Vizio TV Antenna Input – Quick Fixes And Alternatives

About Vizio TV Antenna Input, In 2016, Vizio removed antenna inputs from their E-Series, M-Series, and P-Series market-leading TV models. 

The company called these Tvs Tuner-less Theatre displays as they lack a coaxial input. They rely majorly on an internet connection for content transmission.

If you have one of these TVs, connecting an antenna may be challenging. 

We have devoted this article to helping you set up an antenna for Vizio TV and suggest the best Vizio Tv antennas in the market. 

However, before we get into that, let’s first discover how to check if your Vizio TV supports an antenna input.

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Check if Your Vizio TV Supports an Antenna Input

First, you must ensure your Vizio TV has a coaxial input that can connect to an antenna. If your Vizio TV lacks the traditional F-type coaxial port, it does not have a tuner

Here are a few things you can do to locate the antenna input or confirm if your Vizio TV supports antenna input:

Check the Input Settings on Your Vizio TV

If you cannot locate the antenna input on your Vizio TV but have a built-in tuner and a coaxial port, start by checking your TV input options.

 To begin, plug the antenna input into your TV’s coaxial port, then switch to its input source on the TV. 

Switch through all the sources until a message on the tuner shows you got the right one.

However, if no message pops up, meaning there are no compatible input sources, the input may be hidden. 

The Vizio TV usually does this to limit the number of input sources available. To check for the hidden sources, follow these steps:

  • Access the Menu on Vizio TV
  • Tap on the System’s option on newer models, and for old ones, choose the input Settings.
  • Tap on “Hide Input” on the list option
  • Highlight your desired input (TV) and tap OK
  • Switch to Visible under the toggle button 
  • Return to the homepage

Once you finish, check if the antenna input is now available. If it’s available, connect your antenna through the input, and wait for a potent signal

Once done, scan the channels by following these steps: 

  • Launch the Menu tab
  • Toggle the Channels or Tuner settings option
  • Tap on Find Channel or the Auto Channel Scan to run the scan for channels

Update the Vizio TV

Errors and bugs caused by malicious files can interfere with the input recognition systems. 

Obsolete software programs usually possess weak security and may fail to hold up to malicious files.

Vizio TV software update may help clear bugs and errors and restore your system’s functionality. To perform the system update, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Menu 
  • Choose the System’s option
  • Scroll down through the options and select “Check for Updates.”
  • Click on Update

Once the update completes, power cycle your TV to fix the issue. 

The power cycle option revives your TV and drains all the pent-up charges accumulated over time. To power cycle:

  • Unplug all connected cables
  • Leave the TV idle for a couple of minutes
  • Push and hold the TV’s power button for at least 10 seconds
  • Repeat the process twice, plug the cables back and turn on the Television

Factory Reset the TV

If you still can’t locate the antenna input on your Vizio TV, consider resetting the TV. 

Factory resetting the TV clears any settings changes and clears malicious files that may interfere with the system. 

It reverts the system’s preferences to their original state.

Follow these steps to reset the Vizio Television:

  • Launch the Menu tab
  • Click on System 
  • Tap on “Reset and Admin” 
  • Select Reset to Factory Default
  • Insert the Parental Control Code (originally 0000)

How to Connect Antenna To Vizio TV?

HDMI TV connector

HDMI TV connector

If your Vizio has a coaxial port, the setup could be pretty simple. Simply connect your antenna to your TV output. Here’s how to connect the antenna to your Vizio TV:

  • Place or mount the antenna either inside or outside and channel the cable to the TV
  • Plug in your antenna cable to the coaxial input or the antenna jack to your TV
  • Switch on your TV and switch the input source to DTV/TV
  • Open the Menu and Select TV Channels/ Channels
  • Tap on Find Channels and initiate the channel scan

However, if your Vizio TV does not have a tuner or a coaxial port, here are different ways to connect the antenna:

Use an External Tuner

Indoor Tv antenna

External TV tuner

External digital tuners serve as TV tuners that help connect antennas to TVs lacking an input. 

Unlike TV tuners, digital tuners connect to your TV through HDMI cables. Simply insert the antenna input into the tuner, then scan for channels on your TV.

There are a variety of tuners, each differing in size and functionality.

 Some come equipped with built-in antennas, HDTV outputs, and DVR capabilities.

 Therefore, ensuring that the digital tuner you purchase is compatible with inputs is important.

ATSC tuners are examples of tubers delivering HD content with minimal loss and interference during transmission. 

They can handle both digital and analog signals for processing purposes.

Wireless Transmission

Wireless transmission is another option compared to the usual tuner and cable transmission. It’s quite simple to connect a wireless content transmitter.

All you need to do is plug the antenna input into the transmitter and connect it to a WiFi network. 

After that, just install the app on your TV to access your channels. Ensure the cable is fit to prevent other issues, such as Vizio TV having no color.

Coaxial Input

Connected coaxial cables

Connected coaxial cables

If the TV has a coaxial port and the antenna is still not working, check the inputs. Ensure you connect the input snugly to fit the coaxial port. 

Loose connections may usually lead to black screen problems on your Vizio TV.

Since Vizio TVs have many input sources, ensure you are on the corresponding input source on your TV and are getting the right signal.

Best Vizio TV Antennas

Indoor Tv antenna

Indoor Tv antenna

There are a variety of antennas you can choose from. We’ll discuss some of the best Vizio TV antennas in the section below.

When getting an antenna for your Vizio TV, consider the following factors:

  • Type on your TV, whether cable or satellite TV
  • Available channels
  • Location and height of your TV

XFTREE Digital HDTV Antenna

The XFTREE digital HDTV antenna is designed to cover a range of up to 200 miles.

 Its amplified feature efficiently captures TV channels like CBS, ABC, FOX, and NBC. 

The video quality and signal reception are particularly impressive.

One notable feature of this antenna is its switch control amplifier booster.

 If it fails to receive a channel on the current range, it can easily switch to a different range for better reception.

 Its lightweight construction makes it very easy to conceal in plain sight.

Luxtronic Digital HDTV Antenna

This antenna offers signal strength with its 360-degree reception, making it suitable for RVs and other vehicles. 

It is designed to support 4K Ultra HD and applies indoors and outdoors.

The Luxtronic Digital HDTV antenna measures 3.875 inches, a length that enhances its signal reception range. 

The antenna includes a 2-inch base for placement and a 10-inch cable for easy transmission.

Yiwa Digital HDTV Antenna

Yiwa Digital HDTV is a multi-directional antenna capable of getting signals to a range of 80 miles. 

This model comes with an amplified booster to turn between different ranges.

The antenna is high-quality, with an ergonomic and sleek design. It runs on 5V coupled with an optimal frequency. 

The antenna also has a coax cable and a manual guide to set it up easily.

AnMoki Digital HDTV Antenna

This antenna has a 100-mile signal range reception with an amplifier. It boosts the reception greatly and provides HD media for your TV.

It boasts a sleek and elegant design that can fit on a wall or any surface easily. 

The antenna has a 16.5ft coaxial cable, a 9.6-ounce 10.2” by 9.7” by 1.1” antenna, and a manual for easy operation.

ETbotu Digital HDTV Antenna

ETbotu is another high-quality TV antenna with an 80-mile signal range reception with a removable amplifier

It has a sleek and elegant black design with a size measurement of 29.2” by 7.4” by 0.06”.


Vizio TVs are great for streaming media, but for them to function properly, you’ll need to use antennas. 

How you connect the Vizio TV antenna may vary depending on your device. 

However, regardless of whether your TV has a built-in tuner, you can easily connect the antenna by following the methods mentioned above.

If you’re still facing difficulties connecting an antenna to your Vizio TV after trying these solutions, it’s advisable to contact support for assistance.