How to Connect Wyze Camera to Wi-Fi – A Simple and Effective Guide

How to Connect Wyze Camera to Wi-Fi? There is nothing as appealing to a homeowner as home security, and one such way of doing so is by using cameras.

Wyze cameras offer high-quality camera footage, are perfectly compact hence saving on space, and are cost-effective, enhancing home safety.

Like any other smart home gadget, a Wyze cam needs an internet connection to operate. The process usually involves several steps, like updating Wi-Fi connections.

Our article today delves deeper into how to connect the Wyze camera to Wi-Fi. 

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How do I Connect Wyze Camera to Wi-Fi?

Advantages of connecting Wyze cam to Wi-Fi

  • Receiving remote access to the cameras
  • Getting alerts when running your errands far from home
  • Alerting you on any motion
  • Acquiring live notifications
  • Retrieving live camera and video feed
Businessman using home security camera on tablet PC

(Businessman using home security camera on tablet PC)

Step-by-step guide

  • Start by downloading and installing the Wyze application on your phone, then open the app.
  • Secondly, access the Wyze camera login page.
  • Next, provide a power supply to the Wyze camera. Wait for approximately 30 seconds till the camera becomes yellow, then click and hold down the camera’s setup button. A pin or toothpick might come in handy since the button is small.
  • Back to the Wyze application, press the three-dotted icon (ellipsis) on the upper right section.
  • Click the ‘Add a Product’ option and pick the device you must incorporate (such as a bulb, sensor, pan, or Wyze cam).
  • After that, you will see the Wyze camera setup window on your screen. Follow the guidelines when needed and let it rest for a few minutes.
  • When prompted to choose a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, insert your current password. 

Note: Wyze cameras don’t function on 5GHz networks.

  • There’s a QR code on the Wyze camera application on your smartphone. Scan it and look out for the ‘QR Code Scanner’ sound. You can also rescan if you hear no sound. Once done, press the ‘I heard the voice command’ button. When done correctly, you’ll notice the indicator light changing to blue.
  • Now that you have paired the network and Wyze Camera, you can complete any following on-screen prompts, like giving your device a name. 

How do I Change Wi-Fi on Wyze Camera?

Changing the internet connection on your Wyze camera starts with reconnecting your camera to the phone app. It is similar to wanting to set up the camera.

As a result, you’ll get an updated Wi-Fi network setting on the cam with zero interference on supplementary configurations. 

Wireless internet router

(Wireless internet router)

Often, you’ll need to remove or reset the Wyze cam from your phone app for the process to work. It is because repetitions might override the network settings.

N/B: The process accommodates Wyze Pan, v3, v2, and v3 cameras.

But, when considering Wyze outdoor cameras, disconnect your camera from the phone first. Then, configure your settings anew to alter the Wi-Fi network settings.


  1. If you don’t have the Wyze app, download and install it, then set up your account.
  2. After launching the device on your, click the top left ‘plus’ icon and choose Ádd Device’ when the option appears.
  3. Select ‘cameras’ on the list of device categories, and pick the camera version and type you possess.
  4. Connect the Wyze cam to a power supply till you see a red/orange blinking light, then press ‘Next.’
  5. Locate and tap the Setup button beneath or behind the camera and wait for the “Ready to connect” voice prompt. Press next afterward.
  6. Choose the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, then insert your password before clicking ‘Next.’
  7. Scan the QR code on your phone using the Wyze camera, wait for the voice prompt, then click ‘Next.’
  8. Choose a name for your device and complete any remaining prompts where necessary.
  9. You can also update your firmware by clicking ‘Upgrade now.’
  10. Finally, you can configure the Wyze camera through the app to suit your setting needs.

Updating Firmware on a Wyze Camera

Normally, updating firmware differs based on your availability to connect the device to a network or not, as we will see below.

How to Update Firmware on a Wyze Camera Using the Phone’s App

If the device connects to a Wi-Fi network, use the procedure here.

  1. First, access the Wyze cam on your phone’s Wyze app.
  2. Then, tap the settings icon. It’s on the screen’s upper-right region.
  3. Select ‘Device Info,’ then click the Firmware Version to check for an upgrade choice.
  4. If there’s an upgrade option, install the app and repeat the connection process. If there isn’t any, it means you’re up to par and may proceed.

How to Manually Update Firmware on a Wyze Camera

Contrarily, having no internet connection on your camera will force you to upgrade the firmware manually.

  1. Proceed to the ‘Wyze Release Notes and Firmware Page,’ then find your camera firmware.
  2. Remember to insert your cam’s microSD card into the PC.
  3. Next, go to the first folder on the microSD card to retrieve the files to the root directory.
  4. Turn off the camera, then reinsert the SD card in it.
  5. After that, press and hold the camera’s setup button and plug in your USB cable. Continue pressing the button until you get a blue (for Wyze Cam Pam and Wyze Cam v2) or purple light (Wyze Cam v3).
  6. Wait for about four minutes for the camera to pick up the update.

How to Fix Wyze Camera Not Connecting?

Sometimes, you may be having trouble connecting the Wyze camera. Not to worry because we will show you how to fix some of the problems.

Restart your Home Router and Wyze Cam

The first and most important step is rebooting your house’s wireless router and camera, popularly known as ‘power cycling.’

Often, the network issue will resolve itself immediately and permanently. Restart the Wyze camera and router by removing it from the electric outlet for seconds before connecting it.

If you notice no change, continue to the next troubleshooting step.



Inspect your Wi-Fi network Password and SSID.

Check the password and SSID for the Wi-Fi network.

Ensure the Wyze camera links to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, then add your phone to the connection before integrating the cam.

At the same time, verify and double-check that the password you’ve inserted is the right one.

Ensure that your Wyze Cam Firmware is Up-to-Date

If the password and SSID are correct, confirm the firmware is conversant with the current app system for effective action.

  • Therefore, go to the Wyze app, choose the cam with an issue, and click the ‘Settings gear icon’ at the top-right segment.
  • Go down the app and select ‘Device Info.’
  • Finally, verify that the ‘Firmware Version’ section has an upgraded system.

If you already disabled the surveillance device from the mobile application or have not yet uploaded it to the application, ensure the firmware currently installed on your webcam must match the manufacturer’s firmware.

You’ll see it inscribed on the sticker attached to your camera’s underside.

To flash the Wyze camera to the most recent firmware, you’ll need an adapter, a microSD card, and a computer. The entire process might take 5-6 minutes, and the camera will restart once it’s over.

Disable the Mac Filtering on the Router

This fourth problem means you’ll only access the Wi-Fi network using approved devices, sometimes omitting the Wyze Camera.

Thus, if you turn off the Mac filtering, you might rectify the situation on your router.

Different router models and designs usually have specific settings in distinct menus. When you find it, uncheck the ‘Enable Mac filtering’ choice. Next, save the new camera configuration.

Moving forward, you’ll have less trouble connecting your Wyze camera to the network.

Your Wifi Signal Must be Strong Enough

Weak and unstable network signals are a nightmare for connecting your cam to Wi-Fi.

Most times, it’s rooted in your area, having barriers like walls or the router being distant from the Wyze Camera.

Security camera on a wall

(Security camera on a wall)

The best solution here is to keep the router and the camera at a close distance. A Wi-Fi booster or extender may also suffice and provide wide network coverage. If the signal is too weak, consider switching to a new Wi-Fi network with an excellent signal.

Factory Reset your Wyze Camera

If no troubleshooting attempt has been successful thus far, consider factory resetting the Wyze Camera connection. Locate the Setup button beneath the camera, then long-press it for ten seconds.

But, if you’re using Wyze Cam V1, long-press the button for 30 seconds. After restarting, add the Wyze camera to the app and begin the setup process.

At all times, this should be your final resort before contacting Customer care.

Reach out to Wyze Customer Care

Now may be a good time to contact Wyze Customer Care. Fortunately, you will interact with a helpful and highly skilled team who’ll help you shortly.

If you’re still within the warranty period, you may get a refund or replacement for your camera.

Customer service support

(Customer service support)

Visit their website to get your ticket or call their helpline. 


Constantly resetting your Wyze cam after moving into a new place can be daunting.

At the moment, Wyze has not offered a smoother alternative when changing networks, but we are hopeful for the future.

Before then, this article will act as a guide to help you with the transition process.