential one but is prone to lags.

30 Day Trial

Incentives are the main reasons many buyers rush toward a certain product.

 The case with Starlink Internet El Salvador package is no exception. As you will notice when ordering, Starlink offers a 30-day trial period. 

This trial period means you enjoy the service for 30 days after ordering.

 If you are not satisfied with the internet coverage or any other thing, you can return it for a full refund. 

However, note that you have to pay for the equipment and subscription fee before it can ship to you.

 Additionally, Starlink refunds only undamaged hardware that return with the original packaging. 

You should take care of the equipment you receive and keep the original packaging box until satisfied. 

Enjoy High Speeds

Internet speed and bandwidth should top your considerations list when looking for the best internet provider.

 Fortunately, you have less to worry about when purchasing an internet package from Starlink. 

I have noticed that the provider indicates that the internet can achieve speeds of about 100 Mbps. This information may sound general, but El Salvador residents can enjoy average high-speed internet.

Many Starlink internet consumers have confessed that the $49 monthly fee is appropriate for such high connectivity speeds. 

It is one reason this package has gained traction in many El Salvador homes. 

Nevertheless, you should be ready for other upfront costs, such as purchasing the necessary hardware. 

The good news is that hardware expenses are a one-time cost. High internet speeds are critical in downloading, uploading, and streaming online content.

High-speed intent illustration

High-speed intent illustration

Wider Coverage

Starlink Internet El Salvador falls among the most advanced products in its class. 

The provider leverages satellite connectivity, covering a wider area than many other alternatives.

 It makes receiving a reliable internet connection easy, regardless of your location throughout El Salvador. 

Wider coverage makes Starlink’s internet package the best option for remote and rural areas.

 The traditional internet in such areas experiences recurrent fails, slow connections, and poor coverage. 

We have substantial evidence of people who have relied on Starlink internet in the country’s most remote regions.

Contracts don’t Bound the Users

Purchasing and installing Starlink Internet at home is a matter of monthly subscriptions, not contracts. 

The Starlink satellite internet provider doesn’t require you to sign a contract to acquire their services. 

Additionally, the company cannot fine you for not paying your monthly charges since it’s not a contractual agreement. 

This benefit is substantial because you can fail to pay the $49 if you don’t want to or are incapable.

You cannot compare this convenience level with the inconvenience of being under a contract. 

For instance, the telephone companies offering internet in El Salvador find their clients for late monthly payments because of contracts. 

The easiest and most convenient way to purchase a Starlink internet package is through the company’s website, which is 

Nonetheless, you must fill in your details, especially your residential region, such as Santa Ana or San Miguel.

 Next, complete the form by indicating your name, phone number, email address, and residential address. 

Your residential address is essential because it explains where the dealer should deliver your package.

The site will then direct you to a page where you are supposed to make the necessary payments.

 Ensure you have enough money on your credit card to cater to the total expenses of acquiring your Starlink internet package.

 This simple purchasing process has increased the company’s clientele due to its convenience.

Ordering Starlink on the phone

Ordering Starlink on the phone


We have laid out the necessary information about Starlink Internet El Salvador to give you a clear glimpse. 

The price should be among the first items to pick from this article. The affordable $49 monthly fee confuses many buyers, closing their eyes to other related expenses.

 You must factor in the hardware cost to ensure you have everything you need for a successful installation.