What is the Advantage of Starlink- 4 Reasons to Subscribe to Starlink Internet

What is the advantage of Starlink?

There are a few things we must consider when answering the above question.

For instance, access to reliable internet is a cardinal concern in many countries.

Starlink’s top-notch satellite internet bridged the gap where other service providers couldn’t.

But is Starlink WiFi that good and reliable? Let us lay it all below. 

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Here are some reasons why Starlink is undoubtedly a game changer in the internet services provision realm. 

High Bandwidth and Low Latency

The Bandwidth Concept. 

The Bandwidth Concept. 

Starlink has taken a different approach from the erstwhile satellite internet providers by stationing their satellites in low earth orbit.

Also, the company has thousands of satellites in space to optimize signal reception. 

This huge investment has resulted in many improvements, such as relatively low latency of the internet.

Hence, the performance is better than the geostationary orbit satellites

Moreover, the satellite’s stationing has enabled higher frequency transmission resulting in a better bandwidth than other internet options.

Therefore, Starlink is arguably among the most reliable internet connection and transmission speed providers. 

Support in Remote Areas

Starlink is available even in marginal places. 

Starlink is available even in marginal places. 

Previously, providing internet to remote zones in different world parts was complicated primarily due to the necessary infrastructural outlay.

Also, former options, such as cable internet, were unreliable regarding speed and latency. 

But Starlink has been a real game changer in this aspect.

The internet service requires minimal physical infrastructure, such as masts.

Instead, as long as a region is eligible for Starlink Internet rollout, its residents can immediately access it. 

For instance, approximately 32 world countries can access strong satellite internet.

This provision has bridged a gap that no other internet service option has previously managed. 

Mobility and portability

You can access satellite internet even while traveling. 

You can access satellite internet even while traveling. 

Starlink remains among the top portable internet options. While cellular internet is more mobile, its reliability doesn’t match Starlink’s.

Also, cellular internet has characteristic higher latency than Starlink. 

Hence, this leaves Starlink internet as the only reliable one you can access from anywhere- including in the middle of the sea.

Also, the company provides high-bandwidth internet to aircraft via the Starlink Aviation package. 

Easy-To-Setup User Terminal

Starlink equipment is easy to set up. 

Starlink equipment is easy to set up. 

Starlink delivers its service access package immediately after paying the equipment fee.

Also, unlike other internet services requiring a technician, you can self-install Starlink’s internet kit. 

The items on the installation package include a Starlink dish that self-aligns with the most accessible nearby satellite.

All you need to ensure is that you position your dish in an area with a clear sky view, as obstructions such as buildings or trees can affect self-alignment. 

Again, this process takes about 30 minutes, meaning you’ll start using the internet service shortly after the equipment setup. 

Poor Customer Service

Starlink’s customer service is unreliable. 

Starlink’s customer service is unreliable. 

Starlink ranks among the worst ISPs with customer service.

Although the company is a big player in the industry, it still needs clear communication channels through which clients can reach out. 

Also, anyone requiring to communicate with Starlink must be a subscriber, meaning they must enroll in a Starlink service.

Even then, Starlink doesn’t allow outright communication. 

The response time is also slow, making the company’s customer service the worse among the major ISPs

Limited Availability

Starlink remains unavailable in many places. 

Starlink remains unavailable in many places. 

One of the problems Starlink sought to solve at the time of its inception was network unavailability, especially in rural areas.

Although the company has partly fixed the issue, some customers still struggle to access the ISP’s service. 

For instance, those that the company puts on the waitlist may have to wait for ages before Starlink connects them to internet access.

This issue is prevalent in populated areas where Starlink is in high demand. 

Pricey Internet

Pricey Internet. 

Pricey Internet. 

Starlink remains among the most expensive internet options, especially when you factor in the initial equipment cost to the $120 monthly fee.

The provider charges $599 for its equipment, which makes access to the service more expensive than options such as fiber internet. 

Moreover, Starlink internet service access fee keeps increasing, meaning you may pay more than other options. 

Network Congestion

Starlink Internet’s popularity has made it prone to network congestion, especially in highly populated areas.

For instance, the network strength during Starlink’s peak hours significantly wanes. 

Therefore, although Starlink has a broader bandwidth than many other internet options, it gets overwhelmed during peak hours, leading to lower speeds. 

Complicated DIY Installation

Starlink Dish. 

Starlink Dish. 

Earlier, we mentioned that Starlink spares you the need to hire a technician to install the equipment.

However, this provision doesn’t make things easy for those who are not tech-savvy. 

Also, the Starlink dish must be in an area with a clear sky view.

Finding such a location sometimes poses a big problem to subscribers, even with the aid of Starlink’s obstruction checker app.

Weather Sensitivity Issues

Snowy Weather. 

Snowy Weather. 

Lastly, Starlink, like other kinds of satellite internet, is prone to signal interruption during extreme weather conditions. 


How good is Starlink WiFi? Without a doubt, Starlink is the most reliable satellite internet option primarily because of its excellent infrastructure setup.

However, it still has some limitations, as we have highlighted above.

The question for the future is how good Starlink’s internet will be, and with the continuous improvement of its service, we can only expect it to improve.