How to Fix Color on Vizio TV – Correcting Vizio Color Problems

How to Fix Color on Vizio TV? Although rare, color problems may occur on a Vizio TV. The issue comes in many forms, such as lines running across the screen, blurry screens, or faded pictures. 

For whatever reason, here we provide some essential troubleshooting tips on how to fix color on Vizio TV.

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Check Cables

One crucial reason for color issues or distortions on your Vizio TV is connected cables. 

All the connected cables: power, coaxial, TV, and other cables should have a snug fit. 

Check out for any loose connections, superficial breakages, or corrosion. 

In case of any issues, replace the cables with new ones to ensure the best functionality.

Another thing you want to check is if the HDMI cable you are using is compatible with the Vizio TV. You should also connect the HDMI inputs correctly.

Ensure your connection ports are clean and free of rust and dust. 

The dust build-ups may hinder the data transfer and lead to bad picture quality. 

If you have a bad port, move your Vizio TV input to a new port and try the connection again.

Check the Picture Settings on Vizio TV

Different picture modes may cause issues on Vizio TV. 

You should therefore keep an eye on color temperature, brightness, contrast, and tint when toying with the color settings. 

You should also turn off features such as adaptive luma and ambient light sensor to make the colors appeal to your taste. 

To change the picture settings on your Vizio TV:

  • Open the “Menu” on your Vizio TV using the controller
  • Click on “Picture”
  • Change the picture mode to the custom you want
  • Tap on “More” to access “Advanced Picture”
  • Click “Adaptive Luma” and turn it off, then tap on “Ambient Light Sensor” and turn it off
  • Now exit and then restart your TV

Reset the Vizio Picture Settings

Another way to fix color on Vizio TV is by performing a Picture Settings Reset. Follow these steps to reset the picture settings.

  • Open the “Menu” on your controller.
  • Click on ‘Picture” and select “More.”
  • Now click “Reset Picture Mode” and confirm with “OK.”
  • Confirm you want to reset the picture settings.

After this, try switching between videos and check if this solves the problem.

Turn HDR On or Off

HDR effect on an image

HDR effect on an image

The HDR feature lets you experience a wide range of colors and contrast. 

It provides more vivid colors with darker black tones and brighter white tones. 

Though the HDR colors are great, sometimes the range output could get jumbled, leading to a wider contrast than a standard image output. 

If this happens on your Vizio smart TV, the best thing to do is turn it off.

To turn HDR either on or off, follow these steps:

  • Connect the streaming device to your Vizio TV via an HDMI cable
  • Prioritize HDMI 1 port for HDR compatibility
  • Open the Vizio TV Menu using your remote controller
  • Click on the “More Picture Settings”
  • Tap on “HDR”
  • Toggle “ON” or “OFF” on the feature
  • Once done, exit the menu, then restart the TV

Power Cycle Vizio TV

Holding a remote control

Holding a remote control

Rebooting the system may sound basic, but it’s a very effective way of refreshing the system and clearing these issues.

 It also drains any pent-up charges that have built up over time in the system, causing your Vizio TV screen to flicker.

To power cycle Vizio TV, unplug all the cables connected to the TV and leave the TV idle for about 30 seconds. 

After that, press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds. Now connect the cables to the TV and power it back on.

You can also reboot the TV through the system interface by following these steps:

  • Open the “Menu” and tap on “Systems.”
  • Select “Reset & Admin”
  • Tap on the “Soft Power Cycle”
  • Click “OK” to confirm

Update Vizio TV

An update icon

An update icon

The best way to fix the color output of your TV is to perform a Vizio software update

Manufacturers release updates to protect the device against malicious files, bugs, and errors.

Here’s how to update your Vizio TV:

  • Open the “Menu” on your Vizio TV
  • Tap on the “System Menu”
  • Click on “Check for Updates” and run a scan for available updates
  • Update your TV and restart it when the update is completed

Factory Reset Vizio TV

If all the other fixes did not solve the issue, performing a hard reset should be your next step. 

A factory reset clears the set preferences, custom settings, and downloaded content. 

Follow these steps to reset Vizio TV:

  • Open the Menu on your Vizio TV
  • Select the “System Option”
  • Tap on “Reset and Admin Option”
  • Click on “Reset TV to Factory Defaults”
  • Insert your Parental Control Code; the default is always “0000.”
  • Confirm “OK” to start the reset

You may also reset the TV using the onboard buttons. 

To do this, press and hold down the volume button and the input button for about 10–20 seconds.

 A message will appear informing you to press the input button to start the reset. 

The reset process will begin once you press the button. 

Once the reset process is over, reconfigure your TV and set the picture color to your liking.


So, that’s how to fix color on Vizio TV. If you continue encountering issues despite following all the troubleshooting tips, it is advisable to contact Vizio TV customer support for further assistance.