Airplay Not Working on Roku – Fix It with These 10 Simple Steps

Have you ever experienced a video playback issue or a black screen error suggestive of your Airplay not working on Roku TV?

Especially if you aim to stream videos and music using the Airplay feature on your Roku TV.

There are several reasons why the Airplay is not working on your Roku TV. It could be a different internet connection, incompatible gadgets, a huge distance between the Apple device and Roku TV, or weak online connectivity.

In today’s article, we will explain ten proven ways that can turn around the challenge.

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Check the Compatibility of the Device

Generally, Apple devices and newer versions of Roku TV can support Airplay. Any other device will not be compatible. Therefore, ensure the Apple device supporting Airplay has the latest macOS or iOS version.

Usually, 10.14.5 or greater software versions will suffice the Airplay in macOS devices, while iOS 12.3 or higher is ideal in iPad/iPhone devices.

For the Roku TV, go to the official webpage > Settings > System. Tap the About option and check the system features and requirements for Airplay.

Restart your Streaming Device or Roku TV

While it may sound obvious, this simple act may help your AirPlay work again. The reason for the malfunction could be an overheated device if left on for a long time or unknown glitches causing it to freeze or lag. 

First, after unplugging your TV, hold its power button for half a second to ensure the TV drains any residual power. The procedure helps the TV soft reset.

Alternatively, you can press the ‘Home’ button on your Roku Streaming Stick or Roku TV remote, then head to the ‘Power’ option via ‘Settings’ and ‘System.’

Next, choose the System Restart option. Wait approximately one minute, then plug in your Roku device and TV. The Apple Airplay and TV should start working again once you run power through them.

Also, remember to restart your Apple device during this process.

Airplay application and service by Apple

(Airplay application and service by Apple)

Check if Airplay is on

Thirdly, double-check to affirm whether the Airplay is switched off or not on the television.

Sometimes, resetting the Roku TV may put the Airplay feature out of action. As such, you won’t see the Roku TV option when pairing it with an Airplay.

Steps: Go to the Roku TV homepage, then to ‘Settings.’ Then, select ‘Apple Airplay & Homekit.’ Finally, turn the device on by clicking Airplay.

Note: If there’s still no Airplay and Apple option, update the software on the device or Roku TV.

Enable Fast TV Start

Unless you turn on the Fast TV star feature on the TV, you won’t be able to stream Airplay.

  • For your Roku Streambar: Home > Settings > System > Power > Fast Start > Turn on ‘Fast Start.’
  • For your Roku TV: Home > Setting > System > Power > Fast TV start > Enable ‘Fast TV start’

Make Sure Devices are on the Same Network

All routers currently work on a dual-band which means radio transmissions, thus providing two distinct networks in your home (5.0GHz or 2.4GHz networks).

You must connect your devices to a similar network to ensure your Airplay works.

The two network bands provide faster speeds, greater flexibility, and augment stability while averting interferences and communication issues.

But, connecting, let’s say, Roku to a 2.4GHz network and your Apple device to a 5.0GHz network will disrupt Roku’s Airplay. Therefore, only switch to one Wi-Fi network for ease.

Reset Roku TV Network

Sometimes, the issue is your internet connection. Often, streaming several videos will need you to have strong and fast internet. To reset your Roku TV network, follow the procedure below:

Home > Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Network Connection Reset> Reset Connection.

Turn Off the Firewall Protection

Normally, firewall protection limits connections of Mac devices from unwanted services and programs. Therefore, to permit any connection request from the Roku TV, you must turn off the firewall security.

Find the ‘Apple Menu,’ then select Preferences > Security and Privacy. On the Firewall security wall, pick ‘Turn off Firewall.’

Firewall security concept

(Firewall security concept)

Update Roku TV Device

Under normal circumstances, your Roku Television device will automatically update itself to the latest version. Unfortunately, sometimes you will have to do the update manually. Once done, you should have solved the Airplay streaming issues.

  • Click the Home button on the TV remote.
  • Then, proceed to Settings > System > System Update.
  • Now, select ‘Check Now.’ From there, the television will automatically download and install newer and available updates. After the update is complete, the Roku device will restart.

Factory Rest Roku TV

Factory resetting means going back to the beginning setup mode. The process detaches your account from the device, readjusts the settings, and erases all installed apps.

This step is only advisable if all other methods fail to resolve your issue. It might take time, but eventually, you can easily configure the Roku TV with Airplay.

Steps: Press the Home button on the Roku TV remote. Secondly, continue to ‘Settings > System > Advanced System Settings’ and choose the ‘Factory Reset option.

If you do not wish to factory reset your devices, consider contacting Customer Care.

Contact Roku TV support.

Lastly, if none of the above options are working, consider contacting the customer support of Roku TV and Apple. They will be able to guide you through a feasible solution.

If possible, you can take the devices to their store or request them to send an expert when the phone instructions don’t work.

Contacting customer service for assistance

(Contacting customer service for assistance) 

How to Setup AirPlay on a Roku TV?

Setting up the Airplay feature on the television for streaming and controlling media is quite simple.

Remote control with Apple and Airplay on display

(Remote control with Apple and Airplay on display)

  • First and foremost, ensure the Roku TV has the latest software update.
  • On the Roku remote, click ‘Home,’ then go to ‘Settings’ and pick ‘Apple Airplay and Homekit.’
  • Thirdly, turn the Airplay on, then settle for the option you’re interested in that’ll help during code connection. Usually, we could recommend choosing ‘First-Time Only.’
  • Now, go to your Apple device. Swipe down the top bar to access the quick actions menu, then click ‘Screen Mirroring.’ Once the list appears, select the device you’re connecting and type the code that pops up on the TV into your phone. The screen mirroring process will instantaneously begin indicating a successful connection.
  • If you want to stream on apps such as YouTube, select the video, click the casting icon at the upper right-hand corner, then choose Roku TV. Ensure the audio comes from your television and not the phone.


We hope either of the ten steps above helped you correct the Airplay situation. 

However, if every troubleshooting approach does not work, including contacting customer care, perhaps it’s time to replace the device. You can always check our website or contact us for more expert opinions.