Can you read Kindle Books Offline: Downsides of Reading Kindle Books Online

Can you read Kindle books offline? If you are an avid reader of books, you know how Kindle devices help you access a vast library. The development by Amazon is a standout device. 

But, many Kindle users wonder whether the device can function without an internet connection. If that’s also your worry, we welcome you to gain more insights on the topic here. 

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Can You Read Kindle Books Offline?

Yeah. You can read a Kindle book while not connected to the internet. Accessing your downloaded Kindle books, even in airplane mode, is also possible. 

However, downloading and sending the book to the Kindle app requires a connection. 

Therefore, ideally, you must have an internet connection to download the books. 

Main Activities That Require a Wi-Fi on a Kindle

Connecting to the WiFi. 

Connecting to the WiFi. 

Below are the services that need you to connect to the internet when using Kindle. 

Registering Your Kindle Account

Reading books from your Kindle account (online or offline) requires registering an account. 

This process requires you to open an Amazon account and register for Kindle. But if you already have an Amazon account, your Kindle is registered. 

Downloading Books From Kindle

Kindle devices. 

Kindle devices. 

Kindle allows you access to a vast library of books. Also, you can read all your purchased books from anywhere once you buy them. 

Nonetheless, you must have an internet connection to access the books from the repository. 

Therefore, if you plan to read your Kindle books without the internet, download them first. 

Sync Reading Progress

It is common for many readers to access Kindle content across multiple devices. 

But keeping track of your reading progress in such a case would be challenging without the sync feature. 

It is why Amazon developed the synch reading progress that updates when you read. 

Translation Services and Wikipedia

Ebooks Concept. 

Ebooks Concept. 

Say that you are reading, then find a vocabulary you’d like to search for its meaning. Kindle helps you in this by granting you access to translation services or Wikipedia

You only need to press and hold the word, and its meanings/applications will pop up. 

Updating Kindle

Like any app/device, Kindle regularly updates its firmware and software. It helps fix some of the bugs that could be slowing the application. 

Other updates are necessary to improve the user experience when reading. 

Replenishing Your Book Stock

The Store feature on Kindle allows you to access a library of millions of books. 

Thus, you don’t need to use your computer browser to search and download the books if you have Kindle. 

Sending Books via Kindle Email

Kindle also allows you to share or send books to another user via the Kindle email. 

Drawbacks to Reading Kindle Books With Internet Access

Reading on Kindle. 

Reading on Kindle. 

We’ve seen the upsides of using a Kindle while on the internet. Now let’s discuss its downsides. 

Faster Battery Drain

Illustrating Battery Drain. 

Illustrating Battery Drain. 

A Kindle device is optimized to allow an excellent reading experience. Part of this is the long-serving battery which can last even for weeks. 

Nonetheless, the battery power time is shortlived when using Kindle on an internet connection. 

When reading while on the internet, the device keeps searching the web. Hence, its power use is higher than usual. 

So among the hacks to prevent the high battery drain is to read offline. 

Ads Spamming

A Kindle Device. 

A Kindle Device. 

Amazon has two main types of Kindle devices; one with access to ads and the other offering an ad-free user experience. 

The one with ads means you’ll frequently receive advertisements when reading your favorite content on Kindle. 

The upside to the ads is that they’re personalized and usually suggest books you may want to read. 

But for many users, this is not ideal as the advertisements become a distraction. One of the ways of keeping them at bay is staying offline. 

How to Put Books on a Kindle Without Wi-Fi?

Reading an Ebook on Kindle. 

Reading an Ebook on Kindle. 

Take a typical case whereby you cannot access the internet but want to add Kindle books. What are the key steps to follow? Check this out: 

  • Link your Kindle device to your PC via a USB cable. You must use a compatible cable that allows data transfer. 
  • On your PC, click the ‘Kindle Drive’ and then ‘Documents.’
  • Next, assume that the device you’ve linked is a Kindle Fire. Click Internal Storage to access the Books folder. 
  • Now you can copy and transfer the Books from the PC to the Kindle device. 
  • After the transfer is complete, remove the Kindle Drive. 


Kindle grants you access to a vast library of books. It is so vast that you can be sure to find any Amazon best seller on it. 

Moreover, you don’t require the internet to read the books after downloading them. 

But initially, you will need a connection to download them. We’ve also highlighted the downsides of reading with the WiFi switched on. 

Hence, now you know when to switch on/off the Kindle WiFi button for an excellent reading experience.