Toshiba tv not recognizing HDMI: How to Resolve.

Cases of Toshiba tv not recognizing HDMI are usually common. You’ll encounter the issue if your TV runs extensively with a Fire Stick such as Roku. 

But it’s easy to fix if you understand the workable mitigation measures. 

Join us in this guide as we highlight the causes of this problem and the critical resolution measures. 

Table of Contents

Refresh the Toshiba Fire TV

Often, your TV will not recognize HDMI because of bugs stemming from long operation hours. 

Also, continued streaming can lead to the accumulation of errors that can impair functioning. 

Hence, primarily, the way to deal with the bugs is to refresh the system via power cycling. Here’s how to undertake this process: 

  • First, unplug the TV’s power cable from the socket and allow it to stay unconnected for around two minutes. 
  • Next, long-press the power button for about five seconds. We recommend you repeat this process thrice to clear all the stored charges.
  • Now reconnect the power cable and switch on the TV. Link up the source to the HDMI port and check out of its directly responsive.  

If you find this process tedious, there’s an alternative power cycling method via interface commands. 

  • Click ‘Settings’ from the Tv remote controller the choose the ‘System/Device & Software’ option. 
  • Next, select Restart, and you’ll initiate a power cycle. 

Check the HDMI cables and Its Specifications.

Plugging HDMI to TV. 

Plugging HDMI to TV. 

You use an HDMI cable that’s compatible with your TV. Hence, understanding the typical HDMI specifications is highly important to this cause. 

Primarily, there are two HDMI types, and their functionalities are different. 

Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) HDMI

It is unique for its capacity to enable control of the secondary device and the TV from the same remote control. 


This protocol guarantees information sharing via the HDMI port. It is significant in streaming content like Netflix from a fire stick. 

Hence, your HDMI cable must primarily have this certification for streaming applications. 

You must also get the connections right after ensuring you have the right HDMI standard. 

Connect the HDMI perfectly on both ends. It should be tight enough to ensure no wobbles on the connected cable head. 

Moreover, avoid the kinds and bends of the cable, as this can affect data transmission. 

If your cable is worn out or the metallic parts of the head are corroded, replace it. Ideally, an HDMI(2.0) cable will be ideal if you’re streaming HD content. 

Finally, use the right cable length (at most 20 meters) for a seamless streaming experience. 

Check for Updates

Updates Icon. 

Updates Icon. 

Stream devices always receive updates as the manufacturer tries to solve emerging bugs affecting functionality. 

Hence, you must always ensure the software is updated with the latest version. Here are the steps to check and update your Toshiba Fire TV: 

  • Click on ‘Settings’ then ‘System/Device & Software’ and select ‘About.’
  • Next, choose ‘Software version’ and choose the option to find if there are available updates. 
  • Install updates if present and restart the system to activate the new version. 

Check and Change the Resolution

4K Resolution. 

4K Resolution

Have you taken the above measures and are still getting no signal? Then it’s time to change the screen resolution as it could be the problem.

 And most importantly, you must ensure that you’re using a resolution that matches the input. 

So, here are steps to choose the best for your case: 

  • Hold the UP and REWIND buttons simultaneously for about five seconds. It will launch the various available resolutions. 
  • Look for the one that best matches your input and choose it. 

The alternative is to use a voice command to change the resolution. 

Check and Change the HDMI Input Mode

HDMI Mode. 

HDMI Mode. 

Is the HDMI mode correctly set up on your Toshiba Fire TV? If not, then this is why you’re encountering connection issues. 

So here are ways to ensure you’re on HDMI and not any other mode. 

  • Select ‘Home,’quick access menu,’ ‘ Picture,’ and ‘Advanced Settings.’ 
  • From the above step, choose  ‘HDMI Input Mode,’ and you’ll have two options.
  • You can set your HDMI to (1.4)’ or ‘(2.0).’ Swap from one to the other because you’re unsure which mode is compatible.  
  • Restart the TV to activate your chosen mode and see if the system is okay. 

Hard Reset

Illustrating a Factory Reset. 

Illustrating a Factory Reset. 

If nothing we’ve highlighted above works, you may have to factory reset the Toshiba Fire TV. 

We recommend it as a last resort primarily because it’ll erase all your device data and settings. 

Also, it is not a straightforward procedure, so you must be patient. 

Here are the steps: 

  • Select ‘Setting,’ then choose ‘Device & Software’ and opt for the ‘Reset to factory default’s option. 
  • Confirm that you want to initiate a factory reset process, which commences immediately. 
  • Once this is complete, set up your TV afresh and check if the resetting has fixed the issue. 

Troubleshooting Sound Issues When Connecting Via HDMI

No Sound Icon. 

No Sound Icon. 

Often, you may have a cable that’s great at transmitting graphics, but the sound is absent. 

It is common and often stems from a connection issue. Hence, primarily confirm if all the wires are correctly connected. 

If the problem persists, check out the sound settings of your TV, as they could be the problem.

  • Click on Settings, then choose Display & Sound. 
  • Next, from the Sound Option, select Advanced Settings.

At this juncture, you can tinker with the sound settings or set it to default mode. 

Also, confirm if the speaker is switched on from the Advanced Settings step. Once you’re done, restart the TV so that it updates the changes. 


Now you have the essential tips to activate your Toshiba Fire TV inactive HDMI. Still, remember to confirm if the issue is with your remote controller. 

For instance, if the batteries have run out, you cannot control the TV, and thus HDMI connection won’t work. 

You still have the final resort of contacting Toshiba if none of the measures are effective.