Nvidia Shield TV Randomly Turning On- Here’s How To Solve It

About Nvidia Shield TV Randomly Turning On: If you own a Nvidia Shield TV and have lately experienced a weird instance where it turns on randomly, you’re in the right place. 

The streaming device allows you to watch your favorite channels on your TV and has plenty of cool features, such as a 4K cast, hands-free voice control, and Bluetooth compatibility. 

However, customers have noted the device turns on alone in some instances, and we have looked through the solutions in this article. 

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Check Shield TV Remote

Since it mainly uses the power plug to turn on/off, random movements or button presses from the remote may cause it to turn on.  

Ensure your remote doesn’t have any pressed-down buttons. If it does, try to dislodge it with a soft toothpick or the tip of your finger. 

You can also remove the remote’s batteries and leave them overnight to check for an issue with the remote’s hardware. 

Another way to do it is to reboot your Shield remote using the following steps. 

  1. Remove the batteries. 
  2. Simultaneously press and hold the Select and Home buttons. 
  3. Insert the batteries while still holding down until you hear a sound. 
  4. Hold down the  Select to pair the remote.
  5. Follow the steps on the screen to link your Shield remote. 

Remember to contact customer care if the problem persists. 

Disable HDMI-CEC 

Hand-holding tip of HDMI cable 

Hand-holding tip of HDMI cable 

We found out that turning off CEC settings was the most popular solution to solving this problem. 

The Customer Electronics Control is a new feature in HDMI that allows two devices to communicate seamlessly.

 The two devices can be controlled with one remote, including powering on/off. 

Therefore, if you want to switch on a device connected to the Shield TV, you can use its remote. 

But in most instances, the device may power on simply by turning on another device linked via the HDMI CEC. 

The fastest fix to this issue is turning the HDMI-CEC OFF for your convenience. The terminology may differ from brand to brand, so make sure it is the right setting. 

Here is a quick step–by–step guide to turn off your HDMI-CEC settings. 

  1. Go to tHome and click on Settings. 
  2. Choose Device Preferences and select Display and Sound. 
  3. Click Power Control and turn off all CEC commands. 

WiFi Settings

So, it’s quite obvious the Nvidia Shield TV rarely turns off unless someone removes the plug. Any internal or software settings may cause the device to turn on. 

For instance, your WiFi may automatically search for a network regardless of the power status. It means your device may turn on the moment it finds a connection. 

To turn off this option, follow these steps. 

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu and Select Network & Internet. 
  2. Turn off OFF Scanning “always an available option.” 

App-Related Issues

Extension file of apk 

Extension file of apk 

Sometimes, you may get notifications from your Nvidia Shield TV whenever it turns on randomly.

The most likely suspect here is push notifications on apps installed on your TV.

To know if you have such apps, here is how to disable them. 

  1. Go to settings and select Device Preferences. 
  2. Choose about and click on Status. 
  3. Go to Uptime to see details of the latest ON power status. 

If it shows Android (4500) or something similar, it may be due to the expected power process caused by the internal command system or a remote. Follow through for other possible issues. 

When the code shows something like Appblinkv2.1.1.comAppblink.push, app link, it’s likely caused by push notifications. 

Remove Sideloaded App Notifications

Sideloaded applications on your TV may sometimes bring up notifications or reminders because of the permissions granted. It can be a problem if the notifications wake the Shield TV. 

The only way to sort out this problem is to turn off notifications from the application or uninstall it completely. Here are quick steps to turn off notifications. 

  1. Head to Settings and click on Apps. 
  2. Select See All Apps. 
  3. Open the selected Sideloaded app.
  4. Navigate to Notifications and click on Disable. 

Repeat this process for similar sideloaded apps.  

Clear Cache

If you’ve already disabled notifications from your Shield TV, we recommend clearing the cache. The cache is a temporary storage of files running on the TV that can cause it to turn on randomly.

Getting rid of the cache reduces the chances of turning it on and makes the software run faster.

To do this on your Nvidia Shield TV, go to App Settings on the TV and choose Clear cache. Also, uninstall any unnecessary apps you suspect may cause the TV to slow down. 

Update Your Shield TV

Once you have confirmed that the random power ONs have no linkage with the remote or connection settings, it’s time to look closer at your Shield TV. 

Sometimes, the TV can malfunction and make your device make unexpected changes. It may be a temporary bug or outdated software not responding. 

A TV update is key to removing temporary bugs and issues that trigger notifications or wake your device. Regularly searching for updates ensures the Shield TV is running smoothly and safer from technical issues. 

Go through these steps for updates on your Shield TV. 

  1. Open Settings 
  2. Choose Device Preferences. 
  3. Click About. 
  4. Select System Upgrade 

Power Cycle and Factory Reset

Factory reset printed on the device 

Factory reset printed on the device 

If you still feel the issue lies within the Shield TV, try power cycling or rebooting your device once you pass the standard troubleshooting tests. 

The power cycle method is straightforward, and you unplug the power cable and leave it off for about 30 seconds before plugging it back in.

 If this solution does not work, you can try a factory reset. A factory reset wipes out all settings and personal preferences on your Shield TV. 

So, let’s see how you can do the factory reset in the following steps. 

  1. Go to Settings on the home menu and click on Device Preferences. 
  2. Select Storage & Reset. 
  3. Choose Factory Data Reset.
  4.  Confirm the Reset by clicking on Erase Everything. 

Other Solutions To Nvidia Shield TV Random Turning ON

Finally, we have a few more fixes for the above methods that do not work. Let us know if they’ll work. 

  • Switch OFF Google Assistant.  It can be easy to turn on your device, especially when you connect to Google Assistant. This feature automatically activates the voice recognition on your Shield remote, consequently turning it on. To switch this feature off, Select Settings>System>Disable OK Google”. 
  • Shield TV Linked via AVR. Your device may turn on if it is linked via an AVR cable. This connection usually works with the CEC and can turn on your Nvidia Shield TV if you power on any connected device. 
  • Search for Interference. If your TV is connected to another smart device or TV and has a generic remote, your Shield TV may wake up whenever you power on the other devices. The only solution is to place your devices as far away from the Shield TV as possible. 


There are many ways to fix your Nvidia Shield TV if it turns ON erratically. These fixes may depend on the cause of the problem, from software to hardware.

 Each situation is unique, so we compiled a comprehensive list of fixes. If you still find the same issue after trying out these solutions, contact Nvidia Shield customer care and explain all the troubleshooting.