How To Connect Nest thermostat To WiFi – Nest Thermostat Troubleshooting

How To Connect Nest thermostat To WiFi? If you’re one of the savvy homeowners, you’ve probably heard of the Nest thermostat.

The AI-enabled device predicts your temperature preferences and adjusts automatically with time.

The Nest thermostat is only very effective when connected to the internet, and if you’re having issues connecting it, we’re here for you.

This guide gives every step to connect Nest to wifi, fix any connection issues, and explore offline features for your smart home. 

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How To Connect Nest Thermostat to WiFi?

So for the new Nest thermostat owners, here is a step-by-step guide on connecting the device to WiFi. 

  1. First, go to the Quick View menu and look for Settings. 
  2. Choose the Setting icon and then select Network. If you have your Wi-Fi on, there should be a list of WiFI networks displayed on the screen. 
  3. Locate your WiFi network and select it. 
  4. Choose Done to finalize these steps. 

Connect Nest Thermostat to Hidden WiFI?

If you have set your WiFI network to hidden, you need some information about the router. 

This process will require the router’s SSID, password, and security type. 

If you can’t find the three, just browse on a different network, go to the router’s homepage, and search for the details.

 Each router has specific SSIDs and network credentials, so you need to ensure you have the router model right. 

Some service providers print this information on the routers for easy access. 

Once you have the information, carefully follow these steps: 

  1. Power the thermostat and go to the menu 
  2. Use the ring to explore the menu and select Settings. 
  3. In settings, go to network and select it. 
  4. Go to the Other WiFi Network option and select by pressing the thermostat
  5. Enter the network’s name, SSID, and security type. 
  6. Press Done and wait for a few seconds. 
  7. The thermostat will register the network information and connect to the internet in a few seconds. 

Reset the WiFi Information On Your Nest Thermostat

Man resetting thermostat in the home 

Man resetting thermostat in the home 

It is easy to change your Nest Thermostat’s WiFi information, provided you have a few minutes to spare.

 In essence, you’ll need to remove the thermostat from your Google Home app and start the setup process. 

For this process, you’ll need to access both the thermostat and your Home app. 

  1. Open the Google Home app and choose your Nest thermostat shown on the screen. 
  2. Select Settings, then choose Remove. 
  3. Now go to your thermostat and select Account. 
  4. Choose “Disconnect.”
  5. Now let’s go back to the home app and select the plus icon on the upper left corner of the screen. 
  6. Choose Set Up Nest Product” to register a new Nest thermostat 
  7. Scan the QR code at your Thermostat’s back through the Google Home app. 
  8. Read the instructions and follow until the “Get Started” phase and select “Already Installed.”
  9. Go to the WiFI setup page and find your new network. If your network is hidden, follow the steps above to setup. 

How To Fix The Nest Thermostat Not Connecting To WiFi

If your thermostat is not connecting to the internet or showing offline, here are some good fixes. 

Thermostat display image 

Thermostat display image 

Inspect Nest Services

Before anything, ensure that Nest services are up and running. 

Contact Nest and see if there is some sort of maintenance or outage on their end. If it works fine, the issue is from inside the house. 

Restart The Device

Another way to fix offline issues is the restart by turning the thermostat on and off and on again in a few seconds.

 Instead of cold restarting the device, go to Settings>Reset>Restart>OK. As you wait for it to restart, unplug your router, wait up to 30 seconds, then switch it back on. 

These reboots can update your Nest router settings and allow them to communicate again. 

To check if it works, go to the Nest homepage and see if it says “Online.” If not, we can proceed to the Nest solution. 

Check Batteries

The Nest batteries need enough power to run, and whenever they’re below 3.6 V, it does not function properly.

 To check the battery power, head to the Technical info part and click Power. 

The battery voltage is the first number that displays. If it is above 3.6, you’re good to go.

 If it is below, you need to check the wiring or unplug the power cable and plug it back in.

 Sometimes the wiring may not be the issue, and you’ll have to contact a professional technician to sort you out. 

Update The System Software

Sometimes, the firmware could be outdated, which brings the connection problem. 

This process is only applicable if your thermostat is receiving the common “w5” error. 

To check this error, go to Settings > Software > Update and see if the display shows the “w5” error.

 The update should install once you’re on this page, and when it does, try to connect to your WiFi network again. 

If it is not connected, you might want to consider a free replacement from Google Nest. 

Nest Thermostat Won’t Connect To App

Thermostat app on mobile phone 

Thermostat app on mobile phone 

Nest Thermostat can sometimes refuse to connect to the app for various reasons such as poor WiFi connection, improper setup, and other thermostat issues.

 If you’re experiencing problems with your thermostat, here are a few solutions. 

Check Internet Connection

Your internet is the number one place to check whenever the Nest thermostat won’t connect to the app

Also, ensure the internet is strong by testing the WiFi on another device like your phone. In a nutshell, Google recommends WiFi bands at 2.4 GHz. 

Check For the Latest App Version

Ensure you have the latest version of the Nest app or Google Home on your phone. Otherwise, check for updates and download the newest version. 

To update your app, search the app store and search for the Nest app or Google Home. Click on the preferred app and check for any new updates. 

If so, update your app and wait until it’s done. 

Restart Your Nest Thermostat

You can reset your thermostat using the software boot or hardware boot. To do the software boot, select Quick View Menu on the thermostat and click Settings > Reset. 

Tap done and wait for the software operating system to reboot. 

For hardware, simply unplug the power cable, wait for about 30 seconds, and plug it in again. 

This method usually works by clearing all the minor bugs, errors, or glitches in the system. 

Will Nest Still Work If The Internet Goes Down?

WiFi logo showing internet connection issue 

WiFi logo showing internet connection issue 

Most of Nest’s standard features work without the internet. So, you can access all features that rely on the thermostat’s internal system. 

Such features that work when the internet is down include temperature sensors, temperature schedules, thermostat history, and the Nest Leaf eco feature. 

All these will work when the WiFi is down and can be adjusted on the device’s ring. 

However, the internet enables the device’s communication with the mobile phone, so the Nest app and smart integrations won’t work unless there is WiFi. 

What Features Can I Use Without Internet Connection?

  • Thermostat History and Analytics. Nest collects your temperature data without WiFi and keeps three months’ temperature records in its local drive. You can access this information without the Internet. 
  • Temperature schedules. Scheduling can be done on the thermostat and functions without the internet. Even if you set a schedule via the mobile app, it will work as instructed. However, any scheduling changes on the mobile app won’t work without the internet. 
  • Temperature sensors. Any feature that uses the thermostat will work offline. Your device can still control and detect the room temperature automatically without a WiFi connection. 
  • Nest Leaf Eco feature. This feature shows a green or yellow leaf in the thermostat showing the best temperatures that save energy. The Nest leaf will work without the Internet though it is more efficient at analyzing external factors when connected to the Internet. 


Most people are experiencing the Nest thermostat issue of not connecting to WiFi. 

However, we hope this guide has answered many of your questions and provides solutions to internet connections.

 A simple reset might work if your Nest thermostat has small bugs, but sometimes it may need a free replacement. 

Thermostats are intelligent ways to save on energy bills, and it only makes sense when they are at optimum performance. 

Finally, remember to check your connections before any troubleshooting.