Home Hub Not Connected – A Comprehensive Guide

smart home management system

About Home Hub Not Connected, Having a home hub that is not connected can be quite frustrating. A home hub is a gadget that is the main remote for all your smart home accessories.  It manages aspects of the home, including entertainment, security, and temperature. However, having a home hub that is not connected can …

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Nest Note N260 – How Do You Fix This Error?

Smart thermostat

About Nest Note N260, The Nest Thermostat is a smart home system you can control and program remotely from your phone.  But as you may expect, this device can malfunction like any other smart home system.  A common problem several users face is the Nest Note N260 error code. In this article, we’ll explain the …

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Xplornet vs. Starlink Internet- Which One is Best for Rural Dwellers

Satellite internet

About Xplornet vs. Starlink Internet: High-speed internet has become necessary for internet enthusiasts such as gamers, movie streamers, and online workers.  However, the problem arises when you live in rural areas where both traditional and modern internet infrastructure are scarce or nonexistent.  Fortunately, Xplornet and Starlink can deliver high-speed internet in rural areas, ensuring you …

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Emulator Nvidia Shield – A Comprehensive Installation Procedure

Gaming on a big TV screen

About Emulator Nvidia Shield, Nvidia Shield TV is an excellent media player for streaming your favorite movies and shows in clear 4K UltraHD.  Moreover, the device features a powerful Tegra X1+ processor and 3GB  RAM, ideal for playing games on Geforce.  Besides streaming movies and playing Geforce games, the device can also support an emulator, …

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Ethernet Backhaul: How It Compares to Mesh Networks

Fiber Cables

Ethernet backhaul is one of the ways to improve the internet reach without compromising its speed and latency.  It’s the ideal alternative to installing wireless mesh networks by solving problems like WiFi dead zones.  In this guide, we explore the ideal scenarios when to use ethernet backhaul at the expense of mesh WiFi.  Besides, we’ll …

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Kindle Unlimited Not Working – How Can You Fix It?

Kindle App

About Kindle Unlimited Not Working, Picture a moment when you’re excited to read your favorite eBook in the Kindle Application only to find it malfunctioning.  The Amazon Kindle Unlimited not working is becoming common, sometimes despite having paid for the program. The challenges often range from only viewing download samples, being unable to return books, …

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How to Connect Roku With Bluetooth Devices – A Detailed Guide

Connecting Bluetooth speakers

How to Connect Roku With Bluetooth Devices? Roku is one of the best media devices for streaming TV shows and movies from your favorite platforms.  But to get a theater-like experience when watching a movie or streaming content on Roku, you need an external speaker.  While many ways exist to connect external speakers, one of …

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