TCL Audio Output Not Working – How to Fix

You’ve just bought a TV, but the TCL audio output not working. For most people, the most obvious response is to return it to the seller. But you can solve the problem in a few simple steps. 

Check out why you’re experiencing a faulty TCL Audio Output. Also, we will bring you the measures to fix the problem. 

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Reasons why your TCL TV has no sound

The following are probable reasons your TCL TV doesn’t produce a sound. 

Volume Settings

Using a TV Remote to Increase Its Volume. 

Using a TV Remote to Increase Its Volume. 

If the volume is muted, then you will have no audio output. Also, the same will happen when the volume button is low. 

Hence, it would help if you checked if the volume is muted or just low. 

Faulty Connections

If you don’t connect the cables appropriately to the power supply, your TCL TV will not work. It will also not provide an audio output.

 Moreover, an improper connection with an external sound system means you’ll have no sound. 

Audio and Hardware Settings

It’s imperative to ensure you’re on the suitable audio settings configuration. Otherwise, you will not have an audio output. 

Also, if your external speakers have sound issues, they won’t output the TV sound.

Outdated Software

Illustrating Outdated Software. 

Illustrating Outdated Software. 

Is your software up to date? You’ll lose some of the functionalities if it’s outdated. Among those that could be affected include the audio system. 

Other Causes

Among the other possible causes include: 

  • Interference from nearby devices. 
  • An issue with the TV’s circuit board

TCL Audio Output Not Working: How to Fix

Before taking your TV to the electronics repairman, here are a few quick fixes. 

Check the Volume Settings

Increasing TV Volume. 

Increasing TV Volume. 

Press your remote controller‘s ‘Volume Up’ button to ensure that the TV volume is not low. 

If this increases the volume, probably it’s the reason you were not getting a sound output.

 Doing this will also help remove your TV from the ‘Mute’ mode. 

Check Connections

TV Cables. 

TV Cables. 

Confirm that all your wires are properly connected, and no cables are broken.

 Also, if you have an external sound device wired to the TV, confirm that the connection is okay. 

Check Audio Settings

Click the Settings button on your TV remote controller, then Audio Settings. Set the right sound settings. 

You should also discontinue any setting that could hamper the sound output at this stage. 

Check for Software Updates

Software Update Button. 

Software Update Button. 

First, confirm that you’re not on outdated software by checking for any available updates.

 If your TV prompts you to update, you’re probably on an old version. It could be the cardinal reason you’re having sound issues. 

Restart the TV

A hand with a Remote Controller. 

A hand with a Remote Controller. 

Restarting any device remedies common issues, including sound output problems. But it would be even better if you power-cycled it. 

The procedure will help clear all the accumulated TV charges that could affect the sound system. 

For a simple restart, click the power button when your TV is turned on. See if the sound issue is now gone. If not, we advocate for power cycling. 

  • Switch off your TV and unplug its power cable from the socket. 
  • Let the TV stay without power for about a minute.
  • Put its power cord back into the socket and switch the power on. 
  • Finally, switch on your TV and check if the sound output is now okay. 

Inspect the Sound System

Two External Speakers. 

Two External Speakers. 

Often, we pair our TCL TVs with a sound system to boost the sound quality and reach. 

But, if the settings of the external device are not ok, you will not have a sound output. 

First, you should ensure you’ve switched on your external speaker. 

Next, press the ‘Volume Up’ button on its remote controller to ensure the speaker’s volume is up.

 Finally, if your sound system can still provide an audio output, disconnect it from the TV. It’ll help you determine whether the problem is with external speakers or the TV. 

Factory Reset

We often recommend a factory reset as the final resort because it erases all your settings. 

Hence, your TV will be in similar settings to those it had the first time you bought it. 

Factory resetting means clearing any setting that could hamper audio production. 

You can do factory resetting from the Settings button for all TCL TV devices. 

Contact Customer Support

A Customer Support Icon. 

A Customer Support Icon. 

If nothing so far is working, you can contact TCL Support. They’ll propose additional measures you can apply to fix the problem.

 Ensure you explicitly explain the problem you’re experiencing to customer support. 

Take it to a Repair Shop.

An electronics repairman. 

An electronics repairman. 

The final solution is to take the TV to an electronics repairer. But beware that this may cause you to lose the seller’s warranty. 

So you should only opt for this solution if you’re past the warranty period. 

The maintenance specialist will diagnose the hardware sound system issues and fix them. 

Also, they’ll solve your TV’s other hardware and circuit board problems. 


Don’t be stuck with a TCL TV whose sound output is not operational. 

There are several quick fixes as those we’ve evaluated in this article. 

If unsure about anything, contact TCL support for assistance. 

Also, do not attempt to repair any TV hardware if you don’t have background electronics repair skills.