Which Starlink dish is better? Why Starlink Square Dish is the Best?

Which Starlink dish is better? Starlink is the undisputed satellite internet provider, and part of the consignment the company sends you is a receiver dish.

The dish can be circular or square, but which Starlink dish is better? 

Let’s explore the key differences between the two Starlink dishes and the respective features that each offers its users. 

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A Starlink Square Dish. 

The table below highlights the remarkable differences between the round and square Starlink dishes. 

Starlink Dish FeatureSquare DishRound Dish
Dish Weight 9.2 lbs16 lbs
Dish Dimensions1.3″ Mast Diameter, Height 24″ height19″x12.”1.4″ Mast Diameter, 23.2″ diameter, 25.4″ height
Operating Temperature-22°F to +122°F-22°F to +122°F
Ethernet PortAbsentPresent
Compatible official MountsFlashing mountPivot MountPipe Adapter MountLong Wall mountVolcano MountShort Wall MountGround Pole Mount.Ground Pole MountVolcano, mountPipe adapter mount, Flashing Mount
Ingress ProtectionIP 56 ratedIP 54 rated

Lighter and Smaller Design for Square Dish

An antenna for receiving the Internet signal from space Starlink. 

From the above table, there have been minute changes in the functionality of the new Starlink Square dish. 

For instance, the new square Starlink dish is more lightweight and has a miniature design than the Starlink circular.

Although this difference makes up for so little regarding the new square dish’s functionality, it offers more mounting options. 

Thanks to the smaller shape, it is easy to carry, and you can mount it in places that you’d otherwise not mount the Starlink circular dish. 

No Ethernet Port on Square Dish

Patch cable in an ethernet port. 

Patch cable in an ethernet port. 

As highlighted above, Starlink’s square Dish features a power supply and cable from the dish at one of the ends. This leaves no space for an ethernet port. 

This feature is a huge disadvantage as it limits the functionalities of the square dish. For instance, attaching an aftermarket router to the dish is impossible. 

Also, this significantly disadvantages gamers who need to plug in an ethernet cable to the router for a more stable connection.

Nonetheless, you can buy an ethernet adapter from Starlink’s store to introduce these features to your dish. 

More compatible mounts for Square Dish

A Conventional Starlink Dish. 

A Conventional Starlink Dish. 

The Starlink square dish also ensures you can use it with the latest mount systems formerly incompatible with the circular dish. 

Again, regarding power consumption, the Starlink square dish fares better thanks to its engineering design. 

Starlink Square antenna. 

Starlink Square antenna. 

The newer square dish comes with a removable cable. It is a significant advantage as the square dish functionality means buying a separate cable in case of damage. 

However, Starlink compels you to replace the entire package (including the dish) for the round dish if you damage the cable. 

Global satellite internet service concept. 

How does the new dish fare compare to its older counterpart in terms of speed?

Although Starlink doesn’t ask users to move to the square dishes for better speeds, a comparison between Starlink business packages reveals a significant difference. 

For instance, Starlink gives the download speed for the square dish between 100 to 350 Mbps.

On the other hand, the speed for Starlink circular dish is between 100 to 300 Mbps. 

Notably, these speeds are for the Starlink business packages.

Hence, those on a Residential package may not realize the difference, but it truly exists.

The bottom line is that the square dish offers more speed than the round dish for Starlink business users. 

A round antenna dish. 

A round antenna dish. 

There’s a significant improvement on the square Starlink dish regarding stability, as the Gen 2 model features four stands rather than the three in the former device. 

The new mount design means that Starlink square is primarily used while standing on a flat surface rather than mounting on the wall. 


Can I upgrade my existing dish?

You can upgrade your dish from Starlink circular to the new rectangular one. Inform Starlink of this, and the company’s agents will guide you on the replacement process. 

This new dish will enable you to enjoy a new range of benefits, such as improved and more stable connections. 

You’ll incur $2,500 for the new high-performance rectangular dish, while the equipment cost for the conventional circular dish is $599.

Thus, if your circular dish serves you well, there’s no need to shift to the rectangular dish. 

But some conditions may compel you to discard your circular dish for the new one.

For example, the shift will be worthwhile if you live in polar regions with poor satellite reception.

In addition to a better and more reliable signal, the high-performance dish will deliver the following: 

  • The new square dish is better regarding its snow-melting capabilities. 
  • It is also better at withstanding rain and temperature variations. 
  • The dish also has an improved IP rating of 56, making it better at handling water. 


Starlink’s new square design guarantees a better performance than the old circular model. It is more lightweight, offers more mount options, and delivers faster internet speeds.

Nonetheless, the new dish is quite expensive, and thus you should shift to it if the move will be worth the cost.