How to Connect Roku With Bluetooth Devices – A Detailed Guide

How to Connect Roku With Bluetooth Devices? Roku is one of the best media devices for streaming TV shows and movies from your favorite platforms. 

But to get a theater-like experience when watching a movie or streaming content on Roku, you need an external speaker. 

While many ways exist to connect external speakers, one of the modern and most convenient ways is using Bluetooth.

 In this article, I will show you how to connect Roku with Bluetooth devices for private listening or immersive audio experience.

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Do Roku TVs Have Bluetooth

Roku TVs do not have universal Bluetooth support capabilities to support headphones and external speakers, or other devices. 

But the company manufactures its in-house Bluetooth that can only connect with Roku Sound Bar Pro and Roku TV Wireless Speakers.

 While you cannot connect other external devices to your Roku TV using the universal Bluetooth, the good news is there is still a way to circumvent this challenge. 

First, you can connect a Bluetooth transmitter to your TV via USB and use it to connect your devices. 

The other main way is to use the private listening feature that appears natively on the Roku Mobile app. 

In the latter method, you just pair your Bluetooth device to your smartphone and then enable the private listening feature on the app.

Smart TV

Smart TV

What Can You Do With Bluetooth on Roku

Bluetooth lets you connect external speakers, smartphones, soundbars, AirPods, and other devices with your Roku TV. 

From there, you can share files between your TV and a connected device or enjoy private or immersive audio. 

Unfortunately, as we said earlier, Roku TV does not support universal Bluetooth linking. 

As such, you must use Roku-branded soundbars, speakers, headphones, and a Roku streaming stick. 

While this looks like a move to encourage using an all-Roku device set, the company has recently developed the Private Listening feature. 

With this feature onboard on the Roku app, you can pair other Bluetooth-enabled devices and enjoy all universal Bluetooth capabilities.

A Roku Exclusive Feature – Private Listening

To use your non-Roku audio devices, such as speakers and Bluetooth headphones, the workaround here is the Private Listening feature. 

In addition to allowing Bluetooth connectivity, this feature allows you to use your smartphone as a remote. 

However, before using the feature, you must first connect your Roku TV and phone to the same WiFi network.

How Do I Use the Private Listening Feature?

Now that your phone and TV share the same network and your speakers are ready, here is how to use private listening:

  • First, download the Roku app from your device’s app store. The application is available from the Google play store for Android OS and Apple App Store for iPhone users.
  • Now launch the app, automatically prompting you to search for nearby Roku devices. 
  • Once the search is complete, your Roku TV will appear on the list of found devices.
  • Proceed to select it to pair your phone and TV. 
  • After the connection, a remote control will appear on your phone screen, which you can use to control your TV.
  • To enable Private Listening, the next step is to connect the audio device you want to use. 
  • To connect, just enable Bluetooth mode on your phone and an audio device like you would normally.
  • When the Bluetooth pairing is successful, launch the Roku app to access the remote control.
  • On the remote, locate the key with a headphone icon on the right side below the central scrolling keys.
  • Click on this headphone icon to enable private listening, and you should hear your Bluetooth speaker playing your Roku TV content.
Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones

Can Multiple People Use Private Listening at Once?

Yes, multiple people can use the private listening feature simultaneously. 

Apart from listening to audio from connected phones via Bluetooth, the features enable friends to share audio. 

However, there are some rules and prerequisites for this to happen. 

First, this feature cannot be used remotely, so friends must be in the same Bluetooth range. 

Again, the feature is limited to only four friends now, and all must be connected to the same WiFi. 

Additionally, each friend must use a phone, not a tablet, and download the Roku app. 

Lastly, you must ensure your connected Roku TV runs on OS version 8.1 or later. 

You can check your Roku TV OS version by visiting Sytem and clicking About. But do not worry much about the OS because Roku TVs download and update firmware automatically if connected to WiFi. 

If you have all the above criteria, now you can follow the process we discussed to enable Private listening with your friends.

How to Connect and Disconnect a Bluetooth Device to Your Roku

As we established, only a few devices, e.g., Roku smart speakers and soundbars, can connect directly to Roku TV via Bluetooth. 

However, to connect them ensure your phone, Roku TV, and audio device use the same WiFi Network. After you follow the above criteria, now you can connect them via the procedure below: 

  • Locate your Roku remote control and press the home button.
  • Now navigate to locate and select the settings menu
  • Then proceed to click remote and devices
  • Click smartphone and tablets 
  • In the resulting menu, click add new smartphone or tablet
  • Wait for a Bluetooth pairing prompt to pop up on your tv and proceed to set up on your smartphone.
  • Now enable the Bluetooth on your smartphone and open it
  • Lastly, please wait until your Roku device appears on your phone Bluetooth list, click it, and you are done.

You can stream your favorite movie on Netflix, and the sound will appear on your connected audio device. 

Note that you may encounter errors, such as video and audio being out of sync due to latency challenges associated with Bluetooth. 

When that happens, a simple restart or power cycle can solve the problem.

Bluetooth Icon

Bluetooth Icon

Disconnecting Bluetooth Device from Roku TV

Once you are done using any peripheral Bluetooth audio output, you can easily disconnect it when your want. 

Just press the home button on the remote control and access settings. From there, go to remotes and devices, then Bluetooth on the resulting menu.

 Select the device you wish to disable and press disconnect, and you will not use it again until your pair. 

Alternatively, you can use the app where you go to the connected devices and click on the one you want to disconnect.


The above methods connect Roku with Bluetooth devices, especially if you use old Roku TV models. 

However, the newer streaming and TV models, such as the Plus series 4k TV, may include Bluetooth capabilities.

 Additionally, if your app crashes and you cannot use the method above, you can purchase a Bluetooth adapter. 

Then connect it to your TV and use it to pair your external speakers or other devices.