Where to Buy Starlink Ridgeline Mount – With Installation Instructions

Where to Buy Starlink Ridgeline Mount?

The Starlink Ridgeline Mount Kit is a versatile roof mounting option for any roof style(pitched or flat). 

Whether you’ve Residential or RV Starlink dishes, this kit is ideal since it eliminates the drilling holes in the roof. 

It comes with ballast weights to keep the mount in position, and you can shift it when necessary. 

This article offers valuable insights into where to buy the Starlink Ridgeline Mount for a hassle-free buying process.

 We also provide an installation guide and some pros and cons of using the kit.

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The Starlink Ridgeline Mount Kit offers a sturdy, reliable mounting base for the Starlink system. You may buy the Starlink Ridgeline Mount straight from the Starlink website.

Users who previously purchased a Starlink kit can choose from various accessories and mounting alternatives, including the Ridgeline Mount.

According to the Starlink website, the package costs $250, and you can only purchase using a Starlink account.

However, there might be a waiting list for purchases and a limited supply.

The kit has four components engineered to function flawlessly to guarantee a secure and sturdy mount. These include:

  • Mounting base: The primary support framework for the dish.
  • Wall clips: Used to hold cables and wires to the wall to prevent flapping
  • Carry bag: For the dish and other components while in transit.
  • Ballast weights: These packages are crucial for maintaining the mount’s stability and rigidity. Don’t worry if you receive your Ridgeline Mount and no weights are in the package. Weights usually arrive separately, about two weeks after the rest of the kit.
Starlink mounting base

Starlink mounting base

The Ridgeline Mount from Starlink is a standard accessory for individuals using the Starlink internet service.

Like any other item, users should know its advantages and disadvantages before investing like any other item.


  • It includes everything required to install the mount, so buying extra supplies or equipment is unnecessary.
  • The Ridgeline Mount matches the other Starlink gear’s streamlined and modern appearance. 
  • Its installation is simple, and anyone with access to essential tools can accomplish this. Additionally, the mount is simple to disassemble and reinstall if you need to relocate the dish to a different position.
  • It features high-quality construction to endure most regions’ wind and harsh weather conditions.
  • The kit is adjustable for any roof profile making it a versatile option for residential or commercial buildings. You can adjust its base to nearly any angle and configure the mount for placement on any roof without drilling.


  • Compared to other non-penetrating roof mounts currently available, it is a comparatively pricey setup at $250.
  • Starlink does not share any wind rating specifications for the kit, which concerns individuals living in regions with high wind.
  • Some users in areas with many obstructions might find its height too low for their requirements. Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy a mas extender to elevate the dish higher.

How to install the Kit

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install the Starlink Ridgeline Mount kit:

Unplug your setup

The first step is switching off the power and unplugging your router before installing your dish on the new mount.

Unplugging ensures seamless installation while preventing any electrical shocks.

Unplugging router

Unplugging router

Transport the Ridgeline Mount to the Roof

Fold the mount and transport it to the desired spot on your roof while keeping it folded.

Ensure not to carry the weight to the roof before installation. 

Also, remember that the kit’s carry case is meant to hold the dish, not the mount.

Unfold the Mount

You must first unfold the Starlink Ridgeline Mount before you can mount it.

To release the mount, counterclockwise rotate the middle arm knob.

Position it on your roof after unfolding it, ensuring all trays are on a level with the roof.

You can install the Starlink Ridgeline Mount at the structure’s apex or any place on a roof.

Set the Arm

This step involves angling the central mounting arm (the mast insertion point) at about five degrees vertically.

Position the mounting arm vertically while the middle arm knob is still loosened.

Then turn the knob of the middle arm clockwise to secure everything up.

Placing the Weights

Once you have aligned the mounting arm, you can set up the provided weights. Bring all four weights to your roof.

Each weight weighs approximately 13 lbs,  aggregating to more than 50 pounds clasping the mount.

Angle each weight down from the mount’s top until the fastener aligns with the weight’s notch.

Ensure you use all the weights for a stable mount.

After the weights have stabilized the mount, you must route the Starlink wire.

Disconnect the wire from the router and dish. From in to out, run the wire using the dish connector side.

Consider fastening your cable on the exterior of your house using the provided wall clips.

Install your Dish

This step involves dish installation. Use the provided bag to move your dish to the roof.

After that, ensure the mast slides into the middle arm of the mount and locks into position.

Ensure everything is taut and stable and the mast is vertical at about 5 degrees.

Installing dish

Installing dish

Power Up and Verify

Once your installation is complete, you can return inside and connect everything.

Give your system some time to start up. Consult your Starlink app and see if the dish is live and connected.

Also, consider checking after approximately half a day to ensure no obstacles are blocking your dish.

Now that everything is functional, you can enjoy the non-penetrating roof mount using your Starlink service.

A few choices exist on the market for mounting your dish. The aftermarket, non-penetrating roof bolts are the most widely used substitutes for the Ridgeline Mount.

However, several distinct variations exist between these alternatives and the Starlink Mount. 

First, the Ridgeline Mount is an all-inclusive kit, so you won’t need extra parts or equipment to install it.

On the flip side, buying the J-mount plus the weights with third-party mounts is necessary.

Hence, the overall installation procedure may cost significantly more.

Thanks to its adjustability, the Starlink Mount also has the flexibility to be placed on flat roofs and any roof slope.

Its adaptability gives it an advantage over competing choices with fewer installation options.

On the cons, the Ridgeline Mount costs $250, which may seem pricey.

But its price includes everything you require and shipping. In contrast, other ridgeline mounts may cost more in the long run.

It is especially so when you account for the additional costs of buying the required materials separately.

Dish mounting alternative

Dish mounting alternative


If you want to install a Starlink dish on your roof, the Starlink Ridgeline place Kit is an excellent choice.

Even though it costs $250, it comes with everything required for installation, making it a practical and hassle-free option.

You can install it in different roof types, including flat roofs, and its sleek design corresponds to other Starlink components.

The only significant flaw is that Starlink provides no wind rating specifications. However, given its sturdy construction, it should be able to endure most weather conditions.