Stealth Cam Fusion Problems- How to Fix Common Issues

Stealth cam fusion problems are common. But with knowledge of the causes, you can easily fix any issue. 

Additionally, keeping the repair costs low is something anyone needs to do. And our guide intends to bring you zero-cost measures of always having your stealth cam in good shape. Hence, join us for this and more. 

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What Is A Stealth Cam?

It’s a trail camera that is arguably the best in the market thanks to its range of features. The introduction of stealth cams brought about remarkable improvements to the former options. Before, people had to rely on low-grade trail camps that didn’t stand the rough conditions. 

Hence, for a high-resolution, sturdy camera and other excellent features, Stealth Cam is the best today. 

Stealth Cam Troubleshooting

A Stealth Cam Mounted on a Tree. 

A Stealth Cam Mounted on a Tree. 

Although a Stealth Cam is better than other alternatives, it’s not purely foolproof. Below, we’ll explore its everyday problems and their respective solutions. 

Battery and Power Issues

Quick battery drain is one of the prominent issues with a Stealth Cam. It occurs due to these main issues:

  • Among the significant camera setting is Photo Burst which compels it to take several pictures with a single trigger. It significantly drains the battery and is wasteful as all the images are similar. 
  • Secondly, you require a flash to take shots at night. Again, this takes a lot of battery charge, especially when taking numerous pictures. 
  • Also, when you set a very low photo delay duration, the camera will take numerous shots within a short timeline. It drains the battery and fills up the camera’s SD card. 
  • High photo quality is another major cause of quick battery drain compared to low-quality snaps. 
  • For those using cellular cams, when the internet signal quality is low, there will be more strain on the battery. Why? Because it takes longer to share the images, thus, drawing more from the battery
  • Finally, cold temperatures will cause significant battery drain. 


  • Adjust the photo delay time to a reasonable time to avoid unnecessary multiple shots of the same image. 
  • Also, it would help if you lowered the quality of your snaps to save on battery. 
  • Thirdly, avoid night shots as you must use a flash which will consume immense power. The alternative is to have a backup battery. 
  • For cellular cams having a strong internet connection with significantly low latency, like Starlink, will improve battery use. 
  • Lastly, consider using better batteries, such as energizer Lithium batteries, during cold weather. They last longer and will withstand the extensive battery drain. 

Camera and Display Issues

A Simple Stealth Cam. 

A Simple Stealth Cam. 

Is your stealth cam not working? Also, having blurry snaps. It can significantly mess you up when you set it to take footage for an extensive duration. 


  • If your camera is not working, the first thing to check is the battery. 
  • As for blurry footage, ensure your camera settings are adaptive to the prevailing conditions. For instance, set it to night mode if you take night-time pics. 
  • You can also wipe the lenses for a clearer display, especially if your camera has a lot of dirt. 

Command App Issues

A Trail Cam on a Tree. 

A Trail Cam on a Tree. 

The Stealth Cam command app guarantees convenience by allowing the following functions from your mobile phone: 

  • Cellular data plan management. 
  • Set the Photo and video transmission times
  • Adjust the photo resolution

Given its significance in Stealth camera operation, you’ll be immensely inconvenienced if it fails. 


  • Reboot your mobile device if the Stealth command app has display issues. 
  • Alternatively, uninstall it and then reinstall the app back. Also, it would help if you ensured that your network signal is strong. 
  • Clear its cache to solve any bug issues preventing proper functioning. 
  • Finally, ensure you regularly check for available app updates.  

SD Card Issues

The SD card is the storage organ in your Stealth Camera. It could also have specific issues, including

  • The SD card could be corrupted or feature files your camera doesn’t support. 
  • Also, you could have misconnected it to its slot. 


  • Often, your stealth cam creates permanent files on its SD card. Hence, ideally, you should not use this card on another camera. 
  • When fixing it on the slots, ensure it is perfectly connected. Also, clean any debris or dust in the space via an aerosol spray. 
  • Lastly, consider formatting your SD card to erase the unreadable files as a final resort. 

How To Clean A Trail Camera?

A Trail Camera for capturing live images. 

A Trail Camera for capturing live images. 

It is common for Stealth Cameras to get dirty, especially if left out in the fields extensively. 

This exposure can significantly affect its performance hence the essence of cleaning it regularly. 

First, gently wipe the exterior using a piece of cloth. Also, using alcohol, wipe its lens. 

Will I lose my settings and images if my Stealth Cam battery dies?

Yes. A power loss results in a disruption of the settings you had prior made on the stealth cam. 

So you must set it up again afresh to continue using it. However, all the files on the SD Card will remain unadulterated. 


Most of the common stealth cameras come at quite a premium price. Hence, it is essential to maintain them well for an extensive life. 

Also, troubleshooting common issues can save you time and money. 

Luckily, anyone can easily tell where the problem is if they have the tips we’ve provided in this guide.