Wyze Error Code 90 – How To Easily Resolve

About Wyze Error Code 90, Wyze cameras are some of the most affordable security cameras in the market, costing just a fraction of other brands.

 They have several innovative features, including a customized app that helps you retrieve your recordings easily.

 However, this app is prone to several errors, including the error code 90. This error means you are offline and can be frustrating, especially when you want to access the video footage.

 Luckily, I have compiled vital tips on troubleshooting Wyze error code 90 to help you shun this frustration when it occurs.

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What is Wyze Error Code 90?

This error means your security camera is offline. A serious communication glitch can render your ability to access the footage from that camera futile.

 In addition, your camera may be unable to record since it relies on the server to record, store, and retrieve videos. 

This communication failure, therefore, means your whole system is ineffective in securing your perimeter. 

This issue has many causes, but let’s look at each and how to resolve the error.

Error metaphor

Error metaphor

How to Fix Wyze Error Code 90

Lets us discuss detailed tips for solving the issue:

Check the Wyze Camera Hardware

Camera deformity can cause hindrances when it comes to connectivity. Therefore, the first step is to check the condition of your camera. 

While small scratches might be fine, a major breakdown, such as a broken lens, may be catastrophic. 

Additionally, if the camera is outside, it might be exposed to wear and tear that can cause damage hence network drop.

 If you identify any serious visible damage, ensure you replace the camera or take it to a trained technician for repair.

You might also want to ensure the connection is fine while examining the camera. Check the cables to ensure they are connected properly and not damaged.

 If damaged, consider replacing them with Wyze cables or buy from a reputable brand.

Lastly, when checking the camera hardware, check the microSD to ensure it is functional. 

Sometimes these storage devices can be incompatible or worn out with time which can cause the error. To check the microSD, remove and insert it in your phone to check if it’s functional.

Inspecting a camera cable

Inspecting a camera cable

Unpair and Pair the Wyze Camera on the Wyze App

Sometimes a simple disconnection can resolve the issues successfully. Here you need to unpair the camera displaying the error and pair it again. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Wyze companion app on your smartphone
  2. Click the pencil icon to display edit available devices and rule
  3. Select edit device to display paired cameras and devices
  4. Tap the red button appearing beside the camera with an issue
  5. It pops up a message to confirm the deletion or cancel
  6. Select delete to remove the camera from the app, and you are done

After deleting, the next phase is to re-add the camera to the app using the following steps:

  1. Open the Wyze app on your phone
  2. On the home page, tap the plus icon to add devices and other information to your app.
  3. Click add device to help you add a camera, a doorbell, or other devices
  4. Click ‘add a camera,’ and choose the camera you want to add, and you are done

For a successful connection, ensure your Wi-Fi is functional so the app can detect your devices.

Check your Internet Connection

As we said earlier, Wyze cameras use the internet to function normally. Therefore, the error code 90 might result from a bad connection. 

Before any Wi-Fi troubleshooting, note that these cameras are only compatible with home, not public Wi-Fi.

NoTheirst troubleshooting is to check your router for lights indicating a network problem. 

You might also want to restart your router or use a phone or a laptop to confirm it’s functional.

 Also, consider checking the hardware and cables to ensure everything is physically fine with your network.

 If the internet is not functional on your phone, check with your ISP to know if they can help.

After all the above troubleshooting and still the camera displayed an error, consider changing the Wi-Fi band. 

Most routers come with a 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band connection, but the Wyze camera does not work with the 5GHz. 

So ensure your router is set to 2.4GHz to ensure the camera connects.

Additionally, while most routers have default security protocol as WPA/WPA2 enabled, consider checking to be sure. Follow the steps below:

  1. Connect to the Wi-Fi using a phone or a laptop
  2. Login to the Wi-fi gateway portal using (this may differ depending on the router model)
  3. Scroll to the settings section
  4. Locate security settings that allow you to control the WPA settings
  5. Select the WPA/WPA 2 protocol and save
  6. Restart your modem and then pair your cameras to see if it works
Searching the web to test connection

Searching the web to test connection

Power Cycle Your Wyze Cameras

The power cycle is a tried and tested method for solving issues with most electronic devices. 

Therefore, if your Wyze cameras display the error code 90, it should be the first method to try. 

The power cycle method also resolves issues such as the camera not recording to microSD or not sensing motion. 

A deep restart reboots your device and clears all temporary bugs. It clears internal charges that may have clogged your device’s components, thus giving it a fresh start. 

To perform a power cycle on your cameras, follow the steps below:

  1. Without switching off the socket, unplug the camera that has an issue
  2. Let it remain on and unplugged for about a minute
  3. Re-plug it into the socket and unplug it after a few seconds
  4. Repeat the process three times, letting the camera sit idle for a minute between cycles.
  5. After the last unplugging, let the camera remain off for about a minute
  6. Lastly, plug it into the socket and restart it, and it’s ready for use

Factory Reset Your Wyze Camera

Like any technological gadget, factory resetting in Wyze cameras can clear bugs and unwanted settings. Even so, it doesn’t work on the outdoor cameras.

 Therefore for this camera, choose the other troubleshooting alternatives displayed here. The following are steps for factory resetting the Wyze camera:

  1. Disengage and remove the camera’s MicroSD
  2. Power the camera on and plug it into the socket
  3. Locate the setup button on the bottom of the camera
  4. Press and hold this button for about 20 seconds
  5. Wait for sometimes, for the camera to factory reset. Sometimes the process can take up to 5 minutes, so be patient
  6. Once reset, it will start blinking, meaning it’s ready for reconnection.

*For the video doorbell and video doorbell pro cameras, press the reset button on the doorbell. Ensure the cameras are on with microSD removed before resetting.

Resetting CCTV camera

Resetting CCTV camera

Re-flash Camera Firmware

If the already discussed methods don’t work, it’s time to get deeper – the re-flashing. 

This method involves removing and replacing the current firmware with a functional one.

While Wyze updates its firmware regularly to enhance functionality, sometimes, the new firmware works the opposite. 

It may come with bugs that hinder functionality, especially if it’s meant to improve the camera. 

The good news is that you can replace the existing firmware with a former version that didn’t have glitches. 

However, the bad news is that you may lose some camera functionalities. Here are thorough steps for re-flashing Wyze camera firmware:

  1. Head to the Wyze support site and download the firmware that you wish. If not sure, download the second from the current one.
  2. After downloading, extract it and name it demo.bin or demo_wcv3.bin in the case of the V3 camera.
  3. Format the MicroSD using FAT32, then connect it to your computer using an SD card adapter.
  4. Copy the renamed file into the card, remove it, and insert it into your camera.
  5. Power the camera on and press the reset button until its LED lights turn purple.
  6. Let the camera stay idle for about five minutes to initiate the flashing.
  7. Once it starts blinking, it’s ready for reconnection.

Reinstall the Wyze App

Sometimes the app could be the culprit. After all, glitches are normal with apps, but updating or reinstalling them can solve the issue. 

You just need to uninstall the app and the associated files from your device. Then head to the Play Store or App Store and install the app afresh.

Contact Wyze Support for Help

Although unlikely, you might be unable to solve Error code 90 using the above-discussed methods. 

It would be best if you connected the support for assistance. Here you submit a ticket to the support, and someone from the company will contact you.


You have all the available methods to solve the Wyze Error code 90 and regain your security. If you can’t resolve the issue, please get in touch with support.