Starlink Best Effort: How Compares to Other Options

Starlink Best effort plan has been a revolutionary move that has helped the company better serve its ever-ballooning customer base. 

The company continues to grow in leaps and bounds, and due to its demand, some customers are yet to be connected today. 

So how has Starlink Best Effort assisted those on the waitlist? It is what we’re discussing today. 

Our article explores the defining features of the Best effort plan and compares it to other satellite internet services. 

It’s a proxy of the Starlink Residential package that the company provides to individuals who have paid for the kit but are on the waitlist.

Starlink realized there was a need to find a solution for the thousands of customers waiting for a connection after paying. 

So they came up with an option of ensuring that they could guarantee internet to these subscribers. Nonetheless, this internet is at a lower speed than regular Starlink Residential clients. 

A Happy Internet User Browsing in the Backyard. 

The undertone of this arrangement is that Starlink Best Effort customers are under the deprioritized list. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean their internet access speeds are always slow.

The deprioritization is only during peak hours of between 7 am to 11 pm. 

Otherwise, Starlink Best Effort customers can access top speeds just like Starlink Residential clients during off-peak hours.

Also, Starlink Best Effort is exempt from the Residential package’s 1TB data cap since they are already at low speeds. 

So while on the package, you can use the internet without fearing Starlink will downgrade you to a lower speed. Also, you can pause the deal anytime and wait until the company upgrades you to the residential plan. 

But don’t entirely cancel Starlink’s Best effort, as it means the company will remove you from its waitlist. 

What speeds will I get with Best Effort?

A Business Woman on a Video Call. 

A Business Woman on a Video Call. 

Starlink Best Effort doesn’t guarantee top speeds, but this package will still help you perform some basic browsing tasks. On average, the upload speeds are between 2-10 Mbps, which is quite decent. 

The download speed is between 5 to 50Mbps, and the good thing about this internet is that it doesn’t have a data cap. So despite the relatively lower speeds, you are sure it can’t get worse than 5Mbps. 

Its latency is also low at between 25 and 50 ms. So again, when there’s low traffic, you can engage in internet-intensive activities such as video calling. 

A Workstation outside an RV Camper. 

A Workstation outside an RV Camper. 

How does Starlink Best Effort compare to Starlink RV and the typical residential package? The table below is a summary that provides a detailed side-by-side comparison of the three. 

Starlink Best EffortStarlink Residential Starlink RV/ Roam
Average Download Speeds.5 to 100 Mbps25 to 100 Mbps5 to 50 Mbps
Average Upload Speeds.1-10 Mbps5-10 Mbps2-10 Mbps
Does the Package have a data cap?No NoNo
Latency/ Ping RateLess than 99 ms25 to 50 msLess than 99 ms
Monthly Charge$110$120$150
Hardware Acquisition ChargeOne-time fee of $599. Either $599 or $2500, depending on the dish type. One-time payment of $599

So which is the best option between Starlink Best Effort and Starlink Roam now that it’s apparent that they share some of their features? The bottom line is that it all depends on your scenario. 

For instance, if you’re a travel enthusiast, Starlink Best Effort will not serve you well as its service is for the stationary user. Hence, the Starlink RV option is the best in this case. 

Also, since the Best Effort service is an intermediary stage for the Starlink Residential package, we cannot advise you to pick one at the expense of the other. 

So if you qualify for the Best Effort, wait patiently for your turn for the company to upgrade your package. 

How can I tell if I have the Best Effort?

Browsing at home. 

Browsing at home. 

Often some people don’t know when Starlink has automatically transferred their package from Best Efferot service to the regular Residential type. So here’s a simple way to check out your status. 

  • First, log in to Starlink’s website via your details, then select the ‘Manage’ tab. 
  • Earlier, we highlighted that Starlink’s Best Effort service allows you to pause usage if you’re not okay with the speeds they are offering. So if you find this pause option, Starlink has yet to upgrade your package. 

Moreover, Starlink always informs its customers when they perform an upgrade by emailing them to confirm it. 

So until you receive this confirmation, you’re still on the Starlink Best Effort. You’re probably wondering how long it takes before Starlink transfers you to the residential plan. 

It varies and depends on the number of available satellites and where you live. It may take some time if you’re in a densely populated area. 

Will I keep my spot on the waitlist?

A happy woman is browsing the internet. 

A happy woman is browsing the internet. 

Yes. If you take up the Starlink Best Effort Service, it doesn’t mean that you’re no longer on the waitlist.

 Your spot remains relevant as this package is, at best, an intervention measure to help you receive internet while awaiting the upgrade. 

It differs from the Starlink Roam arrangement, whereby you will not be on any waitlist.

 The Roam customers will have to apply for Residential service if they want to use the internet from a stationary point. 


Yes. Don’t cancel the service entirely if you still want to remain on the Starlink Residential Waitlist. Instead, go for the service pausing option, which means you can resume anytime. 

Also, pausing means that you’re still on the waitlist, and when there’s a chance, Starlink will automatically upgrade you to a residential plan. 

How does Best Effort Compare to HughesNet and Viasat?

Despite being arguably the slowest Starlink better package, Starlink Best Effort remains a viable alternative to competitors like HughesNet and ViaSat

First, this is because Starlink Best Effort is not always slow. They are times when this internet service is at par with Starlink Residential. 

Secondly, Starlink Best Service relies on the company’s satellites in low earth orbit. 

The satellite’s positioning guarantees faster communication with ground receivers than for others, such as Viasat and HughesNet, that use geostationary satellites

Therefore, on their low network times, Starlink’s Best effort is better than either of the two satellite internet options. 


Take the bold step of subscribing to this company’s internet and if they designate you to the waitlist, then opt into the Starlink Best Effort plan.

 It will be useful in the short term as you will immediately start using the internet as you await an upgrade.

 And since the company is always launching satellites, the upgrade won’t take long, so it’ll be with the wait. Adios, and we wish you the best of service with Starlink.