Vizio Software Update Stuck- Here Is How To Fix It

About Vizio Software Update Stuck, Vizio has great picture quality, a polished home screen, and a software system. 

But, like any other gadget, Vizio needs updates to keep up with the latest technologies. 

Keep reading to find out how to fix your Vizio software update getting stuck.  

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How Long Does Vizio Take To Update?

Knowing the average update time helps determine if the Vizio TV update is stuck. A quick look at Vizio’s website does not give us an answer. 

However, customer research suggests the update should take at least thirty minutes.

System update on a TV screen 

System update on a TV screen 

The software update can be shorter if you have high-speed internet, smaller updated firmware files, or the latest models of Vizio Smart TV.  

Most models have an automatic update feature turned on, so you don’t have to activate updates manually. 

Older Vizio TV models lack this feature, and you must regularly check for updates.

As a rule of thumb, ensure the percentage bar is always increasing. Whenever that number freezes, you have a stalled software update error. 

Why Your Vizio TV Stalls On Downloading Updates?

You can troubleshoot your Vizio TV in many ways if it’s frozen on the updates tab. 

First, you can check if the internet connection is stable and the television has internet during the updates

Sometimes, your TV gets stuck during the reboot session after the update. A corrupt file or a missing file more likely causes this. 

And if the TV fails to update the software, we have a few fixes!  

How To Fix A Vizio TV Stuck Downloading Updates?

We have a few fixes to help you download updates for your Vizio TV. Just make sure to follow keenly and step-by-step as recommended below. 

Reboot Your Vizio TV

TV settings screen icon 

TV settings screen icon 

Rebooting has been one of the most effective approaches in cases that associate with software glitches and errors. 

The process overrides new settings with old ones, fixing temporary bugs and issues that affect your Vizio TV update. 

To restart your Smart TV, follow the steps below: 

  • Turn off Your Vizio TV 
  • Remove the power cable 
  • Wait for about 5 minutes 
  • Plug in the power bale 
  • Wait for an extra 5 minutes and turn on your Smart TV 

In this case, we must wait another five minutes after plugging in the cable to let things cool down in the TV. If this method does not help, process to the next one. 

Check Internet

WiFi text on a gold background 

WiFi text on a gold background 

Internet is vital for your Vizio TV’s Smart functions, including downloading updates. 

If it is bad or has a low signal, the updates won’t install correctly, and you’ll probably get the stuck percentage number on the update bar. 

Well, a simple speed test will do. Just grab another device connected to the same network and perform a speed test through a browser. 

Now, if you find discrepancies in the various parameters of the internet connection (latency, ping time, etc.), it’s time to troubleshoot the network itself.

Let’s use these three steps to troubleshoot your internet settings: 

  • Change to ethernet. Sometimes WiFi comes with a lag, and high latency will affect your updating speed. A wired connection will significantly increase the speed and rule out any issues caused by the WiFi. 
  • Reposition Router. If you can’t use an ethernet cable, repositioning your router will do the trick. Sometimes, it must be close to the device to provide a reliable connection. 
  • Reboot Router. Just press the power button to reboot and hold for about five seconds. Depending on the router, it will blink and restart in a few seconds. Once done, restart your Vizio Tv and check if the updates are progressing. 

Restart The Update

This method is useful if the Smart TV is stuck updating at a certain percentage. You can re-launch the update using the same method for rebooting your TV.

 Power cycle your TV and leave it for 10 minutes before turning it on. Start the update again, and it should start from the beginning. 

Skip Vizio Update

Update on red rubber stamp

Update on red rubber stamp

Even as updates fix previous issues or add features to your TV, they could be detrimental if everything is fine. 

The problem might be on the update itself, not your Vizio TV. Such times call for a “Skip The Update” process. 

You can bypass the update by abandoning it and using the previous version. 

First, you must turn off automatic updates and ensure it does not do so when the TV is powered on. 

Also, you can click on skip the update or schedule later.  

Contact Vizio Manufacturers

If the above methods don’t work, your last resort would be to talk to your manufacturer. 

They give technical information about your Vizio TV and pinpoint why it is stuck on downloading updates. 

When contacting the manufacturers, explain all the steps you took to troubleshoot so they can understand the issue well. 

The manufacturers often help resolve this issue or give the best recommendation. 

How Do I Stop My Vizio TV From Checking Updates?

If you’re still stuck on getting your Vizio TV to download an update, there is a manual way. 

But it will be a bit technical and unconventional if you’re not used to geeky stuff. 

So, let’s find out the manual method of updating your Vizio TV, shall we?   

  1. Take your computer/laptop and download the latest firmware version from 
  2. Download and unzip the file. 
  3. Copy the unzipped file contents into a FAT-32 USB stick or any other FAT-formatted disk. 
  4. Once done, eject the USB and connect to your Vizio Smart TV 
  5. The update should start automatically 
  6. You should see a progress bar of the update on your screen. 
  7. Wait for it to download and finish. 
  8. Restart your TV and see if it works.


It is a well-researched and elaborate guide on how to fix your Vizio TV software update issues. 

We understand that some of these fixes may take longer, but you must be patient to get the results.

Lastly, if you still can’t get to fix your Smart TV update issue, contact Vizio customer care staff, and they will give further assistance.