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Roku TV Voices Don’t Match- How To Solve This Issue

Top view of Roku TV box

About Roku TV Voices Don’t Match, Are you struggling to follow your streams due to audio syncing issues on Roku TV? Well, you’re in the right place!  Roku has a stellar reputation for streaming TV shows but is prone to facepalm problems. However, we will discuss various ways to help you fix your device’s Roku …

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NVR vs Blue Iris: Which One Should You Choose

Monitoring CCTV footage

About NVR vs Blue Iris, Surveillance systems have become paramount for homeowners seeking to monitor their premises or business owners wanting to secure their workplaces.  While most individuals can choose a security camera easily, the problem arises when selecting the best platform to manage them.  Two of the biggest options to consider are the cost-effective …

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How to use Fire Stick Channel Guide Feature – Detailed Instructions

Fire TV Stick

How to use Fire Stick Channel Guide Feature? Besides streaming videos from platforms like Netflix, Amazon FireStick lets you watch hundreds of global and local live TV channels.  However, with the increased number of streaming apps and TV channel choices, finding your favorite one can be confusing.  Fortunately, Amazon has developed a channel guide that …

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TCL Audio Output Not Working – How to Fix

A TCL Smart TV.

You’ve just bought a TV, but the TCL audio output not working. For most people, the most obvious response is to return it to the seller. But you can solve the problem in a few simple steps.  Check out why you’re experiencing a faulty TCL Audio Output. Also, we will bring you the measures to …

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Nvidia Shield Vs. Shield Pro – Which One Should You Buy

Nvidia Log

Nvidia Shield Vs. Shield Pro, When it comes to video streaming and online gaming, you cannot go wrong with an Nvidia Shield media player.  However, for most avid streamers, a dilemma arises when choosing between the base and the pro version.  Although the difference between the two is not as day and night, each has …

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Using Chromecast With Kindle Fire – How To Connect

Chromecast device

About Using Chromecast With Kindle Fire, how do you cast your Kindle Fire tablet to your TV without violating Amazon?  If you’re one of those people who own Amazon tablets, there might be a method to make this happen.  Kindle Fire tablets first came as entry-level gadgets with nearly basic features but have evolved into …

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